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Adding Some Fruit Flavored Lip Balms to my Collection

On a whim, I decided to purchase some new lip balms to add to my retinue of balms. I tend to stick with the mint flavors and was looking to branch out to something new.

EOS lip balms have long been my go to brand as they offer higher quality lip balms than those that are sold by their major competitors, Pfizer’s Chapstick and Clorox’s Burt’s Bees. Unlike those brands, EOS lip balms are wholly petroleum free and they glide on in a smooth and luscious layer. EOS lip balm also has a very wide range of flavors to choose from which works well with my desire to branch out to new flavors.

I started with trying the Passion Fruit. This flavor uses shea butter as its base which is a high quality oil that works perfectly in a lip balm. It is 95% organically sourced and all-natural and therefore does not have the artificial flavor that many competing balms have. The passion fruit flavor is unique; reminiscent of many other tropical fruit lip balms but unique and tasty, with a fresh flavor that is a worthwhile addition of any lip balm collection.  Click on for details.

The next flavor I tried was blueberry acai. Acai is long respected for the health benefits that it provides to those who use it. The blueberry acai flavor from EOS is no exception to this as it contains antioxidants and vitamin E. The flavor is also delicious and the mix is flavorful and enjoyable without being overpowering and artificial in taste. Follow EOS on their page

Summer fruit was the last flavor I tried. It has a mix of flavors that include strawberry, peach and blueberry and are a great mix of fruits that taste fresh and non-artificial, like the fruits are pulled directly out of the garden. Would highly recommend trying this flavor if you enjoy fruit flavored lip balms. Useful link here.

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