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Orange Coast College Quest to Capture Their 12th Rowing Title

The Orange Coast College rowing team will be looking to win their 12th National title when they compete against other top teams derived from different colleges in this year’s Rowing National Championship to be held at Lake Lanier, Georgia.

The team which is comprised of 4 eight-man boats will be under the guidance of Daniel Amado who is the captain. At only 22 years of age, Daniel has been rowing ever since he was in high school at Los Alamitos. His desire to power the team to greater heights has enabled him to oversee the success of the team as well as book their place at the finals.

Apart from Amado, the team is also under the leadership of Steve Morris who acts as the assistant coach. Morris is a former student of Orange Coast College, and he has been guiding the team since the early and mid-1990’s. However, due to family commitments, Morris was forced to leave the team. With years gone by, Morris is back to the team with his main aim being to guide the OCC team to its record 12th title. Another prominent figure in the OCC team is Cameroon Brown who is the current coach. Read more: Orange Coast College | Niche and Orange Coast College | Twitter

The Orange Coast College has a rich history when it comes to rowing. As a matter of fact, the college has seen more than 10 of its students compete in the Olympics as well as in the world championships. This can be primarily seen by the fact that the school has 11 rowing titles under its belt and hopes to capture the 12th one. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

The OCC boathouse where the racing and practicing boats are stored can be seen by many as a walk along history and memory lane. The boathouse comprises of a wide variety of boats with some retailing at a staggering $55,000. The love for the sport by the participating students can be seen by the fact that none of the rowing team members have pulled an oar before yet they have gone ahead to win titles. However, during this year’s finals, the team will go against stronger opponents with some even older and stronger than them. With this in mind, the team expects a stiffer competition.

Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a community-oriented college located in Orange County in California, United States. Founded in the year 1948, the school offers various programs with the common ones been a two-year associate of art, science degrees, lower-division classes, and certificates of achievement. The college is the third largest college in Orange County. On average, the college enrolls approximately 24,000 students annually