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Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Investment Group was founded back in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks. It is a private equity investment firm for banks and holds other types of secure brokerage services. Southridge is based in Connecticut and offers multiple services from advisors to structural finance.

To go further in depth, they offer anywhere from:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Restructuring Analysis
  • Legal Settlements
  • Bankruptcy Advice
  • Blank Sheet Optimizations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Secure Solutions
  • Credit Enhancing
  • Financial Resolvment

In addition to helping other firms flourish, they have also directly invested over $1 billion dollars into 250 growing companies worldwide! To them help out, they generate a well detailed plan on how to conquer many newly developing companies worst fears and most probable issues along the way. These plans are strategically developed by Stephen Hicks and his team of experts and strictly followed to ensure the best possible outcome.

The CEO of Southtridge- Stephen M. Hicks has over 30 years of experience in the business and is responsible for all the success his company has cultivated over the years. During his past, he studied and graduated from King’s College in New York with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. After that, he then decided to further his education to get his Masters. After King’s College, Hicks attended Fordham University and finished with a Masters degree in Business Administration as well. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

In most recent news, all while maintaining his business at Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks announced a $5 million equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services Inc. back in 2015. This company was also included into another $5 million equity purchase agreement with Andalay Solar! Since Southridge is a capital company thats dedicated to help invest into growing companies, Hicks is committed to more innovative ways he can help other businesses. Southridge has drastically grown and furthered its connections with countless of developing businesses. They hope to continue their expertise in investments and hope to be able to reach a thousand more companies in many other countries as well! You can visit their website

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Taking a quick look at Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial journey

Chris Burch took his business venturing eye into the hospitality industry, which is a new venture. In 2012, Chris partnered with James McBride, who is an hotelier, to buy a beach hostel located on the Indonesian Island of Sumba. In 2015, the two renovated the hostel at a total cost of $30 million and later reopened it as a five-star hotel resort. The hotel resort was known as Nihiwatu. Travel and Leisure voted the hotel in 2016 as the global best hotel.  Click on for additional article.

Chris Burch, in an interview with Business Jet Traveler in the year 2015, said that he had purchased the hotel for his kids and had it as a token he hoped they would keep well and donate back to the community in future. Burch also says that if you are at a place where the palette is lovely, you ought to perform things you cannot do in other places. For instance, you can construct a spa under a waterfall and even have a butler in every room in the house. Chris also attests that Nihiwatu has also grown beyond his expectations. Chris attests that on most occasion’s things you take in a bid way turn into less things. According to a journal by Wall Street, Chris splits his time between his resort in Indonesia, Miami, and the Hamptons. Nihiwatu is composed of 27 private villas which among them is Raja Mendaka. Raja Mendaka is Chris’s private home. Raja Mendaka contains a main house and four supplementary villas with each of the villas having its personal private plunge pool.  Hop over to this must-read interview of Burch

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch took off his entrepreneurial success journey in the year 1976 when he was still an undergraduate student at Ithaca College. He invested $2000 in finding Eagle’s Eye apparel with his brother Bob. Eagles Eye apparel was later disposed to Swire Group after growing to $165. Chris Burch is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Burch Creative Capital. Chris is a former Pierre Hotel Co-op Board president and was a board member at the Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. Chris has made contributions towards Mt. Sinai Hospital which is located in New, York. Check related article on 

Burch has been an entrepreneur and investor for over four decades of his career. During this time, Burch has participated in the emergence of over 50 companies. Chris has built a strong track record of interlinking innovation to impact with his international direct sourcing exposure and deep understanding of clients’ behaviors.  For an update on Burch timeline activities, hit

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