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Fabletics is the Athleisure Crowd’s Finest Gear

Listening to customers is more important than ever. The power of the crowd to review products directly impacts purchases. Social media turned consumer behavior into a strong market influencer. It also has the power to rapidly shift markets. Fabletics is one of the many successful companies paying attention to these new market conditions. They know their fortunes are tied to marketing strategies that place importance on customer opinions.


Brands incorporating review-centric campaigns harness what other companies see as areas to temper. Benefits often multiply because of a few key factors. One of the most important measures is how the modern consumer begins to trust. They shape their opinions on reviews that they and their friends read. These opinions matter more as social media continues to permeate modern life.


What is proving even more profound is how directly influential reviews are to purchases. This makes information more important than distribution channels in many regards. Quickly bringing a product from concept to market clearly has its advantages.


The consumer-focused strategy allows Fabletics to thrive. The brand exists in a market tailor made for its products. It also benefits from the lack of foresight of other brands to listen to their loyal customer concerns. In this way, Fabletics has positioned itself to lead the athleisure market into a bold new future.


Kate Hudson helped lead Fabletics into the thriving company it is today. She was with the company at the beginning when it was just a start up. Her insight added depth to athleisure style. While she did not have a traditional business background, she understood social media influence. As a fitness buff, she was the perfect spokesperson for an athleisure brand. Fabletics sales quickly grew.


Just as Kate Hudson is more than an actress, Fabletics is more than an apparel company. At its core, it is meant to empower women. It is marketed toward all women to become their best. The company can reach a diverse demographic because of its data oriented strategy. Products quickly come to market to respond to social media and the needs of its crowd customers. This is how Fabletics inspires women to live their best lives each day.


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Fabletics’ success through the use of reviews

Fabletics is one of the brands that leverage the power of the crowd to attract more customers to its commodities. It has been realized that most customers rely on online reviews to make choices on what to buy. The consumer trusts these crowd resourced reviews just as much as recommendations from friends and family. Fabletics has grown by over 200% with revenue above $235 million and more than 1 million paying members. The growth is linked to the use of user reviews. It managed to achieve such a fantastic growth by taking advantage of the eminence of reviews in today’s world. The consumer reviews can affect the loyalty of the customers to the brand, increase customer acquisition and retention of the brands in all industries.

The consumers of this current generation are digitalized and consider online reviews as an important factor when making the decision. The consumers conduct online and internet research on companies and products before deciding to purchase. They also read online reviews to determine what is best for them. A study by BrightLocal showed that 84% of people believe in online reviews just the same way they trust a personal recommendation from a friend. Consumers no longer trust the traditional marketing and advertising ways as before. The people feel more secure and trust the opinions and feedback of the crowd. During the survey, half of the surveyed individuals said that they researched companies at list once in a month, half of them read reviews regularly, and about 60% said that negative reviews about a product could make them not to buy the product. The research found out that the company with the best reputation attracted more customers

than those with the poor reputation.

Research done by the L2feature firm showed that over 76% of top consumer brands relied on the user reviews to improve purchases. Since 2014, the number of brands making use of the user reviews has increased by over 70%. User reviews are responsible for the growth of the most business. A shopping study by vibes indicated that consumers value reviews over the pricing of a commodity. The more authentic and genuine the reviews are the more it attracts customers and the greater the growth. Fabletics have made use of this principle to ensure that it remains on the top. Fabletics have used positive reviews to increase their search ranking, increase revenue and retain valuable customers.

Kate Hudson has contributed immensely to the establishment of Fabletics, and she has helped to market the products, reviews budgets and choosing the social media strategy. She is a friendly person and is involved in an active lifestyle. She is also in charge of sales and monitors which clothes are selling in a weekly basis. Kate Hudson helps in designing the clothes and corporates with the team to ensure that the styles remain fresh and relevant in the market.

Despite facing negative criticism from social media and press, Kate Hudson remained steadfast and disappointed those who thought that the Fabletics membership model was a scam. She ensured that clear communication was prioritized. The company managed to be among the top rated companies just within 18 months by the Better Business Bureau. The satisfactory customer score also improved greatly.

Evolution Of Smooth Has Flavors To Satisfy Any Taste

Evolution Of Smooth is a company that has seen tremendous success in the last few years. They were a simple startup business that gained momentum quickly as a result of their clever marketing strategy. Their products also ended up in the right hands. Celebrities began using the lip balm and everyone else had to have it. Evolution Of Smooth is a high-quality product that comes in a unique package. One of the most important parts of their success, however, is the incredible selection of flavors that they have. Some of the most popular are honeysuckle honeydew and strawberry sorbet. There are tons of other flavors too, such as blueberry acai and vanilla. All are extremely flavorful and fans can’t seem to get enough of these lip balms.  Check for more.

Evolution Of Smooth is rising to the top of the lip balm industry. They are currently number two in the market, only to be surpassed by Burt’s Bees. Chapstick was the leader for over a century, but when Evolution Of Smooth came along, things rapidly changed. Evolution Of Smooth is currently on track to see $1 billion in sales by the year 2020.

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People everywhere love their products and the lip balms can be found just about anywhere. It is a brand that has found international success. The product is effective, the flavors are tasty, and the packaging is fun and fresh. It is a major marketing success story.  More of EOS on

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The Sweeter Side of EOS Lip Balm


EOS lip balm is a unique product. It is a moisturizing lip product sold in egg shaped, pastel colored pods. Retailing at approximately $3.00 each, these balms are available at most major retailers. It is one of the top selling lip balms on the market, selling over one million units per week. The lip balms contain plenty of Vitamin E, Shea butter, and jojoba oil for a long lasting, hydrating smooth. They are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

Evolution of Smooth, or EOS lip balm is available in many flavors, check this on Two of the most unique flavors are Honeysuckle Honeydew and Blueberry Acai. It would be difficult to find another brand that offers these flavors in a lip balm. One of the many unique factors about EOS lip balm is the interesting, distinct flavors that are offered.  Hop over to this.

The Honeysuckle Honeydew flavor is sweet, but not overwhelming. It provides a light, fruity flavor that is delightful to wear and taste. It smells refreshing and clean without being overpowering.

The Blueberry Acai flavor is a little more bold, and provides a sweet treat for the lips. It is somewhat stronger than Honeysuckle Honeydew, yet it is still a nice, refreshing flavor. Satisfy your love for sweet, yummy flavors with these unique balms.  See for more.

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Sunny Days

The founder of EOS- Evolution of Smooth products is founder Craig Dubitsky. First, Evolution of Smooth started out with lotions and skin care products. Now they have a plethora of flavors. EOS was founded in 2009. The lip balms have made into the care of many stars. EOS is known all over the world for its unique and delectable variety of flavors. Places such as Germany, Canada and the United States. They are all organic and made to the best quality, more of this on Cherry is one one flavored loved by many. It comes in a dark purple container that is easy to carry. The flavor is rich in cherry. It adds a sleek texture and a healthy feel to your lips. More of this on Once you place it down for a moment, it will not get away from you. These containers have a flat side so it stays in place. It is easy to retrieve from your handbag. All flavors will heal the driest lips. It doesn’t matter what your skin texture is, EOS is made with all natural healing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamins. It is paraben-free. Not to mention, very affordable.

Another flavor is the yellow Lemon Drop. tastes refreshingly like lemon, it is like many others-SPF 15 enhanced.  Related info here.  It’ll leave your mouth moist and delicious. Enjoy the sunshine with EOS. Your lips won’t burn, nor will they chap in the winter cold.



How Vanilla Mint by EOS Became Part of My Daily Routine

The Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, has emerged as the premier brand of lip balm for customers. They offer high quality lip balms loaded with shea butter and coconut oil that are a step above those offered by their competition. EOS lip balms also have vitamin C and E and provide added protection from the sun and elements as a result, all in their unique applicator orb color coded by flavor.

The wide range of different flavor lip balms offered by EOS lip balms is a real benefit to those who like to sample flavors, but can be a real challenge given the sheer variety that they offer, check this at   It is truly difficult to find the right lip balm, particularly for everyday use.

Luckily I found my everyday lip balm when I tried the vanilla mint flavor by EOS. Mint flavors always interest me but are often too powerful for me to enjoy using them multiple times a day. Mint lip balms often leave a stinging sensation on my lips that gets old quickly and I only occasionally use them.  Head over to this!

The vanilla mint offering by EOS is subdued in flavor and doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor. It works well for a daily, or even hourly, application and is gentle on the lips. The vanilla component adds some complexity to the flavor that makes it interesting to use so it doesn’t become boring. Further, the vanilla min flavor is not artificial tasting and doesn’t have a nauseating medicinal flavor.  For additional info about the products, see

Would highly recommend trying the vanilla mint lip balm from EOS. While you may prefer fruit flavored offerings for their strong flavor, the vanilla mint flavor doesn’t disappoint and makes for a great addition to any rotation. For me, vanilla mint is at the forefront of my usage, mixed in with their honeysuckle honeydew and strawberry sorbet flavors for some added variety.  Check this on

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Protect Your Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products

EOS products have become very popular all natural lip balm protection for Canadian residents and have been used by entertainment professionals like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. Nourish your lips with some of the leading ingredients known for centuries to heal dry cracked skin. EOS lip balm products are infused with the perfect combination of moisture and protection. Thousands of women around the world are choosing EOS lip balm products, 10 to 1, over their competitors. They provide a superior balance of coverage when and where you need it. Take advantage of soft smooth lips with EOS lip balm products.

Why Switch To EOS Lip Balm Products?

EOS lip balm products provide essential antioxidants, vitamin C, and E. Your lips will indulge in a leading aide for dry cracked lips from the effects of smoking, extreme weather, and more. Each package is guaranteed the maximum amount of protection that will last throughout your day. You can perform your normal activities like eating and drinking with no harsh after taste. EOS lip balm products are packed with shea butter and jojoba oil. Give your lips superior protection without spending a fortune. Soothe dry cracked lips with the leaders in the industry.

Who Is Evolution Of Smooth?

Based on EOS’ page, Evolution of Smooth is a popular EOS lip balm product with delectable flavors that your lips will crave. Their products are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Best of all, they are LEAP Bunny approved and cruelty-free. Pamper your lips with an organic lip balm that will leave your lips feeling ultra smooth.

Evolution Of Smooth Delectable Flavors

– Mint kisser

– Raspberry

– Purple Sorbet

– Lemon Drop

– Almond Milk Mint

-Original EOS

You’re invited to visit the Evolution of Smooth website or the beauty care aisle of select retailers for more details.  Hop over tto this!

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Fabletics Establishes Itself As A Market Leader With Amazing Customer Service

Kate Hudson is a fashion icon, who has proven to be extraordinarily good in the projects that she undertakes. When she gave to the world her idea of Fabletics, fashion and sports lovers everywhere knew that Fabletics would be the next best thing. As a brand, Fabletics established itself in the sports fashion segment by offering customers a full range of active and leisure wear for a variety of sports. The brand doesn’t just cater to women, but to men and kids as well. With beautiful designs coupled with the latest fashion trends, Fabletics has established itself as a significant player in the activewear community.


But while Fabletics may offer their customers activewear that looks like it has come straight off a runway, they faced numerous challenges, especially against large-scale competitors like Amazon. With multiple e-commerce sites popping up, Fabletics had to think of unique strategies to implement to set their place in the world of activewear and leisure fashion. Amazon currently owns twenty percent of the total e-commerce market, and even then, Fabletics has managed to shine among the rest, evolving into a two hundred million dollar company. Since opening its doors for business in 2013, the brand has surpassed all expectations and has managed to stand apart as a leading activewear brand. The brand has experienced phenomenal growth over the years, and a large part of that success is owing to the impeccable customer care services that the brand offers.


While all brands say that their customers are important, no name shows their customers as much love as Fabletics does. The entire selling point of the brand is the notion that they want to establish a good relationship with their clients. The brand works on a membership strategy to entice customers and keep them coming back for more and more. Through the plan, customers can opt to receive their preferred style of clothing on a regular basis directly from the site. Through the program, customers receive activewear every month, delivered to their doorstep. The brand in a way ensures that their clients are always fashionable and receive the latest trends in active wear and leisurewear.


Another way Fabletics establishes an excellent customer relationship is through their tar and mortar stores wich the brand opened in 2015. A large chunk of clients was not comfortable with buying their clothes online and signing up for their membership plan just because they had no idea about the quality of clothes they would be receiving. Fabletics realized this and thus decided to give their customers a look at their clothes and give them an opportunity to try them on to make their decisions. The store, however, isn’t meant for customers to purchase the clothing, but more so just as an addition customer service. Customers can then go home and buy the items that they liked in their own time.


Fabletics has incorporated numerous market research techniques to understand the customers better that they are serving and ensures that whatever items are shown on the website are always in stock in their physical stores.

EOS: The Perfect Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

Are you planning the perfect sweet sixteen for your daughter? There is much planning to do, such as finding the best venue, sending out invitations, and finding reputable caterers. However, there is another important aspect of planning out the perfect sweet sixteen: the party favors for the ladies!


If you’re at a loss for ideas for party favors, EOS lip balms are a perfect choice. There are a variety of flavors that you can choose from. Each EOS lip balm comes in an adorable sphere container and each has its very own flavor. Take the flavor Passion Fruit, for example. This contains a tropical and sweet taste which any girl will adore. Plus, EOS lip balms are all natural and gluten-free. The best part is the results: your guests will notice a nice softening moisturizing impact.  More on


There are many flavors of EOS lip balm to choose from, with each one being better than the next. It’s perfect for a sweet sixteen goody bag and your daughter’s friends will be absolutely delighted with their EOS lip balms. Another idea you can add to their gift bags is their hand and body lotion. Just like the lip balm, the hand and body lotion will create a nourished softness to their skin.


Head on to this.


Now that you have the gift bag ideas down, it’s time to work on finding which venue is the perfect one for your beloved daughter!


What is Fabletics

Fabletics is a online subscription box that sells high quality women’s and mens athletic clothes and gear. The company was co founded by Kate Hudson who is a famous actress as well as an avid runner and exerciser. Kate wanted a brand of work out clothes that were everything that she was looking for. She wanted high quality so you can actually work out in them, she wanted affordable prices so anyone can use them and she wanted it to be very convenient so even the busiest of men and women could get them, and so Fabletics came about.

Fabletics has been around for a few years now. It is very simple to use. You simply visit their website and take a very short quiz. The quiz helps Fabletics determine your size, the kinds of exercises you enjoy doing as well as the colors and patterns you enjoy wearing. After using the quiz to determine your tastes they then do all of the work. They begin custom creating an outfit that works for you and your needs. Once the outfit is finished they mail the outfit to you with free shipping included. They will typically send a tracking number so you can track your order online. After 1-2 weeks your new workout outfit arrives ready to be used.

From then on every month a new custom picked outfit will arrive at your door with free shipping. If you decide to longer use the service you can simply skip a month or cancel the membership anytime before the 5th of the month with no penalties and no hassles. Simply visit their website or call the customer service number provided and you can skip or cancel at anytime. Should you skip or cancel you can still restart the membership at anytime and begin receiving a box every month again. Fabletics is a easy quick way to get good quality work out gear at a very affordable price. And possibly the best thing about Fabletics is you can use the clothes for more than just working out because they are so comfortable and stylish to wear.