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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel of Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare

It’s always important to have a doctor who knows what they are doing and can get the job done right. Unfortunately, there are some circumstances that you may find yourself in where you don’t have the ability to do research first. Sometimes circumstances are out of our hands to control and we find ourselves needing to go to the emergency room. That is why having people like Dr. Eric Forsthoefel working in the emergency room is so important.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel began his education at the University of Louisville Medical School. After graduating in 2009, he went on to do fulfil his residency at the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans which he then completed in 2012. He also got an AB in emergency medicine. Now, with 6 years of experience under his belt, Dr. Forsthoefel works at the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare Hospital in the emergency room where he is one of 26 other doctors who practice emergency medicine.

With his specialty being in emergency medicine and subspecialty in general emergency medicine, he is well suited to be working in their emergency room. Whether people come in due to injury, trauma, or accidents, Dr. Forsthoefel takes care to make sure they are being treated right and swiftly. Regardless of the reason for someone either being brought by ambulance or coming in themselves, they are always treated like they are the most important patient on his list to see.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel has been working in his field for a long time and specializes in what is normally seen in an emergency room. So, when you have to put your life and well being in someone else’s hands, it is at least good to know that they really do know what they are doing. He takes numerous different insurance policies, so, that should never be an issue. It also helps to know that among all of his other certifications he is also certified by the American Board of Emergency Medicine. So, if what you are looking for is a doctor who is exceptional in their field, Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is definitely who you should be looking at.

Waiakea Water, Taste the Volcano

The water industry is a booming mass of corporate thirst quenching. Estimates say that bottled water is worth $100 billion across the globe. The number one consumers in the world? That record goes to the Italians. They are the leading nation of bottled water consumption. With so much on the table, it’s a tough field to compete in. Many consumers still like to get free water from their sink, but in an evolving world, it’s far more popular to grab a fresh bottle of filtered water. To keep up with competition, many companies try to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market. The best companies tout mineral water from fresh springs or a state-of-the-art filtration system. Watch this video on Youtube.

The most popular water company in Hawaii, Waiakea Water, is bottled and produced from fresh springs in the lush mountains. The natural environment is free of pollutants and contaminants. The water is free to thrive and when you drink it, you can taste the freshness. The name Waiakea means broad waters. The best part about this water is that it comes from a volcano. The volcanic rock filters the water as it flows down into the springs of the valley. After running through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock, Waiakea Water is bottled fresh from the source.

Keeping in tradition of preserving the environment and respect for the earth we live on, Waiakea Water bottles their water in fully degradable plastic bottles. Their company has been certified Carbon Neutral and they make regular donations to local nonprofits that support the community. The environmentally friendly water bottles will break down in only fifteen years. Regular water bottles take over 1,000 years to degrade!

You can easily see how important Waiakea Water is for the earth and for our health. The responsibility shown by this leading water bottling company is commendable. Most companies take the water and leave waste in their wake. Maybe, if more companies adopt this model of business, our earth will be saved and we can expect to live longer, fuller lives. It’s always nice to have a sip of water; try Waiakea Water. Read more articles on Affiliate Dork.

Connection Between Coffee Intake and Prolonged Life

Annals Internal Medicine published reports indicating that coffee consumption could minimize heart diseases and stroke. The illnesses are known to be a severe life threat, and the printed new studies show their connection to coffee. Several studies have revealed coffee contributions to individual health, both positives, and negatives.

A study that sampled 185,000 Americans confirmed the benefits of coffee on Japanese Americans, Whites, African Americans, and Latinos. Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, drinking coffee recorded reduced risks of diabetes, kidney diseases, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. According to the lead author of the research Veronica Setiawan, coffee has health benefits to everyone. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Drinking two to three cups a day reduces chances of death by 18%. The study compares the results to those who do not consume coffee for 16 years. Setiawan reports that drinking coffee and living a longer life have a connection. However, taking coffee will not guarantee prolonged life.

A similar connection was reported in a study conducted across 10 European countries where over 520,000 people were surveyed. The results indicated that those who drank coffee daily recorded reduced risks of death. Though the study stated this connection, researchers were not in a position to confirm the reasons why coffee has these benefits.


About Organo

Organo is an international linked marketing company that is committed to assisting people to live a better life. Through their best products, individuals enjoy freedom, life balance, and well-being. The company has reached millions of people through its collaboration with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Many people have transformed into successful entrepreneurs and accomplished financial victory, thanks to The Think and Grow Rich book. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organic specializes in beverages, personal products, and nutraceuticals. The products are available only through Organo Gold Independent Distributors in more than 50 countries. The global network firm has a customer program. They aid distributors to offer electronic delivery options, separate sales products and product samples to customers across the globe.


Looking into Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall

In the modern world, mediocrity never makes the cut. Brazilian businessman Roberto Santiago knows this too well, and that is why he owns one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall is easily described as the best spot for entertainment, shopping, and a host of other things. Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. He attended Pio X-Marist College, and later went to the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.


He purchased the land in which he developed the Manaira Shopping mall in 1987. He then began constructing a center that had almost everything under one roof. Construction took two years, and in 1989, the Manaira Mall opened its doors to the public.


A Look into Manaira Shopping Mall


One thing that pushed the mall to become the busy hub it is today is the fact that it is located in the middle of Joao Pessoa state. Reports say that an estimated 1.6 million people visit the mall monthly. The mall itself covers an area of about 75,000 square meters and has parking space for over 3,000 vehicles.


Anyone seeking any form of entertainment only needs to head to the 24-hour operating. There are numerous entertainment spots, including almost a dozen movie theatres, of which some use 3D technology. The centerpiece of entertainment at the Manaira is the Domus Hall. The breathtaking size of the dome makes it suitable to host an array of events including plays, weddings, exhibitions, and even conferences.


The Domus Hall can hold 10,000 standing or 4,000 seated people. Besides being air-conditioned, the hall is also soundproof, and the connected sound system is next to none. Celebrities from Brazil and around the globe have performed at the Domus Hall.


Inside the mall, you will also find a fully equipped game room for the kids, as well as a bowling alley for adults. If you love shopping, there are uncountable stores that sell designer clothes, jewels, and kids’ stuff. There are also hardware stores, electronics stores, sports apparel stores, and even bookshops. In addition to that, the mall also harbors the College Higher Education of Paraiba, accounting for the numerous students and staff throughout the mall. Once you get tired of all the shopping or gaming, you can also visit the various coffee and food stores for refreshments.


Besides the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago also owns another significant mall known as the Mangeira Mall. The latter was opened in 2013, and together, they have significantly improved Joao Pessoa’s economic status. Now, more companies view the city as a prime investment area and are quickly setting up shop in the area.


What can be Learned from Nick Vertucci’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Nick Vertucci made a name for himself in the real estate sector after he founded Nick Vertucci Companies. However, most people are unaware about how he pursued his career to succeed in a highly-competitive business field. Nick believes that the past does not dictate the future occurrences of a person or an event. According to him, success relies on hard work, consistency, and determination.


Early Life


Nick was brought up by loving parents who he cites as inspiration. His life changed at the age of ten after losing his father. His mother was forced to work tirelessly to ensure that Nick and his siblings got access to basic needs. When Nick Vertucci turned 18 years old, he had to provide for himself. He moved out from his parents’ home and lived in a van.


Due to his ambition to succeed in life, Nick opened a retail store dealing with computer hardware. He loved the business because of the freedom he had as the owner. He decided to marry, and years later, he was blessed with three daughters. Nick’s entrepreneurship career took a different turn in 2002 after his business collapsed. He was forced to survive on debts for over 18 months since he had little income.


Real Estate Business


As he was devastated by the collapse of his business, Nick was fortunate enough to meet a friend who was passionate about the real estate business. The friend advised him about pursuing a career in the industry. Nick also got a request to attend a seminar that lasted for three days about succeeding in the real estate industry. He accepted the request by attending the seminar as a guest.


Nick got most of his inspiration to open a property development company from the seminar that his friend invited him to attend. As a way of fostering development in the community, he made a vow to pass his experience and knowledge to others through teaching. He was also ambitious about helping other people on how to cope up with debts. From the seminar, one of the most important lessons he learned was how to earn from residential and commercial developments simply and straightforwardly.


Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc


Nick spent more than one-decade gathering knowledge on the emerging trends in real estate and how to be profitable in the industry. Through his consistency in researching and studying, he finally came up with a system that would guide him in his future business endeavors.


The Nick Vertucci Companies was born out of Nick’s persistence. Today, the group focuses on offering people solutions to most problems they encounter in real estate investing. The company has a subsidiary known as NV Real Estate Academy that educates and provides people informative resources on active investing.

Talk Fusion for Businesses

There are a lot of things you can do to get your business going. If you have already started a business and are looking at how you can communicate better, Talk Fusion can help.


Video Chats

These chats can be used for communicating with employees in different parts of the country or simply in different offices. The chat gives everyone a chance to say how they feel about different parts of the business. This can help them to feel more connected to everything and more willing to work hard for the business.


Another way you can use video chats is with customers. You can create a question and answer session that will help customers to feel more connected. They also can learn about the business and how it can help them to make their lives easier.



Businesses can use Talk Fusion email videos to reach potential customers and to let them know about the products they may be interested in. You also may be able to send videos that are how to’s that involve the products that will help everyone.


There are so many things that can be done to increase your business. You only need to know what customers want and how they can get the most from your products. The last thing you want is to buy a program for your business and not be able to use it for your work. Talk Fusion has so many uses you won’t be upset with it. Take your time and decide what is going to be the best thing for you. Learn more:


JustFab’s Recent Name Change to TechStyle

JustFab Inc. is one of the leading fashion companies with an online subscription in the world. The company has set off a journey to re-value their new corporate management identity to change its name to TechStyle. The TechStyle Fashion Company is the new brand developed by JustFab Inc. in technology, this new name summarizes all the activities that are undertaken in the industry. For this reason, this name is a revolution of the new campaign. As a matter of fact, the name also signals a new from the local online shops to another level of bizarre. For the loyal customers of the company, this is a new revolution in the industry. As a matter of fact, it is working for the good of the investors and the founder of JustFab Inc.


When the Co-Founder and CEO of created JustFab Inc., Don Ressler decided to change the primary goal of the company to develop a seamless entity that allows people to select their fashion design through indicating their sizes to cater for all women in the world. For those choosing the high-value trendy style, you can always find the best clothes shipped to your doorstep as a way to revolutionize the way people perceive their trending capabilities.


For the company, they have seen a raid growth with this refreshed brand. For this reason, they are driven by personalization and data in the imminent corporation. The company, therefore, has been transformed into a brand-building corporation that takes care of all interests of their clients in a minute. For more than six months, the refreshed brand has worked to satisfy the needs of their clients for more than three decades. For this reason, we are here to determine the entity and Grand Regency contingency center. JustFab Inc. is now a giant in the development of fashion in this industry through their online manufacture and design in retail.


JustFab Inc. is one of the biggest lifestyle and fashion center. It is an online platform that lets its user subscribers access the numerous trends in fashion at all sizes. In the recent past, the company decided to take care of their clients using their independent capabilities. The company, in the recent past, has recorded more than 4 million subscribers in the of its highest subscribers come from the United Sates as its founding country. The company, in 2014, raised more than $85 million at a $1 billion valuation. According to the sources, the company is growing at the rate of 10 percent annually.

JustFab changes its identity to TechStyle Fashion Group

JustFab Inc. changed the company’s name to Techstyle Fashion Group, and this was a step by the owners of the company with the aim of reflecting its roots in technology and digital commerce. They also wanted to reflect their brand portfolio which includes JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabkids, and Fabletics. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the co-CEOs of the company, and Adam said that they together founded the company with an intention to change the way in which people carry out their daily shopping. This change involved delivering trendy fashion at a far-fetched value. Adam added that they have always upheld that vision and the company has successfully transformed itself into a great platform for brand building through data application and personalization.

Adam Goldenberg says that the newly earned corporate identity can capture the intended destiny of the company. He terms it as a Fashion Avenue that finally meets Silicon Valley. Shawn Gold is a corporate marketing officer in the company, and he is the one who hinted about the new name, Techstyle. His position was new in the company, and it was created to help oversee all marketing efforts for every brand and ensure consistency of value. Gold proved to the company that this specific position is crucial and they should have added it a long time ago. He said that, while the company was concentrating on building the business they lost focus because they were not able to tell or showcase their story. Meaning they were not doing any business-to-business type of marketing of which he considers essential for business’ healthy growth. Despite all, JustFab which is now TechStyle has managed to grow their revenues within the few years of operation tremendously.

About Adam Goldenberg

Adam Goldenberg is a prominent entrepreneur and currently a co-Chief Executive Officer at Techstyle. He began his career at the age of 16 years whereby he founded a gaming network company going by the name Gamer’s Alliance. After two years he sold this company to Intermix Media, and by the year 2006, he established an Internet brand incubator known as Intelligent Beauty. After four years he co-founded JustFab with Don Ressler. JustFab is a fashion retailer company which operates under a stylish membership platform serving customers within and outside the United States. For the two fashion executives, JustFab has helped them greatly to fulfill their business vision offering a wide range of brands portfolio including JustFab, ShoeDazzle, Fabkids, and Fabletics.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Bring Social Media Into the Equation

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are a great team. They work well together and they present customers with lot of options when it comes to athletic clothing through Fabletics. This duo has also given consumers a lot of options to consider when they need accessories to more clothes that they find on JustFab. Women never have a hard time when it comes to finding new clothes because both JustFab and Fabletics provide a number of new items for ladies to consider each week. This has become a very interesting company that has managed to gain a lot of ground as more consumers seek quality clothing.


There are a lot of people that are looking at what Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are doing, and many want to know how they continue their legacy for success. In order to get a feel for how they have become so successful one must consider the areas that they placed their focus on. There is a lot of time and energy placed into building a social media presence.


Don and Adam know a lot about the importance of building a presence on social media because both of them have worked for the pioneer in social media. As former employees of Myspace both Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg know just how important it is to stay connected to consumers.


Another thing that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have been able to do is attract celebrity buzz to their products. This may be one of the most important things of all. If there are no celebrities in place to cosign on certain styles it will be harder for these two men to reach a crowd of women. They appeared to be aware of this early on, and they have always utilized the skills of talented women that were working on their own clothing lines. This is where they have been successful with Kate Hudson and Fabletics. This is also the way that they have been able to capture the attention of consumers with a mogul like Kimora Lee Simmons when it came to JustFab.


It is obvious that these two women have had a very powerful presence in the building of these athletic and casual clothing sites for women. Don and Adam knew that regardless of how much they knew about eCommerce that they could never build solid clothing companies for women without input from women.

Julie Zuckerberg – The Finest Recruiter For Deutsche Bank

Ms. Julie Zuckerberg is the primary recruiter for Deutsche Bank. It is the biggest commercial center in the world. It has got a network in more than seventy nations all over the world. Deutsche Bank came into existence in the year 1870. The place of work for Ms. Zuckerberg is in the New York City office.


Ms. Zuckerberg is a renowned executive who has got excellent skills. She is instrumental in getting the best candidates in commercial, wealth and private clients division. These groups exhibit the banking requirements of the persons with the business customers in the best companies of the world.


The asset management group helps to get the portfolios of the clients secure. Ms. Zuckerberg handles the recruitment from sourcing and recruiting the best in the industry. Ms. Julie also takes care of the compensation packages and other immigration related problems.


Ms. Zuckerberg is also a reputed trainer and a coach for the best recruiting teams at Deutsche Bank. She specializes in facilitating useful direction to the personnel like recruiters and candidate providers. She has got a vast experience in the finance arena.


She gives counseling on the various hiring practices in the industry and also different aspects for compensations. She strives to make her employer get the finest candidates in right positions. She reviews the procedures of the firm audit, quality and is entirely compliant with them.


She makes sure that the checks work in the right manner. Julie went to New York Law school and also Brooklyn College, and she studied philosophy and law there. She made herself perfect in leadership, staffing, management, etc.


Ms. Julie is also a Vice President of Citibank and Deutsche Bank. She has got extensive expertise in all the aspects of the recruitment procedure. In her leisure time, Julie loves to indulge in photography, decorating her home, traveling and running.


She enjoys the finest restaurants in New York City. She is very much concerned regarding animal welfare and human rights. She has done the best recruiting for at least three years. You can get in touch with Ms. Zuckerberg as she is the best recruiter and will get you the job in the appropriate firm. Julie is an executive lead in Deutsche Bank. She has attained the position of a recruitment director.


Ms. Julie began her career in the year 2002. She at that time used to be the hiring manager at Hudson. Ms.Julie worked for this company for at least five years. At this time span, she was instrumental in the recruitment of the staff, managers, and attorneys in both permanent or temporary positions.


She is highly devoted to her work. She is a source of the employees and the employers whenever she hires candidates. She is known to possess advanced skills that provide recruiting for the role of managing director for Citi cards marketing.


She has been the head of many mediations and also in the development of several job offers regarding immigration, relocation and other hiring problems. She is considered as the finest recruiter in the financial sector.