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How White Shark Media Reviews With Its Clients

White Shark Media is a marketing company that helps increase the sales and online presence of their customers. The work with small and medium-sized companies exclusively. This company opened its doors in 2011 and was co-founded by a trio of three Danish businessmen who all had experience in marketing. They now have clients throughout both North America and Latin America. They are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner which requires passing demanding eligibility requirements.

Many of White Shark Media’s clients have written about their experiences with the company and the vast majority are very positive. For example, the owner of an education services company in Ohio said that the communication between him and his representative at White Shark Media was fantastic. He says that he had to explain his industry since it’s such a niche market but the team at White Shark Media quickly grasped what made this market tick. Over the past year he said that he’s seen very positive results for his business including now spending less on marketing than he had been before.

Max W. owns a Minnesota software company. He said any business owner that uses Google AdWords should work with White Shark Media. He had been using Google AdWords for 13 years but now the results have been maximized, he said. Ronald G. of a snorkel tour business in Hawaii said that White Shark Media was the second online marketing company he had worked with. He said that White Shark Media did a far better job than the former one had. His strategist, Marcela, explained to him how and why he should completely rework his website for better results. He thought she was very proactive in her approach and it has led to his company getting a lot more booking for tours.

Do You Want to Improve Your Online Presence? Contact White Shark Media


White Shark Media is a digital marketing agency founded in 2010. It is based in Miami, Florida. The company offers marketing services for all kinds of businesses. They focus mainly on SMEs. White Shark was started by three entrepreneurs from Denmark who wanted to grow their agency to be one of the top marketing agencies in the West. The firm provides quality customer service and uses cost-effective methods to give its clients the best experience.


White Shark’s expertise in the business means that it provides the best services to its customers. The company ensures that it tracks every detail of their client’s campaign apart from the collective experience of its founders in marketing. The agency utilizes a combination of Google Analytics, keyword tracking, and reporting software to identify which efforts yield the best results for that particular customer. This also ensures that there is transparency between the two parties because the client can see the results and gets feedback on the effectiveness of the agency.


White Shark Media’s clients have been satisfied with the work of the firm. Many of them have written testimonials on the site. Its customers include companies and business in different sectors, from medical practices and real estate agencies to law firms and e-commerce stores. Some of the major clients of the firm include iMarine Inc. and Platinum Pro Painters Canada. White Shark maintains a blog on its site where they publish posts with information and advice. These posts contain information on how one can create better AdWords campaigns and how beginners can get started on AdWords. It also puts out short videos that contain useful info on digital marketing.


The company has some certifications including Premier Google Partners and Elite SMB Partners of Bing Ads. The company is among only a few companies that are Google AdWords SMB partners in North America today. This certification is given only to businesses that meet the highest criteria that the company has set and adhere to all the rules that Google has set to ensure quality. White Shark’s great relationship with Google started only a year after the company was founded. They were assigned a support team to help them with any issues that they might experience. The company is on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies and was no. 527 this year. This means that they are among the fastest growing agencies in the US.

Getting the Most Out of White Shark Media

When you begin to utilize a company known as White Shark Media, your business marketing issues will finally be a thing of the past. One of the main reasons a lot of people give up on marketing, AdWords and SEO is because they simply do not know a thing about handling these issues themselves.

If you have been struggling yourself, White Shark Media is a company that you can turn to for the best help possible available on the worldwide Web.

The one step you need to take is to contact White Shark Media to see what their services include. For the most part, White Shark Media will work on both AdWords and optimization for search engines, so these are the two main things they are going to be able to do for you at your own convenience. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Once you decide to hire White Shark Media Complaints team, they will begin working immediately to get the job done and for you to feel fully confident in the work being done. Lots of company owners are choosing to hire White Shark Media because of their skills and knowledge in this particular field that they can offer to their clients.

The way that White Shark Media handles its customers is professional in every manner. Even if they receive complaints, White Shark Media will do anything in their power to right any wrongs and make sure that the issue does not happen again.

They put a lot of their work into great customer service, so this is obviously a benefit to those who might be looking into using the company for its services.

This is the time for you to contact White Shark Media and see what they can do for you. Make sure that you contact the folks at White Shark Media and begin to work with them on any type of marketing that needs to get done.

There is nothing like having a successful site that works for you and not the other way around. White Shark Media can make your site stand out from all of the rest and is just what you need to feel good about anyone and everyone who might be visiting your site after you make use of the professional skills of White Shark Media.

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Why Small Companies Must Fix Bad Search Results


There are different reasons why a small company would put their company online. Most experts have noted that an online presence can give small businesses a financial boost and exposure. But the internet has also given people a lot more control in the way they interact with the companies they come in contact with. This includes your company.

The problem is some customers are a little unfair when it comes to the kind of service they expect. An honest business does everything they can to make sure that every customer is happy, but sometimes this is not possible. A disgruntled customer can simply go online and say negative things about a business. These negative comments have a big impact in the way that potential customers look at a company and it’s in your best interest to fix bad reviews.

It is possible that a customer may not even visit the business because of this bad comment. This is not surprising, especially when one takes into account that about 68 percent of all customers are influenced by an online review. And, worse, 86 percent of customers are influenced by a bad review. What a company needs to understand is that people are–maybe subconsciously–looking for a bad review more than they are looking for a good review. Customers are more concerned about wasting money, which could be one of the reasons they search for a company without bad reviews, as it lowers the risk of getting bad service or a faulty product.

A small business cannot afford bad online comments, especially when this small business can do something to fight it and fix negative search results. All you need is good online reputation management consultants like the team behind The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers will search for any comment beyond the ones that you might already know about. There are a lot of locations online where people may voice their opinion about a particular business. The internet reputation repair team behind The Search Fixers will clear some of these detrimental comments and give a business a brand new start.

Small companies must act as quickly as possible when they want to fix bad search results. One example of just how important it is to ensure that all bad reviews are eradicated is what occurred to United Airlines. Apparently, the bag handlers broke Dave Carroll’s guitar. Carroll is a band member of a semi-popular musical band.

A large company, like United Airlines, suffered because of one bad review, so imagine what a small company can suffer due to a bad review. This is why it is important to deal with this issue as soon as possible with online reputation management.