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Fabletics is the Athleisure Crowd’s Finest Gear

Listening to customers is more important than ever. The power of the crowd to review products directly impacts purchases. Social media turned consumer behavior into a strong market influencer. It also has the power to rapidly shift markets. Fabletics is one of the many successful companies paying attention to these new market conditions. They know their fortunes are tied to marketing strategies that place importance on customer opinions.


Brands incorporating review-centric campaigns harness what other companies see as areas to temper. Benefits often multiply because of a few key factors. One of the most important measures is how the modern consumer begins to trust. They shape their opinions on reviews that they and their friends read. These opinions matter more as social media continues to permeate modern life.


What is proving even more profound is how directly influential reviews are to purchases. This makes information more important than distribution channels in many regards. Quickly bringing a product from concept to market clearly has its advantages.


The consumer-focused strategy allows Fabletics to thrive. The brand exists in a market tailor made for its products. It also benefits from the lack of foresight of other brands to listen to their loyal customer concerns. In this way, Fabletics has positioned itself to lead the athleisure market into a bold new future.


Kate Hudson helped lead Fabletics into the thriving company it is today. She was with the company at the beginning when it was just a start up. Her insight added depth to athleisure style. While she did not have a traditional business background, she understood social media influence. As a fitness buff, she was the perfect spokesperson for an athleisure brand. Fabletics sales quickly grew.


Just as Kate Hudson is more than an actress, Fabletics is more than an apparel company. At its core, it is meant to empower women. It is marketed toward all women to become their best. The company can reach a diverse demographic because of its data oriented strategy. Products quickly come to market to respond to social media and the needs of its crowd customers. This is how Fabletics inspires women to live their best lives each day.


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Fabletics’ success through the use of reviews

Fabletics is one of the brands that leverage the power of the crowd to attract more customers to its commodities. It has been realized that most customers rely on online reviews to make choices on what to buy. The consumer trusts these crowd resourced reviews just as much as recommendations from friends and family. Fabletics has grown by over 200% with revenue above $235 million and more than 1 million paying members. The growth is linked to the use of user reviews. It managed to achieve such a fantastic growth by taking advantage of the eminence of reviews in today’s world. The consumer reviews can affect the loyalty of the customers to the brand, increase customer acquisition and retention of the brands in all industries.

The consumers of this current generation are digitalized and consider online reviews as an important factor when making the decision. The consumers conduct online and internet research on companies and products before deciding to purchase. They also read online reviews to determine what is best for them. A study by BrightLocal showed that 84% of people believe in online reviews just the same way they trust a personal recommendation from a friend. Consumers no longer trust the traditional marketing and advertising ways as before. The people feel more secure and trust the opinions and feedback of the crowd. During the survey, half of the surveyed individuals said that they researched companies at list once in a month, half of them read reviews regularly, and about 60% said that negative reviews about a product could make them not to buy the product. The research found out that the company with the best reputation attracted more customers

than those with the poor reputation.

Research done by the L2feature firm showed that over 76% of top consumer brands relied on the user reviews to improve purchases. Since 2014, the number of brands making use of the user reviews has increased by over 70%. User reviews are responsible for the growth of the most business. A shopping study by vibes indicated that consumers value reviews over the pricing of a commodity. The more authentic and genuine the reviews are the more it attracts customers and the greater the growth. Fabletics have made use of this principle to ensure that it remains on the top. Fabletics have used positive reviews to increase their search ranking, increase revenue and retain valuable customers.

Kate Hudson has contributed immensely to the establishment of Fabletics, and she has helped to market the products, reviews budgets and choosing the social media strategy. She is a friendly person and is involved in an active lifestyle. She is also in charge of sales and monitors which clothes are selling in a weekly basis. Kate Hudson helps in designing the clothes and corporates with the team to ensure that the styles remain fresh and relevant in the market.

Despite facing negative criticism from social media and press, Kate Hudson remained steadfast and disappointed those who thought that the Fabletics membership model was a scam. She ensured that clear communication was prioritized. The company managed to be among the top rated companies just within 18 months by the Better Business Bureau. The satisfactory customer score also improved greatly.

The Immense Success Of Lime Cime

The Cosmetic Industry is one of the world’s largest, most profitable, and popular industries of today. It is literally flooded with great, good, and not so good products like any other field of work. Though there is a lot of variety to choose from since there are thousands of products, this field can become bland at times because many of the companies tend to use the exact same colors. This is where Lime Crime comes into the picture and since it’s birth back in 2008, the cosmetic industry has been shaken up for the better. This exclusive brand is a game changer as it offers the general public much more variety thanks to it’s wide array of colors. Blended colors are some of the most eclectic hues on earth as they’ll tend to set the user apart from all other competitors. Types of colors? Well, Lime Crime goes the extra mile by giving users deep pigmented colors such as Wicked (deep red), Utopia, Lana (burnished bronze), Black Velvet, Shroom (light bronze), Rave (hot pink), Red Velvet, Faded (light pink), Cashmere, Riot, Pansy (vivid purple), and many more


Company Founder and CEO Doe Deere has revolutionized the game. She’s implemented her very own sense of style right into her very own products. After starting out as a small independent company on Ebay as she produced and modeled her own products, Deere knew that she had to separate from the pack to become noticed. The idea of bright vivid colors came into play since the market was void of any such brands. With that in mind, Deere launched the eclectic brand in 2008 and hasn’t looked back since.


With a wide range of the best and wildest colors, Lime Crime has become a cultfavorite with a huge social media and international fan base. The sky is truly the limit or should I say that the limit is the sky for this remarkable new brand.

EOS Delivers Fashion, Fun and Flavor

The little eggs with some of the softest, most satisfying lip balm on the market made a splash when they first came on the scene, but More than just a lip balm, the popular little EOS eggs are loaded with some of the softest, most flavorful lip products available. The flavors come in From the Organic Smooth line entice customers with flavors like Passion Fruit, Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Acai and Pomegranate Raspberry.

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Even the popular regular balms have their own frenzy of and boast scrumptious names like Honeysuckle Honeydew, Sweet Mint, and Coconut Milk. The product arrived on the scene a few years ago and haven’t taken long to become one of the top choices in lip balms. EOS lip balms are tested by a dermatologist and are hypoallergenic, which makes them the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for the perfect balm that offers softness as well as protection from the sun without using some of the other harmful chemicals that we are surrounded by every day, see more amazing products here.

In less than 10 years the company that produces the Evolution of Smooth easily recognizable eggs has become a $250 million company and is already the second best-selling lip balm in the country, behind only Bert’s Bees. Chapstick and Blistex come in regularly at less sales. Setting out to create the smoothest, softest lip balm available it has exceeded even its own expectations.

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Lime Crime’s Newest Creation: Unicorn Hair Dye

After three years in the making, Lime Crime has finally released its newest product: absolutely amazing unicorn-inspired hair dyes. There are 13 fabulous colors to choose from including Bunny, Chocolate Cherry,Blue Smoke, Pony, Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach, Dirty Mermaid, nime, Jello, Leeloo, Salad, Gargoyle, and Sext.


Bunny is a pastel baby pink color, Chocolate Cherry is a deep burgundy red, and Blue Smoke is a steel blue color. Pony is a bight violet-purple, Strawberry Jam is a soft pink-red, Neon Peach is a bright peach color, and Dirty Mermaid is a soft seafoam green. Anime is a candy blue hue, Jello is a tropical green, Leeloo is a super bright orange, Salad is a seapunk green, Gargoyle is a stone gray color, and Sext is a nude mauve color. There is a color for every occasion, personality and mood. It will just be hard to decide which one is your favorite!


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is 100% cruelty-free as well as vegan. It will not damage your hair and it will even condition your locks as it colors each strand. It is a hair dye that will fade nicely and gradually and even lasts a long time.


To use, it is best to apply to pre-bleached, clean and unconditioned hair. Then massage the color of your choice into every strand for good coverage and penetration. If you want longer-lasting and more intense color, then it is recommended that you leave the dye on your hair for at least 1-2 hours. If you are wanting more of a pastel hue, then be sure to wash out the dye after about 30 minutes.


Unicorn Hair does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged. After you leave the dye on your hair for the desired amount of time, simply rinse your hair until the water runs nice and clear, and then shampoo and condition as usual. If you want to make your new color last even longer, you should use shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for use on color-treated hair.

Creating The Sexy Or Cute Look By Wengie


Many girls want to look cute at times, but they also want to have a sexy look if they are going on a date or if they are going out with their friends. Wengie has a few tips to easily go from one look to another whether you’re at school or going to a special event, such as the prom or a homecoming dance.


For cute skin, you want a light and natural makeup. A matte foundation should be used for the sexy look. Use a concealer under the eyes that is slightly lighter than the shade of your skin. You can also apply the concealer to the nose and chin. This will add a bit of dimension to the face. Straight brows often work best with an innocent look. With the sexy look, you want more of a curved shape. Create soft lines as well for the cute look.


Dust an eyeshadow that is slightly lighter than the skin color for both looks. A transition shade should also be used on the eyelid. Use the color on the outer area of the crease. Light pink shadow should be used for the cute look while darker colors, such as blue, can be used for the sexy appearance. Curl your lashes for a cute rounded look. You can use a bit more mascara when it comes to creating the sexy look because you want the eyes to stand out compared to making them appear soft and innocent with the cute look.