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Exciting New Product Line From Evolution of Smooth

Lip care is important. When someone has chapped lips, they can spend the day feel highly uncomfortable. Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of the need to protect their lips all day long. One company that knows this process well is Evolution of Smooth. Long known for their innovative product line, company officials are always experimenting with new ideas and new ways to make their consumers even happier. This is apparent in a new line of products that are just hitting the market. Those who delight in the protection their product line offers can find a new line with wonderful choices.

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Crystal Clear Protection

Designers at Evolution of Smooth have announced new lip balm they know their clients will enjoy. The new line is completely see through. This means that all of their customers can see what goes into the product before they put it on, refer also to The transparent lip balm is an ideal way to add protection without adding unwanted color. The lip balm is also presented in a slightly changed pod. The pod, like the lip balm, is see through. This makes it easy to find the product when stored in a handbag and easy to use it even when putting it on under low level lighting conditions. See amazing products here on


New Choices

The new product line is now totally wax-free. This means that it does not use animal products of any kind. Vegans can now have the protection they deserve in a convenient package that can be easily used on the go. The product line comes in two new flavors that have never been used by this line before. People will love the sweet flavor of vanilla orchid, a flavor that should remind them of gardens all over the world. The same is true of hibiscus peach, their other lip balm flavor, grab one now!