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A Delightful Strawberry Lip Balm

I recently tried the strawberry sorbet flavor of EOS and found myself entranced by how tasty it is. Strawberry sorbet has risen the ranks to be the best flavored lip balm that I have ever tried.

I have been a gardener for the past ten years and love the flavor of fresh strawberries each June when they are abundant and at their best, but loathe the manufactured flavor of store bought strawberries. Most strawberry lip balms are even worse. The strawberry flavored offering from Chapstick is particularly disgusting; I has a wholly artificial flavor that offends and disgusts my palate.  See this on

Hard up for a lip balm I came across the strawberry sorbet offering by EOS. The flavor is subtle and tasty, without any hint of an artificial flavor at all. No wonder either after reviewing the ingredient list for the EOS lip balm. Their ingredient list is not only full of high quality all-natural and organic ingredients, but is made with a high quality oil base that is longer lasting than the petroleum jelly base Chapstick.

EOS lip balm has long differentiated themselves from the competition by issuing elite quality lip balm in these neat orbs that are colored to match the flavor that they have. The brand prides itself on providing better quality balms that last longer than the competition and provide for a luscious and smooth feel that makes their moniker, the Evolution of Smooth, no misnomer. They are a relatively young brand that emerged in the industry by creating lip balms that met the changing tastes of clients for better sourced and less artificial lip balms.  Check this on

Stop by your local retail store and give EOS’ strawberry sorbet lip balm a chance. Maybe you will be reminded of fresh June strawberries like I was and will find yourself able to avoid the low quality lip balm for sale on the market.