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Tidbits of Knowledge Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith has Handed Down to All of Us

Rocketship Education is a chain of educational institutions serving grades kindergarten through fifth spread across the United States, ranging from as far east as Washington DC to the rolling hills of California. This line of eighteen primary schools is known for integrating technology into its everyday activities, particularly in molding lesson plans around individual students. Rocketship Education’s status as an educational technology pioneer was created by meshing longtime educator Preston Smith with the technological genius in John Danner. Smith has remained with RSED, short form for Rocketship Education, since its inception in 2007.

Here are a sizable handful of things Preston Smith learned from his ten years in leading Rocketship Education to success, things that every educator should find applicable to their particular situations.

Kids with special needs, ranging from learning to physical developmental disorders and delays, typically spend most of their time at school segregated in special education classrooms, taken away from their “normal” peers. This reduces their morale, and also fails to equip them for the real world. As such, Rocketship Education mandates that students with special needs spend at least four-fifths of their time at school in general classrooms, helping teachers, fellow students, and disabled children all the same.

Preston Smith has learned that educational techniques and pedagogical models aren’t always applicable to all schools. As such, those models that don’t work across the board should be eliminated form contention. This is true for Rocketship Education’s failed “flex model,” in which three teachers and one school leader instructed large groups of kids. Although it didn’t work, Smith learned to be flexible in implementing – and taking away – new teaching methods and pedagogical ideas in practice.

Rocketship Education is located exclusively in low-income regions. Despite the fact that most low-income areas are home to failing schools that fail to offer their enrollees quality educations, Rocketship Education is helping change this unfortunate truth. Its students regularly earn higher test scores on standardized, statewide exams, even though its status as a public school, being located in the heart of poor areas, and hosting students that also come from impoverished families.


Nick Vertucci Reveals 4 Tips for Flipping Property like a Pro

Real estate has been and remains the most robust investment and can be the key to your financial freedom if approached correctly. Nick Vertucci notes that while most people are willing to succeed in real estate, they lack the know-how. And that what Nick Vertucci NV Real Estate Academy offers.


In the system crafted by Nick Vertucci, the technique of flipping homes comes up. Flipping entails buying a house or property with the goal of selling it at a profit. Also, it might involve buying a home, renovating and then selling for a profit. The following are Nick’s tactics to investing in single family homes and making a fortune out of it.


  1. Identify Motivated Homeowners Willing to Sell Below the Market Value


A smart investor understands like Nick Vertucci, how the minds of homeowners work. When a homeowner needs cash badly, he/she is willing to sell below the market value and will consider the purchase price only and disregard the market value.

Your responsibility as a real investor is to identify the needy investors who have no choice but to sell. For instance, follow closely property owners who’ve been fired, or have had job transfers. Also, direct your focus on homeowners who divorced recently, and those who can’t bear the weight of medical bills.


  1. Pose As a Friend Willing to Offer Help in Tough Times


For any homeowner to decide to sell their property, the most likely reason is a financial strain. As an investor, you need to make the seller understand that you’re there to offer a solution. Yes, by buying the property, you’ll be saving the property owner the embarrassment and massive losses that come with auctions.

Nick Vertucci can offer some financial help as they get things in order. Besides, you can agree to pay their mortgages or arrange for the leasing of the property. Any cash-strapped homeowner will perceive you as a friend, and they won’t turn down your offers.


  1. Be the first to Identify Motivated Sellers


For over seven decades, the door to door prospecting method has stood the test of time and is still effective to date. In this techniques, you identify motivated seller who must sell by approaching them in person.


Since most investors find it hard to walk from one home to another, there’s another practical approach. Watch out for any announced foreclosures put on public notices. Immediately after the homeowner receives the notice of a possible loss of their home, it motivates them to sell. Divorce, bankruptcy, and probate are more opportunities you might want to look out for.


Two simple ways to reach prospects include calling them through the contacts given under their name and sending a postcard detailing your interest in buying their property.


  1. Conduct Critical Analysis Before Making Any Purchases


You’re in business, and so you should strive to generate the maximum profit possible. If uncertain about the profitability of a real estate deal, quit and rethink the idea. If you happen to hold a property on a long-term basis, make sure that the monthly income exceeds the monthly mortgage by far. Alternatively, you can do some renovations to increase the value of the property and sell it at a profit.

How Wine Guides Build A Career With Traveling Vineyard

As has been said by many people wine, friends, and great conversations go together hand in hand. Some people get to enjoy all three of these together on a regular basis and make money from doing so. These people are the wine guides who have built companies selling the great tasting wines offered by Traveling Vineyard.

What a wine guide does is host wine tasting events in the homes of their friends. Over time they build up a network of friends and will host these events in the homes of people in this network. After the event the guests are able to buy any of the wines they got to taste. The businesses that wine guides built are designed to be simple to operate. They also don’t have to store any wine or other inventory in their homes or worry about delivering the wine orders as Traveling Vineyard takes care of that. As the business is entirely commission based wine guides can earn as much as they desire.

Pretty often a wine guide starts out their business as a side hustle in addition to their regular job and/or their homemaking duties. Many find that they can start to earn enough from being a wine guide that they’re able to drop the regular job and pursue hosting wine tastings as a full-time career. Some women treat being a wine guide as a way to earn extra money for vacations or a Christmas fund. Being a wine guide is a very flexible position and allows wine guides to get out of it what they decide to put into it.

Starting out as a wine guide does not require knowledge about wines, as many people think. You can get started by looking through the educational material that Traveling Vineyard supplies to all of their wine guides. You get enough information to get started fairly quickly and can add on to your knowledge as time goes on and your home-based business grows.

Traveling Vineyard as 21 different labels of wine they that sell. This includes red and white wines plus some that are sweet and fizzy. They also sell all of the accessories one needs to enjoy wine like decanters and bottle openers. The wine is affordably priced between $14 and $25 a bottle.

On social media, Traveling Vineyard has an active Facebook page. They have articles regularly posted about different types of wine and how to enjoy them and/or pair them with food. They also post articles about the health benefits of moderate wine consumption on their Facebook page. They seek to increase the knowledge that people have about wine in order to enhance their drinking experiences.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media:

Nick Vertucci: The Man Behind The Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is a real estate investor who has worked hard to get to where he is today. He is a real estate investor and also a motivational speaker who works hard to help other people in his life reach the same position that he has. Attaining his lifelong goals was something that Nick Vertucci did not seem possible, but after a series of fortunate events was able to turn his life around and make a name for himself. Today, he is well known and looked up to by thousands of people all over the country. There are people eagerly waiting to sign up for his learning programs and are waiting for him to come to the select cities where his audience currently is.


The turnaround for Nick Vertucci was an incident involving someone who was in a similar position as he currently is in. He was having an incredible career in an entirely different field before he turned to real estate as his fallback plan. Before working on his ventures, Nick Vertucci had started a company that sold a significant number of computer parts. Since the technology was just starting to take root in people’s homes, the business turned out to be hugely profitable. People were buying from his company a lot, but when the bigger chains came in, he started experiencing a few problems which resulted in surprising results. Soon, Nick Vertucci was without a job and did not have anything to fall back on. He felt like his life was on the decline, and there was nothing that he could do about it. This was when he spent a lot of time out of work, introspecting on what his next move could potentially be. The summer that year marked the turning point for Vertucci. During the summer, he decided to attend a seminar on real estate by an extremely prominent member of the real estate industry. Even though Vertucci could not grasp everything that the man was saying, he made it his mission that one day, he would. He went on to embark on a number of real estate ventures that helped him build his life again.


Today, Vertucci is a millionaire who has inspired people all over the country. He conducts numerous programs that people attend to get introduced to the world of real estate, which can help them grow and get situated in the field.

Norman Pattiz Partners with Award Winning Producer to Bring Entertainment to His Podcast Listeners

The good news is out; the legendary creative, producer, writer, and director, Norman Lear is coming to PodcastOne. Norman Lear is famous for his hilarious and educative sitcoms such a Good Times, The Jeffersons, All in The Family, Maude and One Day at a Time among others. Now, thanks to Norman Pattiz, PodcastOne founder and Chairman, listeners have this great opportunity to once again listen to Lear’s progressive voice weekly.


Announcing this great news, Mr. Pattiz noted that Lear’s show, All of the Above, is a show that seeks to take its listeners on an enlightening journey concerning the day to day conversations they face. This show will cover certain aspects of life such as current affairs, music, family, social issues, comedy, and politics. Politics will feature greatly on the show and will take on different angles the listener can think of.


The other great thing programmed with the commencement of the show is that it will feature a host of personalities from the ordinary citizen, the politician to even celebrities. To spice up their listeners, Mr. Pattiz noted that some of the first celebrity guests to feature in the show will include individuals such as Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Amy Poehler, America Ferrera, and Jerrod Carmichael. The first show episode was available on the 1st of May and has been featured every Monday after that on PodcastOne app,, and iTunes. Therefore, to access these shows, listeners are advised to subscribe to these three options.


About Norman Pattiz

When talking about Norman Pattiz, one thing particularly strikes your mind is the broadcast industry. Mr. Norman Pattiz is one man who is very passionate about the broadcast industry, a venture he has committed both his time and financial investment for it to thrive.


Currently, Mr. Norman Pattiz is the founder of two of the largest broadcast business in America, Westwood One and PodcastOne. Westwood One is a company that is associated with the provision of sporting, entertainment, news and talk programming to the broadcast industry. PodcastOne, on the other hand, is responsible for providing advertising and marketing solutions to the market. Learn more:


Other than the business side, Mr. Norman Pattiz has also contributed immensely when it comes to making broadcasting policies in America. Norman has been nominated twice on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America by President Clinton and President Bush.


EOS puts lip balm world on its head

EOS has long been a company that has offered exactly the kind of lip balm that the company’s customers want. The firm has come up with a shape that their customers can also recognize right off the bat. That little dome is something people who want to get their EOS balm can look for on store shelves quite easily.

See to read more informative articles.

The shape is one thing, but the company is also well known because it works hard to make sure it is offering up all natural ingredients in its products. Those who buy EOS know they aren’t getting a bunch of chemicals they might eventually be scared is going to have some sort of reaction to their skin. EOS makes sure they are only offering all natural products, this means that the things that are in those lip balms are all things people can pronounce and are good for the users.

Now the firm is taking the next step towards making sure that everyone can be plenty happy to use their products. EOS has rolled out a new version of its lip balm and this time, the balm is good to go, even if you’re vegan. The crystal line of flavors are see-through precisely because they aren’t using animal byproducts. That means that you can see through the lip balm and know that you can see through it because it’s, even more, all natural than ever before.

Anyone who has done any research into this kind of product knows that it’s going to be hard to find a lip balm that doesn’t have some kind of animal byproduct in it. That means that EOS has found yet another way that it can set itself apart from the pack. It’s no wonder this line is flying off the shelves in every store that stocks it, click here.



Understand About The Chap Behind Citizens United

James Bopp is a white haired lawyer popularly known for having lost terribly in a 2008 case. James appeared before a three-judge panel in Washington DC to defend his client, a small non-profit agency named Citizens United. The organization had filmed a production for the period of the Democratic presidential primaries with the aim of exposing Hillary Clinton as a “European socialist, “and a callous political traitor.

The movie would also go on to accuse Bill Clinton of kissing some character in the white house. Basically, Citizens United aimed at chipping away the campaign-finance policies. Two years later they went to court, and the previous ruling was reversed. The court bought most of Bopp’s arguments where they gave power to corporations allowing them to act like average voters.

End Citizens United is Committed to Fighting for the Public’s Interests

By reversing Lamberth’s ruling, the Supreme Court invited a whole stream of selfish interests by the said corporations. That decision has extensively affected the landscape of the American elections. Wealthy individuals like the Koch brothers can comfortably pour black money in the electoral finance sector and manipulate it for their selfish gains. By declaring that “corporations are people,” the Supreme Court only injured the interests of the everyday American. There is a big loophole brought about by the presence of billionaires who are willing to pour unlimited bucks just to protect their special interests. End Citizens United, on the other hand, is a people-centered political action agency that is set to counter Citizens United.

Measures Being Implemented to End Citizens United

Grassroots donors have shown great willingness to support End Citizens United. As said, this movement is unstoppable, and they are devoted to putting an end to the grievous consequences of reforming the campaign funding system. Their primary goal is to change the rigged and opinionated system. End Citizens United is pursuing their goals by electing champions who will drive their campaigns fearlessly. The appointed leaders are to elevate the matter to national levels so that the entire nation gets to understand about the presence of unaccounted for money in the political campaign system. During the first quarter of this year, they raised over $ 4million, and they anticipate to collect over $35 million before 2018 midterm ballot vote.

More to End Citizen United’ Commitment

The Supreme Court’s decision degraded a century’s worth of law enacted with the aim of mitigating the level of corruption in the electoral system. Someone seeing from an informed angle will tell you without fear of contradiction that the ruling was merely naïve and inconsiderate of America’s well-being. That is why the Democrats have also joined in the fight against Citizens United. There is hope with these Democrats at the helm because most of them have steered meaningful change in the past.

Lori Senecal Set to Step Down as CP&B Global CEO

At the end of this year, Lori Senecal is to set step down from her current role as the Chief Executive Officer CP&B Global at the MDC Partners shop and leave the ad business. She took on the CEO role in March 2015. Senecal had previously served as CEO & President of MDC Partners Network—a position that she had continued to serve besides being CP+B global CEO.

Before joining CP&B, Senecal was the KBS global executive chairman for about 7 months, a sibling MDC Partners shop. Under her stewardship, KBS had grown from a modest domestic agency of 250 staff to worldwide agency of over 900 people. It was recognized as one of the NYC’s best places to work by Crain besides appearing for 3 consecutive years on the “Standout Agencies” list of Advertising Age.

Her Achievements as Global CEO of CP+B

In her role as CP+B Global CEO, Lori Senecal oversees global expansion and growth, coordinates 10 international offices. Her focus is on the firm’s continued development globally. Since joining CP+B in 2015, she has had tremendous impact on both CP+B’s business and culture. In the process, she has created a global agency that is truly modern, collaborative, agile and inventive, offering international consistency yet displaying strong innovation locally.

According Fast Company Magazine, among the key highlights for the firm under her global leadership was in October 2015 when CP+B landed American Airlines. CP&B snatched the lucrative account from TM Advertising, an agency that had been working with the Airline for a quarter of a century.

Prior to joining KBS, Lori Senecal had served as President of McCann Erickson New York’s flagship office and previously as McCann Worldgroup’s Global Chief Innovation Officer. According to Ad Week, she helped several major brands such as Xbox and Coca-Cola in developing their successful advertising campaigns. Lori Senecal has a degree from the prestigious McGill University.

CP&B after Lori Senecal’s Departure

A new leadership generation seems to be already taking shape at CP&B, with the recent elevation of Danielle Aldrich to CP&B West president, which includes CP&B Los Angeles and CP&B Boulder. Previously, Aldrich was serving as one of two directors managing CP&B Boulder. Aldrich also gets credited with helping in the landing of the AA account. View Lori’s full profile on

Matthew Autterson Advise On Financial Investments

Matthew Autterson is an extremely unmistakable monetary specialist. He has possessed the capacity to manufacture a profession as a money related consultant, however he has invested a great deal of his energy in the corporate part in different positions. His ability level is noteworthy in light of the fact that he has worked in positions as a CEO and he has worked for organizations on the east drift before his turn to Colorado. He has an extraordinary measure of understanding, and the experience that he has increased during that time has been the thing that has helped them most with regards to his initiative at WIN Wealth Management. Matthew has demonstrated throughout the years that he has a skill for building organizations that can flourish as more representatives go ahead board.

He has driven huge groups in the money related industry, and he thinks about the distinctive roads for growing operations with regards to monetary counseling and portfolio building. He has likewise possessed the capacity to enable customers to extend their portfolio also. Matthew knows a considerable measure about decent variety and how it assumes a part in the achievement of a man’s portfolio. Matthew Autterson has ended up being an extremely solid source with regards to speculation openings that are not plainly clear.

Autterson has turned out to be an effective monetary organizer, and more individuals will float towards his belief system for contributing in light of the fact that he has demonstrated that it works. He thinks about venture methodologies for long haul contributing, and he knows about annuities, ETF Trading, common supports and stocks. The speculator that is attempting to expand the arrival on venture will profit by data that Matthew gives. He has possessed the capacity to show himself solid in the speculation world since he has contemplated the market constantly and picked up a huge measure of involvement in doing as such.

Matthew is somebody that can help more individuals with regards to long haul speculation arranging. He has demonstrated that his speculation aptitudes are profitable for the financial specialist that is searching for a supportive manual for what they should put their cash into. Most financial specialists don’t want to do the greater part of this examination all alone. That is the reason somebody like Matthew Autterson is so useful. He enables financial specialists to pinpoint the things that will augment their profits. Autterson is basically the money related organizer that gives the budgetary plan.


ClassDojo Transforming Education Globally By Creating “Ideal Classroom”

In the past few years, the conventional rigid view of learning has been rendered obsolete by a number of factors, top among them being technology. Today, the teacher’s role has been transformed into more of a guide or a coach , which has in turn resulted into dramatic transformation in the classroom structure and design. In this new learning environment, work and information flow throughout the classroom as opposed to only from the teacher. In other words, students can interact freely and learn from one another.

While achieving an “ideal” classroom environment may sometimes be hard, there are some minor tools that you can leverage on in your classroom layout to excite students about learning. ClassDojo is one if these tools.

ClassDojo is an app that connects students, teachers, and parents in every classroom, and collectively work with them to bring some of the best ideas in their respective classrooms. This not only enhances communication but also tightens the feedback loop that previously existed between the students, teachers, and parents. By giving teachers the opportunity to easily share information with their students and note their behaviors in real-time, this versatile program give teachers a great platform to gather important data about their students and offer them immediate feedback. Instead of interrupting their instruction sessions, teachers simply take away or reward points (or dojos) to alter the students’ bad behaviors or reinforce positive ones.

It is important to note that ClassDojo is not aimed at creating a one-size-fits-all learning model that caters for every student—such a model doesn’t exist anyway. Instead, the company believes that teachers, parents, and students can be given power to create incredible classroom settings that are best for them. The company believes that when people are introduced into simple ways of doing things, there are a lot of amazing things that can happen—and this is the main goal of the ClassDojo app.