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Pumpkin spice latest inspiration for EOS Lip Balm

Pumpkin spice is a flavor and fragrance staple for the fall and holiday seasons. It evokes feelings of warmth, family and love. This fall, EOS Lip Balms has introduced a new flavor, Natural Pumpkin Spice, that is thrilling the brand’s loyal customers. According to, EOS is capitalizing on the flavor’s popularity during the colder fall months by marketing the product in a limited edition duo pack. The other flavor available in the duo pack is Organic Vanilla Bean. The limited edition duo, anchored by the immensely popular Natural Pumpkin Spice is proving to be coveted among shoppers this holiday season. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer gift.

The launch of the limited edition duo comes just after the incredible launch last summer of the vegan Crystal line. Two flavors were introduced, Hibiscus Pink and Vanilla Orchid. The new lip balms lack natural beeswax, the products are vegan and are filling a hole in the marketplace. With so many people embracing plant-based lifestyles, a vegan lip balm was bound to come to store shelves, and it’s no surprise that innovative EOS Lip Balms created them. The company has been bringing new and fun products to drugstore shelves since it first hit Walgreens during 2010. Soon after, the product was found in drugstores nationwide and began to outpace competitors. While other brands weren’t changing their flavors or packaging, EOS Lip Balms came in intriguing flavor combinations and had bold, bright colored orbs for containers. Now, EOS Lip Balms sells out their newest products within days and sees demand continue to increase, view here. New products like Natural Pumpkin Spice lip balm continue to encourage customers to buy the product and carry it around as an essential accessory. Healthy and cool, it’s a must have lip product for all age groups.

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