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Getting to Know Susan McGalla

There are some stereotypes out there that believe that a woman cannot succeed in the corporate world. According to them, the role of a woman should be cooking and taking care of children at home. However, this is a thing of the past and women deserve a chance like their male counterparts. There is a lady from Pennsylvania who is going against all odds to show that women too can succeed and her name is Susan McGalla. At the moment, Susan McGalla acts as an executive consultant in the city of Pittsburgh. In the past, she has held prominent roles that have made her famous such as being the president of a firm called American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Susan has also served as the chief executive officer of a company called West Seal Inc.


Other than the mentioned roles, Susan McGalla has held other posts such as being a board member at HFF Inc., the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Finally, she has served the University of Pittsburgh as their trustee. As for Allegheny Conference on Community Development, Susan McGalla used to serve as a director. At the age of 52 years, Susan McGalla has a lot to offer to the corporate world in America.


On a more personal level, Susan McGalla is from East Liverpool, Ohio where she was brought up by a football coach alongside two brothers. Currently, Susan is married to a wealth manager called Stephen McGalla. From an early age, her dad taught her the importance of confidence and believing in her abilities. Her dad taught her being a lady is not a guarantee of being treated differently. For her first degree, Susan attended the Mount Union College where she acquired a degree in marketing and business. As of today, Susan McGalla serves on the board of Mount Union College.