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Increase your Search Rankings: Reputation Management Fixers

At Reputation Management Fixers, and some online reputation management companies, we have made it our core business to improve our client’s rankings in search results. You can make use of our services at any time. But if you want to try out some of the tactics that we use to get great results, we have included the things that you can do in this article to help you.

The first trick that you should perfect is creating links within your site. The best way to do this is linking to your keywords and headlines. This makes it easy for search engines to locate the content on your site. But that is not all. You need to increase page load speed since slow page load is a turn off for many viewers. You can solve this problem by optimizing image and video sizes. Also, you can use different multimedia such as GIF’s and videos to keep your content interesting. This strategy helps to attract a wider audience, which in turn acts as a high-quality signal to search engines.

Updating the existing content frequently is another strategy that can go a long way to boost the ranking of your site since search engines give priority to fresh content. So, remember to add new multimedia content or new articles regularly. Moreover, never forget to optimize the design of your site. Design optimization will make your site look great on all gadgets including laptops, tablets, and smartphones and increase readability, and that eventually will turn into increased traffic. If that is not enough, go ahead and get social shares. Add free downloadable material for a like or share or bright icons that feature prominently over your content. These features will attract viewers and prompt then to share your content.

It is interesting how the few suggested tactics can sound all of a sudden overwhelming. Whether you find the tips overwhelming, have tried them to no avail, or simply do not want to bother doing the work on your own, contact our company. Reputation Management Fixers specializes in building brands and keeping business reputations clean. Give us a call today. One of our friendly experts in our team is on standby to give you the best feedback and service possible by sending you a free quote and helpful advice on how to boost your rankings, build your brand, and maintain the reputation of your business clean.

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Reputation Management Fixers Is Best For Your Business

Why Small Companies Must Fix Bad Search Results


There are different reasons why a small company would put their company online. Most experts have noted that an online presence can give small businesses a financial boost and exposure. But the internet has also given people a lot more control in the way they interact with the companies they come in contact with. This includes your company.

The problem is some customers are a little unfair when it comes to the kind of service they expect. An honest business does everything they can to make sure that every customer is happy, but sometimes this is not possible. A disgruntled customer can simply go online and say negative things about a business. These negative comments have a big impact in the way that potential customers look at a company and it’s in your best interest to fix bad reviews.

It is possible that a customer may not even visit the business because of this bad comment. This is not surprising, especially when one takes into account that about 68 percent of all customers are influenced by an online review. And, worse, 86 percent of customers are influenced by a bad review. What a company needs to understand is that people are–maybe subconsciously–looking for a bad review more than they are looking for a good review. Customers are more concerned about wasting money, which could be one of the reasons they search for a company without bad reviews, as it lowers the risk of getting bad service or a faulty product.

A small business cannot afford bad online comments, especially when this small business can do something to fight it and fix negative search results. All you need is good online reputation management consultants like the team behind The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers will search for any comment beyond the ones that you might already know about. There are a lot of locations online where people may voice their opinion about a particular business. The internet reputation repair team behind The Search Fixers will clear some of these detrimental comments and give a business a brand new start.

Small companies must act as quickly as possible when they want to fix bad search results. One example of just how important it is to ensure that all bad reviews are eradicated is what occurred to United Airlines. Apparently, the bag handlers broke Dave Carroll’s guitar. Carroll is a band member of a semi-popular musical band.

A large company, like United Airlines, suffered because of one bad review, so imagine what a small company can suffer due to a bad review. This is why it is important to deal with this issue as soon as possible with online reputation management.