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EOS puts lip balm world on its head

EOS has long been a company that has offered exactly the kind of lip balm that the company’s customers want. The firm has come up with a shape that their customers can also recognize right off the bat. That little dome is something people who want to get their EOS balm can look for on store shelves quite easily.

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The shape is one thing, but the company is also well known because it works hard to make sure it is offering up all natural ingredients in its products. Those who buy EOS know they aren’t getting a bunch of chemicals they might eventually be scared is going to have some sort of reaction to their skin. EOS makes sure they are only offering all natural products, this means that the things that are in those lip balms are all things people can pronounce and are good for the users.

Now the firm is taking the next step towards making sure that everyone can be plenty happy to use their products. EOS has rolled out a new version of its lip balm and this time, the balm is good to go, even if you’re vegan. The crystal line of flavors are see-through precisely because they aren’t using animal byproducts. That means that you can see through the lip balm and know that you can see through it because it’s, even more, all natural than ever before.

Anyone who has done any research into this kind of product knows that it’s going to be hard to find a lip balm that doesn’t have some kind of animal byproduct in it. That means that EOS has found yet another way that it can set itself apart from the pack. It’s no wonder this line is flying off the shelves in every store that stocks it, click here.