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Televisa Group Under Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

1.The Man with the Title-CEO Televisa

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo owns the title as the CEO, and the Editorial General Director of the Televisa Group. He has a long successful history with Televisa, having served at the capacity of Director of Special Projects, for about 8 years.

Televisa group is the largest Spanish-speaking media company. The CEO Sanchez is a competent leader with a good education track record of an achiever, a quality that has created a name for him. He attended Carnegie Mellon University where he was studied under Software Research Institute, and further pursued his education at Stanford’s ,and attained a BS in Applied Mathematics .All these institutions equipped him with ample knowledge and skills in his career.

2.Sanchez Leadership at Televisa

Sanchez leads a company that conducts television production, broadcasting, international distribution, cable television services, as well as publishing magazines and distributing. Under the leadership of Sanchez, Televisa relays its contents around the globe in over 50 countries through various television networks such as pay TVs.

Sanchez is not the type to settle for anything less than success, this is why under his watch; Televisa has made remarkable revenue of about $ 10 billion. Moreover, under his leadership, the company has employed over 10,000 workers whom he also mentors. This is an indication that Sanchez is an exemplary leader to be emulated in all aspects of his career and educational qualification.

3.Sanchez in Televisa

The presence of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo in Televisa group means a lot. This is due to the timely handling of responsibilities he does such as improving, or adding more channels in the system. He is well known in the media industry for his competence in advertising, broadcasting, media and entertainment, which Televisa should be proud of, as it means success to them. Sanchez unprecedented leadership has become an inspiration for the young entrepreneurs in the media industry.

There are market demands and expectations required in the media industry, and there is no better person for Televisa than Sanchez. His presence at this company ensures that programs are run as per its values. For this reason, it has remained prominent in the media industry and a performer.