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Sponsors Women Annual Luncheon

NexBank SSB is considered to be one of the most successful regional banks that are found in the United States. The organization has been in the competitive finance world for several decades, and it has won the hearts of many investors because of the quality of services it offers the consumers. Apart from making sure that the customers have the best services, regardless of their financial status, the firm has been working hard to assist the communities living in the country by offering donations and other great services. At the moment, the main company offices are found in Dallas, and it has managed to open several in many other parts of the country.

Just recently, the Dallas based bank announced to the country that it was very excited to be sponsoring the prestigious Dallas Women Foundation during their 32nd annual luncheon that is very popular in the Dallas communities. According to the company management, the company will be doing this noble act by offering the women organization a gift of one hundred thousand dollars. The bank has announced that the money given to the powerful foundation will mostly be used to advance the women economic security. The amount will also be used to empower the women who want to venture into leadership.

The annual ceremony is very influential among the women living in Dallas, and this year, it took place on October 20th. The event was hosted at the popular Hilton Anatole Hotel that is based in Dallas, and it attracted a large number of women who believe that they can do well in leadership and also in the corporate world. During the special event, the women were fortunate to have some respected individuals as speakers. Some of the speakers at the event included Hope Jahren, one of the most respected scientists and a great selling author. Hope has won several awards because of the accomplishments in the corporate world. All the activities taking place in the event were streamlined to more than twenty schools in the country. More than ten thousand students based in North Texas were part of the address. The event was attended by some of the notable leaders in the community.