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Taste the Evolution of Smooth

If you don’t know what EOS lip balms are then you’ve been living under a rock; those colored little balls people keep putting on their lips are everywhere! See, after phrasing it like that you know exactly what I am talking about. But do you know exactly how many flavors they have? Tons! so lets dive into a few of them.

EOS has everything you could ever want in a lip balm with everything from organic, crystal, shimmer, to things like visibly soft and medicated. View helpful contents here on

Organic Strawberry Sorbet has just the right amount of strawberry flavor, it’s not enough to interfere with the taste of what you’re eating or drinking; which is great! Available Here Vanilla Orchid is one of EOS lip balms that doesn’t contain any wax and feels extremely weightless, they are brand new to the EOS line and hit stores this month. Sheer Pink is a shimmer balm they have and has a slight hint of vanilla to it. Available at Target and

Another great one from the EOS line is Blackberry Nectar, which is one from the visibly soft collection. It is subtly sweet and not over powering. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

And lastly is the EOS medicated lip balm which only comes in Cooling Chamomile right now. It has a blend of chamomile, menthol and aloe that provides relief and long lasting hydration. Available at

View this great review here.

With so many options of types and flavors to pick from you can’t just choose one, so stock up on them all! See this amazing video here for more details,