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ClassDojo Transforming Education Globally By Creating “Ideal Classroom”

In the past few years, the conventional rigid view of learning has been rendered obsolete by a number of factors, top among them being technology. Today, the teacher’s role has been transformed into more of a guide or a coach , which has in turn resulted into dramatic transformation in the classroom structure and design. In this new learning environment, work and information flow throughout the classroom as opposed to only from the teacher. In other words, students can interact freely and learn from one another.

While achieving an “ideal” classroom environment may sometimes be hard, there are some minor tools that you can leverage on in your classroom layout to excite students about learning. ClassDojo is one if these tools.

ClassDojo is an app that connects students, teachers, and parents in every classroom, and collectively work with them to bring some of the best ideas in their respective classrooms. This not only enhances communication but also tightens the feedback loop that previously existed between the students, teachers, and parents. By giving teachers the opportunity to easily share information with their students and note their behaviors in real-time, this versatile program give teachers a great platform to gather important data about their students and offer them immediate feedback. Instead of interrupting their instruction sessions, teachers simply take away or reward points (or dojos) to alter the students’ bad behaviors or reinforce positive ones.

It is important to note that ClassDojo is not aimed at creating a one-size-fits-all learning model that caters for every student—such a model doesn’t exist anyway. Instead, the company believes that teachers, parents, and students can be given power to create incredible classroom settings that are best for them. The company believes that when people are introduced into simple ways of doing things, there are a lot of amazing things that can happen—and this is the main goal of the ClassDojo app.