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ClassDojo Could Be The Answer For Making Education Better

When looking at the US education system and where it sits in the world, there’s a lot to be desired and experts have debated where on how to make it better. One challenge for educators is addressing the technology era because of all the distractions and attachments that many young students have to it. But some understand that the answer may be to use that same technology to transform the classroom and make students excited about learning. Such is the case with ClassDojo, an app that’s been around for a little over six years but has helped teachers accomplish much more in class than ever before.

ClassDojo has several purposes. The first is to bring about full student participation and even to encourage them to help their classmates when they can. The second is to use a social media-based interface to bring parents into the classroom and start conversations at home about homework and classroom assignments, and to give them more avenues in their busy schedule to discuss things with teachers. There’s nothing complex about how the app is structured and it’s free to download, and teachers don’t even have to wait for administrators to approve them utilizing it in their classes.

It was Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who got the idea for ClassDojo. They knew more could be done to help teachers and students and they had the resources to develop an app, but they knew they were going to have to do things differently than most other app developers. First, most of the ideas for the app were crowdsourced from teachers themselves and Chaudhary and Don know they need to make sure their users’ needs come first in the company’s decision making. Second, ClassDojo stays away from selling user data and has worked to address privacy concerns with each new release. And every round of funding the app has received has all gone to making improvements because Chaudhary and Don want to market it through word-of-mouth. Their reasoning for that is that they know people trust peer reviews more than they do television or internet ads, and there’s been no rush to return investor funds totaling $30 million. Ultimately their plan for that will be rolling out some optional pay content in the app.

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David Giertz reveals why some financial advisers might be slow to talk about social security

In a recent interview With the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Adviser, Mr. David Giertz takes a moment to explain exactly why it is imperative for anyone who is close to their retirement age to start seriously considering talking to their financial adviser about social security. This is because more often than not social security represents up to 40% of their retirement income. Mr. Giertz also advised financial advisers to start talking to their clients about social security given that they had conducted a study surveying retirees and people with less than 10 years to retirement asking them whether their financial advisers are talking to them about social security.

The results indicated that most advisers are not talking about social security. The twist, however, is that 80% of those surveyed further said that they would change advisers if it so happens that their advisers are not talking to them about social security. He, however, recognized the fact that many of the financial advisers could be ignoring the social security topic due to its complexity revealing that the social security handbook has close to 3,000 rules that each and every financial adviser should have at their fingertips as a conscious and deliberate effort of becoming an authority in matters social security.

About David Giertz

Mr. David Luther Giertz commonly referred to as Dave has worked for different organizations in various capacities in the financial services sector. For the past 5 years or so, Mr. Giertz has been working with Nationwide Financial Distributors Incorporated as the President of the Organization. Mr. David Giertz boasts of more than 3 decades worth of hands on deck experience in the financial services industry having passed up to 4 exams including Municipal Securities Principal, General Securities Principal Examination, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination and General Securities Representative Examination.

Mr. David Giertz is also registered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) which is a self-regulatory organization for different financial services sector actors which requires them to register in every state that they operate in. Currently, Mr. Giertz maintains active registrations in several states across the country.