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Crystals from EOS Receive Amazing Reviews From Fans

It’s always a big deal when EOS announces a new product of flavor. The beauty company is famously known for being extremely selective in what products it rolls out. The company is big on doing a plethora of market research before releasing any product. There is often speculation and rumors of new flavors to come, but the big reveal is always the best moment!

EOS made a splash to its cult-like following of fans when it announced its new line: EOS Crystal Lip Balm. There are so many first for the Crystal collection. First, these will be free of beeswax, making them vegan free. Next, for the first time ever, the EOS Crystal will be completely transparent. The balm itself is completely clear. Finally, EOS is even outshining its own incredibly high standards by adding luxurious natural oils into the mix. Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter can all be found in the new EOS Crystal Balms.

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EOS hit the scene several years ago. The company did not do much active marketing and instead chose to utilize an influencer marketing campaign. From Kim Kardashian to Christina Aguilera, it seemed that overnight every fashionista was toting the hot pink lip balm. While the concept of having to physically unscrew a lid was a bit questionable at first, it is now the standard that other brands are striving to achieve. It is actually fun to use an EOS lip balm, click here.

In addition to EOS Crystals launching, EOS also recently announced that its holiday flavors are back in stock. Flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Organic Vanilla Bean are the perfect gift for the EOS fan in your life. The best part about EOS Holiday Lip Balms is that, unlike most everything else we delight in this time of year, there are zero calories!

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