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The Wide Range of EOS flavors

The wide range of flavors that EOS offers customers is part of what makes them so attractive, along with the higher quality nature of their ingredients and the long-lasting production that they provide to users. The interesting and varied flavors that EOS offers makes them a compelling choice for those looking to experiment with new and interesting options that might otherwise not be available on the market. Check out more amazing blogs here on

EOS started with co-founders who saw the opportunity that the established players in the lip balm industry were affording them. These lip balm companies had not modified their offerings in almost century and had a relatively boring assortment of flavors including medicinal, mint, and original. Because these competing lip balms were based in petroleum jelly and used artificial flavorings they tasted and felt rather fake. EOS used all-natural ingredients and avoided the fake flavorings and the result is a richer and more unique lip balm flavor that doesn’t sit on the lips, see fantastic review here.

EOS has some truly exotic flavor options that they offer users. Included are fruit blends like honeysuckle honeydew and raspberry pomegranate that have complex and interesting flavors, but resemble almost nothing else on the market. EOS also offers more straight-forward blends like vanilla bean and sweet mint which consumers are more accustomed to. Further, EOS is constantly adding new and compelling flavors to their product listings which keep it fresh and original for buyers of lip balm, refer also to this link,

Of all their flavors the one that most speaks to is their Blackberry Nectar flavor. While it is easy to apply and doesn’t have any off-flavor notes, one really attracts me is the complexity of flavor that it offers. It really resembles the taste of blackberries and the lack of blackberry flavored products out there will show how challenging it can be to recreate blackberry flavored products. While all of their flavors taste fresh and original, blackberry nectar truly stands out for me.

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