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Lime Criime’s Innovative Use of Color


These days, it takes a lot to make a splash in the cosmetics industry. The big, established brands, like Revlon and L’Oreal, have the marketing money behind them, as well as marketing placement in magazines and stores. They also tout their image with well-known models and actresses whose faces speak to the meaning and value of using quality makeup. Given this environment, it’s amazing that any company could make inroads from a startup position. And yet, once in awhile it does happen.


Making a Difference


Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that started online back in 2007 – 2008. It was created by a Russian emigre named Doe Deere who had experience as an online fashion entrepreneur. Deere took the color ideas she had used to great effect with her fashion line and then applied them to cosmetics. The result is a look that is very bold and beautiful with a rock and roll vibe.


Women have responded to the unique looks this brand creates, which is a kind of old Hollywood type of glamour combined with a touch of rock and roll goth. The result is a new kind of beauty that is getting its users a lot of love and attention.



Innovative Internet Marketing


One aspect of this brand’s marketing push has been a truly innovative use of the Internet. Deere’s understanding of how the Internet works and how it can be used as a low-cost promotional tool has served her well. The Lime Crime Instagram page has become incredibly popular, as it uses the brand’s customers own photos of their makeup looks. The Instagram page asks users to upload their own makeover photos using Lime Crime cosmetics. The response has been amazing, with the page now enjoying over 2 million followers.


All of this speaks to the value of innovation for new brands who are trying to be seen in a crowded marketplace. This brand’s embrace of bold new ideas has served it well, and its growing influence in the industry is the happy result.