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EOS Lip Balm: The One That Makes You Smile

Whether you know about Fast Company or not, they have fairly recently released an article about Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick. As we all know, it can be tough to find the right chapstick; as a matter of fact, some chapstick does not provide the moisture your lips need for that lush and inviting presence. (In some cases, chapstick can make your lips worse, not better!)

As the article states, EOS was a revolution: it has become the choice for our millennial generation. Since there are plenty of millennial individuals out there, picking the perfect option for lip balm is an obvious must.

Have you visited your local drug store or checked Amazon and eBay lately? EOS lip balm has overstocked shelves due to its popularity as well as its quality – and for good reason. Cosmo and Allure are obsessed with the product. If they are, then why shouldn’t you consider EOS? After all, EOS stands for evolution of smooth. To have smooth lips, you will never have to worry about a disappointing product.

According to the article by Fast Company, EOS has become the one of the best selling lips balms in the country. If that isn’t proof enough, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Cristina Aguilera, and even Kim Kardashian have relied on the quality of EOS from their high-end makeup bags to swipe upon their lips.

EOS is known for its natural and organic ingredients, which is their specialty. Get your hands – and lips – on it now to see what your favorite celebrities are using for their own beauty routine! This product is custom-made for the purpose of women, providing them the ultimate lip care they deserve. Chapstick is used for both men and women, but imagine having Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick to improve and beautify that smile.

All in all, Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick will never be a fad. It is here to stay, and it is here to complete your beautiful look! As their tagline states, this is “The lip balm that makes you smile.” There’s no doubt about that.

For more information, visit the Evolution of website and Facebook page today.

Spring Your Lips into Spring

While anyone can own the sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, or even the sheer pink shimmer EOS – or Evolution of Smooth – lip balm, it takes a sharp eye to spot the popular limited edition flavors before they disappear for another year. Like the classic and the new flavors, these limited edition spring flavors are quite popular with fans of the EOS lip balms.


Spring 2017 brings two flavors to these limited edition two packs. The first of them is one that anyone can own: coconut milk. A pink and white striped pod of lip balm, it has a soft scent. If you can get your nose up to it, hints of coconut hit the nose. It still has the silky feel of the EOS line, and can make your lips pretty soft. For fans of the odd shaped food, the coconut milk EOS is a very popular choice.  Continue reading on

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The second in this popular two pack this spring is a new flavor: cucumber melon. Like the popular hand lotion, this lip balm has hints of a cucumber scent to it. In a light and dark green striped pod, it looks like a round striped cucumber. The cucumber scent is strong when you get close to it, but if you’re just putting it on, it’s a soft background scent. A good way to get away from the smells of public bathrooms or other smells that just plain stink. It also compliments the hand lotion rather well.

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Unlike two packs of springs past, it seems like the cucumber melon has been such a hit that it will be here to stay after spring. Whatever happens to these popular flavors, a trained eye will be able to tell them apart from the crowd when time comes to pick them from a colored lineup.

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