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EOS Review Of New Vegan Crystal Flavors

EOS or Evolution Of Smooth has made a significant change in the lip balm industry. They literally exploded on the lip balm scene a few years ago, with their uniquely designed orb containers. The orb containers held organic lip balm that included nourishing ingredients that soothe and heal dry lips. Women loved the design and the amazing number of flavors that were available. Now, EOS has released the clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm, which has been received very positively by EOS fans. In fact, most stores report the lip balm is disappearing as soon as they stock the shelves. The new lip balms are currently available in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid.


The New Evolution Begins

The EOS brand or the Evolution Of Smooth made significant changes in the way that lip balm is regarded by the average woman. Today, the lip balm is a very significant part of getting ready for the day. The company founders planned for their lip balm to become a favorite accessory for young women. Soon, women were well aware of the product and made it a big hit. Now, the little orb containing the organic lip balm is available online and at retail stores across the country. Purchase your lip balm here on


About EOS

EOS or Evolution Of Smooth is a small company that is based in New York. The company was started back in 2006 by founder Craig Dubitsky, a former commodity trader. The company’s first product was released to the public in 2009. The lip balm in the little orb container soon made a significant difference in the lip balm industry by introducing new flavored, organic lip balm that would eventually outsell their larger rivals. The company is well-known for their lip balm products, but they also produce hand and body lotions, along with shaving cream.


Empower Your Brain At Neurocore Brain Performance Centers and Achieve More

Neurocore is a new approach to solving emotional problems without the use of drugs. Neurocore has developed a unique method of focusing on the core of the problem, then forming a personalized program providing positive reinforcement and progress identified by neurofeedback. Retraining the brain to function in a progressive and healthier manner builds reinforcement and stabilization. In today’s world filled with stress, anxiety and the pressures applied by social media, it is imperative that symptoms of anxiety be met with a modern approach and resolved, not masked with drugs. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

What Happens During A Brain Diagnostics Assessment?

At the brain performance centers, a comprehensive assessment is performed with the use of an EEG (Electroencephalogram technology), breathing analysis, and heart rate recordings. These tests assist the physicians by providing clear and precise pictures of the actions and movements of the brain.

What’s Next?

The unique brain mapping then becomes the personalized guide to a specific program designed for each patient. The reinforcement training program is designed, and the neurofeedback sessions begin that train the brain to improve and function better. Read more at about Neurocore.

Neurocore is Results Oriented

The program is designed to focus on the program, not mask the problem with drugs. The goal of the program is to provide lasting results and improved mental health and well-being.

Identifying the cause of the problem and designing an affirmative program to achieve the desired results is the goal of Neurocore. Achieving success with each patient is their goal, and gaining the emotional well-being of each patient is their purpose.

It has been long established that brains are not hard-wired and the thought process can be changed, redirected, and empowered. Retraining the brain can be achieved and through select methods, the mind can achieve powerful results.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers

It is advised that you visit the website of Neurocore at

The centers offer “Lunch & Learn” presentations, but you must reserve your place at each event to ensure space is available. The facilities are located in Southern Florida, Southeast Michigan and West Michigan on a monthly basis. To ensure space is available, please contact the facility at 800-600-4096, or you can reserve an available date on the website.


EOS Review – The Evolution of Lip Balms in the Vegan World

Lip Balms are a very hot topic among girls and women in the world of fashion and beauty. They are essential for appearance, glamour and to combine and match the color of your lips with your look. It is a crucial part of your appearance when deciding what to wear!

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If you know your lip balms, you know that Evolution of Smooth is one of the dominating brands in the market, or EOS as their fans like to call them.

EOS have released some of the top lip balms in the industry, but they are also innovators by heart, having released, in September of 2017, the vegan lip balm, a brand new invention to combine fashion with the philosophy of vegans and vegetarians, view here. It is 100% free of any ingredients or products that come from animals, making it a very important step towards a good relationship between the cosmetics industry and nature.

After their announcement, you can for certain guess that every vegan has gone crazy with the new lip balms for vegans. They are also of very high quality, having almost no difference in quality or consistency. The clear vegan crystal flavored lip balm is the biggest of the announcements and the one that has attracted the biggest audience when it comes to positive feedback. It seems like EOS have made another very efficient marketing decision.

The success of the Lip Balms of the brand Evolution of Smooth has increased by such a significant margin that shelves in stores are emptying faster than the production and delivery rate of their balms. It is crazy! The EOS has a massive loyal customer base and the decision to make products for vegans to attend a bigger audience was made when listening to the feedback and commentaries of their faithful clients and consumers, see products here on

That was just one innovation from EOS among many others. What other impressive design do they have in store for us for the future?



What’s Your Favorite EOS Lip Balm Flavor?

EOS or Evolution Of Smooth is changing the way that women think about lip balm products. Now, women are starting to think of the little orbs of lip balm delight as a fashion accessory that they would not leave home without. Of course, everyone has their favorite lip balm flavor. The good news is that there is a wide range of flavors in the EOS lip balm collection. The even better news is that the lip balms are natural and contain several nourishing ingredients like jojoba oil, vitamin E, vitamin C, and Shea butter.


Favorite EOS Lip Balms

The EOS lip balms are a delightful treat for your lips. Therefore, it’s very difficult to select just one lip balm as your favorite. Let’s take a look at a few of the favorite organic lip balms.

  • Passion Fruit – This is an organic lip balm that is packaged in a lavender colored orb, and has a sweet tropical flavor
  • Strawberry Sorbet – This is an organic lip balm packaged in a pink orb and is a very delicious treat, purchase this lip balm here now!
  • Summer Fruit – This is another very popular organic lip balm that is packaged in an orange orb. Flavored with summer fruit flavors like strawberry, peach, and blueberry


The Evolution Of Smooth

EOS is a New York Based company that was founded in 2006, see also The company has slowly, but surely taken over the lip balm market with their wonderful organic lip balms and list of other naturally organic products. Today, the EOS brand is available online and at your favorite local retailers. Their brand still remains one of the top lip balms in the country. Certainly, this is primarily due to targeting health conscious women that prefer purely organic products that are also hypoallergenic, paraben, and gluten free.

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Looking into Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Shopping Mall

In the modern world, mediocrity never makes the cut. Brazilian businessman Roberto Santiago knows this too well, and that is why he owns one of the largest shopping malls in Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall is easily described as the best spot for entertainment, shopping, and a host of other things. Roberto Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa in 1958. He attended Pio X-Marist College, and later went to the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he earned an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.


He purchased the land in which he developed the Manaira Shopping mall in 1987. He then began constructing a center that had almost everything under one roof. Construction took two years, and in 1989, the Manaira Mall opened its doors to the public.


A Look into Manaira Shopping Mall


One thing that pushed the mall to become the busy hub it is today is the fact that it is located in the middle of Joao Pessoa state. Reports say that an estimated 1.6 million people visit the mall monthly. The mall itself covers an area of about 75,000 square meters and has parking space for over 3,000 vehicles.


Anyone seeking any form of entertainment only needs to head to the 24-hour operating. There are numerous entertainment spots, including almost a dozen movie theatres, of which some use 3D technology. The centerpiece of entertainment at the Manaira is the Domus Hall. The breathtaking size of the dome makes it suitable to host an array of events including plays, weddings, exhibitions, and even conferences.


The Domus Hall can hold 10,000 standing or 4,000 seated people. Besides being air-conditioned, the hall is also soundproof, and the connected sound system is next to none. Celebrities from Brazil and around the globe have performed at the Domus Hall.


Inside the mall, you will also find a fully equipped game room for the kids, as well as a bowling alley for adults. If you love shopping, there are uncountable stores that sell designer clothes, jewels, and kids’ stuff. There are also hardware stores, electronics stores, sports apparel stores, and even bookshops. In addition to that, the mall also harbors the College Higher Education of Paraiba, accounting for the numerous students and staff throughout the mall. Once you get tired of all the shopping or gaming, you can also visit the various coffee and food stores for refreshments.


Besides the Manaira Shopping Mall, Roberto Santiago also owns another significant mall known as the Mangeira Mall. The latter was opened in 2013, and together, they have significantly improved Joao Pessoa’s economic status. Now, more companies view the city as a prime investment area and are quickly setting up shop in the area.


New Vegan Lip Balm Flavors by EOS

EOS (Essence of Smooth), the company known for their quality, natural lip balm and personal beauty products, has just announced an exciting new line of products to be added to their stores, click here.

These new Crystal lip balm flavors are guaranteed to be 100% vegan, using no animal derived products at all and plenty of other natural ingredients on top of that says Available in hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid flavors, as well as a special extra strength lip balm Plus stick, customers will have plenty of choices when wishing to try this new line of products.

Ever since its introduction less than a decade ago, EOS has seen massive success, selling millions of units each year. Known for their usage of natural ingredients, unique flavorings, and distinctive orb-shaped packaging, they became an instant hit. Despite this, though, many of their products could not be considered vegan due to the presence of beeswax in their formulas. Refer to for more juicy info.

This has finally changed with the Crystal product line, removing beeswax from the formulas and replacing it with other organic ingredients. And, at $5.49, this looks like the perfect time for those holding out on EOS products to finally take the plunge and try them out.

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The New EOS Vegan Crystal Flavored Lip Balm Review

Eos has been a leading lip balm manufacturing company as per the findings of Kline Research. For many years the company has been diversifying the taste of their lip balms. Lately, they have introduced a new vegan Crystal lip balm which has caught the attention of everyone. The Vegan Crystal Flavored, the product has ingredients that favor even those who couldn’t use due to specific content. The new product has retained the previous packaging, although it has made specific additions such as making it more transparent. The crystal lip balm does not have any animal product, and it’s entirely organic.

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The Vegan Crystal lip balm does not have beeswax. EOS has received a lot of positive feedback from the beeswax free move. The company had estimated a drop in sales from the changes added, but it has sold out beyond their expectation. The Vegan Crystal flavor achieved higher sales because it comes at a pocket-friendly price of $5.49, see it here on The vegan flavor was completely sold out on the company’s website; however, EOS managed to avail some of it at Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens. Aside from the Crystal flavor, the brand also has Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid flavors already on the shelves. The lip balms come with, jojoba oil, antioxidant-rich vitamin E, and petrolatum to provide a smooth and soft feel.

Mehra and Teller are the co-founders of the lip balm manufacturing company. Before they quit their 5-9 jobs, they carried out research which indicated that lip balms were categorized unisex product. Lip balms had a higher demand for women. However, the supply was limited. It sparked the need for the two who had previously worked for Unilever innovation and incubation programs to dive into the field which had untapped potential. To enter the market, they needed to come up with a product which was unique from the usual lip balms. They, therefore, came up with brands that stimulate all the five senses. From the color of the orbs, soft feeling, to the smell of the variable flavors, the lip balm has caught the eye of various celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The vegan Crystal lip balm is currently among the best-selling, check it here.

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Top Three Most Beautiful Churches in Minnesota

  1. Cathedral of St. Paul, St. Paul

It is evident that this is one of the most beautiful churches and most attractive buildings in Minnesota. The magnificent structure is situated at the top of summit Hill facing downtown. It was constructed in the early 1900s, and it is the third largest church in the US. The outstanding building was modeled after French Churches in Paris, and for that reason, it features French renaissance and classical themes. Visit to know more.

  1. Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis

The structure of this church was constructed in the early 1900s, and its idea was inspired by the Baroque and Beaux-Arts architecture. The interior of the church is incredibly decorative and magnificently detailed. Besides, the church organizes and holds music festivals on grounds every summer know as Basilica Block Party. The mission of the party is to raise funds for the church and local charities.

  1. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, New Ulm

The magnificent structure displays a design of Baroque-style of architecture, and it has a clock tower at the peak of its dominant steeple and white trimmed red brick structure. The inside is similarly remarkable with an apse that features the 12 disciples of Jesus and his angels. You will also come across gold-trimmed columns in the nave. The building was built in 1896, and unexpectedly it is not recorded as one of the historical places. Watch this video on Youtube.

About Mighty Fortress

Note that when you need a safe and secure place to learn about Christianity and Christ, Mighty Fortress is the place to conduct your research. Also, Mighty Fortress Church is a perfect place to visit if you want to deepen your knowledge and personal relationship with Christ. It is evident that Mighty Fortress international strives to change the lives of many people via worship and practical Bible lessons.

About Bishop T. R. Williams

Bishop T. R. Williams is a well-known man of God who is skilled in apostolic and prophetic teachings. He has been serving the ministry for more than three decades in various capacities in the church of Christ. Bishop T. R. Williams is a much-valued priest of the gospel. In his teachings, he emphasizes on the applicability of the treasures of understanding and acumen in the word of God.


New Cancer Findings Good News for Eric Lefkosky’s Tempus

The development of lung cancer is determined by both environmental and genetic factors. The most common environmental risk factor that is associated with lung cancer is smoking cigarettes. Therefore the contribution of both genes and smoking to the etymology of cancer made an exciting combination that was under research by a team under Dr. Yafang Li.

The Dartmouth research team identified three single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the human DNA that influence the human body in developing and fighting disease. The research team also conducted an interaction analysis for two SNP’s lung cancer risks for non-small cell. Another study was performed on the SNP the lung cancer risk for squamous cell. These three SNPs that the team picked out for their research are the possible biomarkers in screening for lung cancer and intervention.

The research was titled “Genome-wide interaction study of smoking behavior and non-small cell lung cancer risk in the Caucasian population.” The findings were released for publication in Carcinogenesis. The results only apply to the Caucasian population just because other ethnicities have different genetic variations from the Caucasians. The identified interaction effect will have to be repeated using the genotype from other people.

The SNPs that were studied helped to identify the level of risk to lung cancer depending on one’s smoking behavior. The findings will improve how individual risks to developing the lung cancer disease can be pinned down more accurately from their smoking behavior. This will in turn help oncologists use the most personalized treatment plan that will be predicted based on the individual’s prognosis.

The findings that have come to light on lung cancer risk concerning smoking behavior in Caucasians have been received well at Tempus. Tempus has been on the forefront in redefining the application of genome data in a clinical setting. The company has primarily built an operating system dedicated to fighting cancer. This unique organization was co-founded and is currently headed by Eric Lefkofsky. He is the author of Accelerated Disruption.

Eric Lefkosky is also a co-founding partner of a venture fund that invests in disruptive technology, Lightbank. He is the co-founder and the current chairman of the e-commerce marketplace Groupon. Eric also co-founded Uptake Technologies, which offer some of the world’s biggest industries a platform to carry out predictive analysis. He is a trustee of some institutions in Chicago. These include Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Industry and World Business Chicago and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Karl Heideck supports new hiring legislation in Philadelphia

Recently, legislation was mentioned in Philadelphia whose aim is to avoid prospective employees asking their potential employees their salary history. The law sparked legal debate where some opposed and others were supportive. Karl Heideck as one of those who supported the legislation provided some reasons that hinder the full implementation of the bill. The law limits the information the prospective employer will get from those who are looking for jobs during the hiring process. Those who fight for workers’ right support the bill because it will make the hiring process transparent. Karl Heideck on his part observed that the better part of the law is that it will close the gender gap which has arisen for a long time.

Karl Heideck explained that men have always earned more than women in same job capacities. He reiterated that men often get salary increments in their new jobs. For women, prospective employers are not willing to do the same to women. Instead, they are only ready to add a specific percentage to their previous salaries. However, it was the will of the legislators of Philadelphia to close that loophole that there are prospective employers who demand salary histories from job seekers before hiring them. Karl Heideck followed the case closely and even went ahead to add that also if the Philadelphia chamber of commerce was against the new law, they might not succeed to have it overturned. He said that the hiring departments might need the services of legal counsels during hiring to avoid court cases that may arise by making sure they are guided on which questions to ask.

Karl Heideck followed the case closely in the courts of law where the Philadelphia chamber of commerce had petitioned the judge to give stay orders on the legislation. However, the judge was not convinced by the reasons and upheld the ruling. The law is to be applied in the city irrespective of whether the business have head offices somewhere else

Karl Heideck, a contract counsel, is listed by the Hire counsel since 2015.Karl Heideck has worked in Greater Philadelphia for more than a decade. During this period, Karl Heideck became an expert in filing and responding to clients” complaints in pre-trial and post-trial areas.

Karl Heideck holds a Bachelor of Arts degree he earned in 2003 from Swarthmore College. Before entering professional practice, Karl Heideck went to Temple University’s James E. Beasley Law School and received a Doctorate in 2009.

Karl Heideck info: