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Oncotarget Discovers A Novel Way To Treat Thyroid Cancer

What is worse than being a cancer patient is finding out that the cancer has developed a new type of resistance to conventional drugs and has practically become impossible to cure. This is certainly bad news for patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma who use vemurafenib to treat their illness. On the other hand, Harvard researchers have found that palbociclib, which is used to treat another type of cancer can overcome this drug resistance. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

A typical indication of thyroid cancer is a mutation in BRAF. Patients with this kind of mutation have usually been treated with vemurafenib. However, recently, these patients who show positive signs develop this kind of drug resistance, which makes the cancer spread even more.

Similar research by the same team in the past has shown that the loss of the P16 gene combined with vemurafenib-resistant thyroid cancer cells may cause the cancer to grow even when treated with vemurafenib, which represents a setback for PTC patients.

P16 is responsible for cells dividing through the prevention of the development of a protein named CDK4/6. The team considered the possibility of preventing drug resistance by replicating the effect of P16. They chose palbociclib, an FDA approved drug that prevents the formation of CDK4/6.

As soon as the research team started treating PTC patients who developed vemurafenib resistance by combining both palbociclib and vemurafenib, they discovered that these two can produce better results by speeding cell death than when vemurafenib was used alone to treat these patients.

Moreover, researchers also discovered another novel way of treating vemurafenib resistance through a special genetic factor that exists in the cells. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Additionally, they said that the combination of vemurafenib and palbociclib is an excellent strategy to target cancer cells in PTC positive patients via a particular resistance.

The results obtained during the Oncotarget research process support the idea that combining both of these drugs in clinical trials will advance the progress that is made in treating PTC patients.

The progress that is made by medical teams so far through similar studies and research on PTC is promising and could produce positive results in the future.

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Are you thinking about changing your Lib Balm, try EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors

Everyone wants smooth, soft and well-hydrated lips. However, we all know that sometimes the products that we pick to help us achieve this can disappoint us from time to time. In addition to the effectiveness of the product in making the lips soft and supple, you want a lip care product that will smell and taste nice and also look enticing. Well, looking nice is a possibility that was made a reality by EOS, when they decided to completely digress from the traditional lip balm in a tube to the enticing orbs that we have seen with the best in Hollywood such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus.

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Well, the evolution at EOS has not stopped. They understand that in addition to lack of beauty and flavor in the traditional chapstick, there were ingredients that had far reaching consequences such as lip balms containing wax, paraben and other chemicals. For a vegan wax is a no-no, and for people allergic to paraben, well, lip balm has to be as natural as possible. It is in consideration of these factors that the company has come up with the new line of products, the EOS vegan Crystal. Check out this great review here on

The shape of the new product digresses from the traditional orb to a pyramid shape. This makes it really interesting to deal with, refer also here on Then, the product is free of any wax and other chemicals, choosing instead to make use of natural oils such as avocado, Shea Butter, Coconut, and sunflower oils. The product does not contain any wax and will leave your lips feeling soft, supple and completely moisturized. The vegan crystal lip balms are available in two flavors, the Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Both flavors are so perfect that you will not even know which to pick, but then again, since the lip balm is just $5, why choose when you can buy both? Shop here now!



What Rod J. Roerich is Doing at Upcoming Symposiums

When Rod J. Rohrich attends the symposium coming up at the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, he will be talking about the different things he can do to try and help people who are dealing with issues with their face and their body. These things can all be corrected with cosmetic surgery and Dr. Rod J. Rohrich knows that. He has learned a lot about the corrective procedures and what he can do to make sure he is actually correcting the issues people have. For, Dr. Rohrich, that is a huge part of how he can help people and what he can do to give back to them.

When Rod J. Rohrich is helping others, he is always making sure he can provide them with the right solutions. He wants everyone to know they don’t have to suffer from cosmetic issues and they can have all the right solutions if they use him as their cosmetic surgeon. He has learned some of the most valuable techniques and many of them even involve him trying to learn new things. He knows what he needs to do and continues to find out more information about how he can help all of his patients.

Whether he is doing cleft repair surgery or is doing body sculpting, he helps his patients get the results they need. He is a cosmetic surgeon and that means he can have a chance to try different things in the surgery field. He doesn’t care whether he is helping someone with the issues they have or he is giving them the hope they need to feel better about the way they look, he has always been prepared for what he can do for each of the people who he helps in different situations.

The last two events Rod J. Rohrich will be at are the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting. He is the host of the event and is acting as the chairperson to the event. In addition, he is hosting a rhinoplasty event. He is also the chairperson and host for that event while he works to help other people through the issues they are experiencing in their own medical and cosmetic surgery careers. Everything Dr. Rohrich does at these events is to help surgeons get all the information and benefits they can use once they go back to their own practices with their own patients after the symposiums.


Jorge Moll Growing Brazil’s Health Industry

Jorge Neval Moll is a Brazilian cardiologist who ventured into business to create D’Or hospital network. Jorge Moll Neto is a strong believer that technology plays an important role in the advancement of technology according to an article he recently wrote. He believes that it is impossible to cut the link between the advancement of technology and that of medicine. He states how the growth of digital technology in the Silicon Valley have opened previously unexplored areas in the healthcare sector. Jorge Moll believes that such advancements can be replicated in Brazil to improve their own health sector by having more partnerships between these two industries. Watch this video on Youtube.

Jorge Moll recently made a presentation on Health trends and the impact of Hospitals management. He has been the leader of the D’Or network from a small examination to what it has grown into today. Having such experience warrants him the right to speak about Hospital management. The network began in Rio de Janeiro in the 70s when the city was a hub of medicine but things started to deteriorate because most institutions were public institutions. He states that he witnessed the poor quality offered by these institutions and that is where the idea to build his own brand came to him. He started his practice with the aim of offering quality service and also retain their clients. Visit Jorge’s profile on

Jorge Moll through his company recently ventured into one of the most interesting hospitals they have ever invested in. The Star Cup as it is referred to is not only an exclusive hospital but also a five star hotel. Their target with this project is the patients in the country who want exclusive and unique services when they are ill. The first of this concept was made in Rio but there are plans to take this concept to the whole country to improve the level of healthcare provided. The rooms in the hospital resemble those in five star hotels complete with wall paintings. Jorge is also known for the several voluntary works he has been involved in and his encouragement for people all over Brazil to get more involved in such work.