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Passion, Heart, & Determination: Dr. Jennifer L Walden

Having a successful career in any field of work comes with it’s trials and tribulations. In life, things happen that we as a people can’t control on many occasions and the only thing to do is to persevere through it. Making a mark in this world and leaving it stamped with a seal of approval should be the end goal and Dr. Jennifer L Walden personifies this notion best.


Dr. Jennifer L Walden is one of the top beauty surgeons in the nation and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine named her as one of the best 24 surgeons in the currently practicing in the U.S. Dr. Walden is well rounded as a person and family driven. She has a strong family support team of siblings, her two children, and her mother, just to name a few. Growing up as one of five children in the Northwest Hills Neighborhood of Austin, she quickly learned the values of hard work. Her mother was a surgical nurse and her late father was a dentist. After graduating high school, Walden received her (BA) from the University of Texas at Austin and was accepted to medical school where she became the salutatorian of her class. Being such a creative person, Walden knew that plastic surgery was her true calling. After her residency duration at Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital; she opened up her own practice there and stayed for eight years. Though she loved the city, her hometown was calling and with kids on the way, Walden decided to move back to Austin and open her new practice.


In less than three years, Dr. Walden’s practice is thriving with business. She has a very long list of patients on her menu that are waiting for her elite, high quality services. Walden was named to the Board of Directors at the (ASAPS) American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Though being very busy in her daily life, Walden always find time for people, patients, and family. This brilliant and beautiful woman has appeared in television shows as well as countless magazines. Dr. Jennifer L Walden is truly an American success story and is the perfect role model for young females of all races.