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Talk Fusion Makes Waves With Software Consumers

Talk Fusion has managed to become one of the most popular companies in recent months to gain attention for communication services. This has become one of the most incredible companies when it comes to real-time conferencing. A lot of people have been impressed by the way that this company has made it much more effective to communicate through smart devices.


A large majority of software consumers that are using these products will be able to see how this brand has evolved as one of the most exciting companies when it comes to the enhancement of video conferencing. This is a company that has grown in leaps and bounds because Bob Reina continues to be innovative in what he is doing with the different types of technology that is used for video email, video conferencing and software presentations. There are an assortment of different products that fall under the Talk Fusion umbrella, and this wide range blend serves as an all-in-one solution for anyone that needs communication or presentation software.


What Bob Reina has ultimately done is create a valuable solution to compete against other companies like Microsoft. He has created the type of company that has been able to branch out and really build a customer base that has an international appeal. Talk Fusion was voted as the top global brand of voice communication software, and there are people in multiple countries that are using this brand. It is being utilized in businesses as well as homes and schools. Bob has managed to reach a diverse group of consumers because he has made his product simple but effective.


There is a lot of talk about how this product has managed to reach a global audience even when the CEO of this company does not actually have a background in technology. Reina was a criminal justice major that just had a need for something that had not been accomplished in the technology spectrum. He decided to work with some friends that were technology gurus and come up with ideas that would be innovative to what he was doing with his business.

A Look At Texas Bank, Some New Developments At The Bank

Background Information On Nexbank Of Texas


Nexbank is a financial institution that was founded in 1922. Its main branch and corporate office is located at 2515 McKinney Avenue, Suite #1100, Dallas, Texas. To contact Nexbank you can call the bank’s main number at 972-934-4700 or write to its corporate headquarters. You can also contact Nexbank via their website.


Nexbank is a small regional bank that primarily services customers in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area with commericial banking. It employs between 50 and 200 people. Nexbank’s main services are commericial banking such as checking and savings accounts, mortgage banking which includes home loans and institutional services such as restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. The bulk of Nexbank’s services are not geared towards commericial retail banking but towards financial institutions, companies and businesses who are looking for operating capital and loans.


Recently, Nexbank managed to obtain over $24 million in capital funding through the issue of common equity shares in the bank. The bank states that this new infusion of capital will be used for general bank and business operations. CEO of Nexbank, John Holt said that the new funding will help Nexbank continue to invest in new ventures and expand its portfolio of assets.


Nexbank’s total assets in 2016 exceeded $3.5 billion dollars and its total deposits were over $2.5 billion. Loans that Nexbank has given out make up about three quarters of the assets that Nexbank has. The bank’s risk-based capital ratio is about 13% while its tier 1 financial leverage ratio is about 9.5%. This shows that the bank is heading towards stability and has not engaged in too much risky ventures.


Nexbank has also received a new bond rating from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency. Deposit and senior unsecured debt is now rated at BBB+ instead of BBB. This means that Nexbank is moving towards great financial stability and it is considered to an investment grade institution to invest in.


Goettl Provides Expert Money-Saving AC Tips

Established HVAC leader Goettl has a lot to offer customer and residents who besides just their stellar service technicians who work hard to repair and install air conditioning systems in a myriad of service areas located throughout the Northern California area. They also have expert tips which can help save money and beat the heat during some of the hottest months of summer which are on the way. Following some of this advice is sure to save some cash on the bill.


So, what are these expert tips to help maximize cooling system efficiency and save the dough? The first tip is to weatherize the home so that the cooling system does not have to overexert itself due to inefficiency which can cause a loss of that cooled air. Replacing old insulation and sealing any gaps with the proper caulking and weather-stripping material will go a long way towards helping the cause. A second great tip is to keep the air conditioning unit in the shade so that it will not have to work as hard since cool air will be surrounding it. This can be accomplished through planning before an installation is done or even by planting trees or erecting other shade-giving structures to provide the needed cover.


In the same way, a thermostat needs to stay out of the heat so that the AC unit is not tricked into thinking that this is the temperature of the entire home. Be careful to avoid allowing direct sunlight, bright lights, or other artificial heat sources from intervening and causing confusion at the thermostat.


All of these tips will help in the long run to save a ton of money. Of course, Goettl Air Conditioning is still continuing to pioneer as they have been doing since 1939. They are one of the most trusted names in the industry and can be called upon to take care of any problems that arise by servicing quickly and efficiently.


Evolution Of Smooth Offers Some Of The Best Personal Care Products

The majority of people out there using lip balms are using them for the aesthetic appeal, by which they make the lips shine or appear fuller. What lip balms are truly meant for is making sure the lips stay healthy, and taking care of lip issues like chapped or peeling lips, which is quite painful. Evolution of Smooth is a business that puts out many personal care products, including some of the best lips balms available. Regular use of their lip balms will help them stay healthy and moisturized for protection against becoming chapped, especially coming into the winter months. The Vitamins and anti-aging properties contained within the lip balms help the lips stay soft and supple.

Evolution of Smooth has built up a variety of different balms to meet the many needs and tastes of their customers today. This is why they have a variety of different smooth spheres, including Organic, Active Protection, Shimmer, and Soft Smooth Spheres. All of them have their own unique twist which can probably be guessed by name. Their active protection smooth sphere contains SPF and ingredients to fight off the sun and more rigorous activity. EOS even offers the standard stick applicator lip balms in a variety for users who prefer them. At just a few dollars, all of their lip balms are affordable on any budget, and they can be found at major retailers around the world and online, such as Ulta or Amazon.   Check on also for your choice of color, shape and flavor.

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With the large number of flavors and scents they are sporting, no customer will have trouble finding something that suits them. This includes a wide variety of fruity and minty flavors. Because the company is so intent on meeting the needs of the customers, and their products are of such good quality, EOS will have no troubles expanding in the future.  For details, click on

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Adding Some Fruit Flavored Lip Balms to my Collection

On a whim, I decided to purchase some new lip balms to add to my retinue of balms. I tend to stick with the mint flavors and was looking to branch out to something new.

EOS lip balms have long been my go to brand as they offer higher quality lip balms than those that are sold by their major competitors, Pfizer’s Chapstick and Clorox’s Burt’s Bees. Unlike those brands, EOS lip balms are wholly petroleum free and they glide on in a smooth and luscious layer. EOS lip balm also has a very wide range of flavors to choose from which works well with my desire to branch out to new flavors.

I started with trying the Passion Fruit. This flavor uses shea butter as its base which is a high quality oil that works perfectly in a lip balm. It is 95% organically sourced and all-natural and therefore does not have the artificial flavor that many competing balms have. The passion fruit flavor is unique; reminiscent of many other tropical fruit lip balms but unique and tasty, with a fresh flavor that is a worthwhile addition of any lip balm collection.  Click on for details.

The next flavor I tried was blueberry acai. Acai is long respected for the health benefits that it provides to those who use it. The blueberry acai flavor from EOS is no exception to this as it contains antioxidants and vitamin E. The flavor is also delicious and the mix is flavorful and enjoyable without being overpowering and artificial in taste. Follow EOS on their page

Summer fruit was the last flavor I tried. It has a mix of flavors that include strawberry, peach and blueberry and are a great mix of fruits that taste fresh and non-artificial, like the fruits are pulled directly out of the garden. Would highly recommend trying this flavor if you enjoy fruit flavored lip balms. Useful link here.

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Lime Crime’s Newest Creation: Unicorn Hair Dye

After three years in the making, Lime Crime has finally released its newest product: absolutely amazing unicorn-inspired hair dyes. There are 13 fabulous colors to choose from including Bunny, Chocolate Cherry,Blue Smoke, Pony, Strawberry Jam, Neon Peach, Dirty Mermaid, nime, Jello, Leeloo, Salad, Gargoyle, and Sext.


Bunny is a pastel baby pink color, Chocolate Cherry is a deep burgundy red, and Blue Smoke is a steel blue color. Pony is a bight violet-purple, Strawberry Jam is a soft pink-red, Neon Peach is a bright peach color, and Dirty Mermaid is a soft seafoam green. Anime is a candy blue hue, Jello is a tropical green, Leeloo is a super bright orange, Salad is a seapunk green, Gargoyle is a stone gray color, and Sext is a nude mauve color. There is a color for every occasion, personality and mood. It will just be hard to decide which one is your favorite!


Lime Crime Unicorn Hair is 100% cruelty-free as well as vegan. It will not damage your hair and it will even condition your locks as it colors each strand. It is a hair dye that will fade nicely and gradually and even lasts a long time.


To use, it is best to apply to pre-bleached, clean and unconditioned hair. Then massage the color of your choice into every strand for good coverage and penetration. If you want longer-lasting and more intense color, then it is recommended that you leave the dye on your hair for at least 1-2 hours. If you are wanting more of a pastel hue, then be sure to wash out the dye after about 30 minutes.


Unicorn Hair does not contain any harsh chemicals or bleach so you don’t have to worry about your hair getting damaged. After you leave the dye on your hair for the desired amount of time, simply rinse your hair until the water runs nice and clear, and then shampoo and condition as usual. If you want to make your new color last even longer, you should use shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for use on color-treated hair.

How Is EOS Lip Balm Making Its Statement?

EOS lip balm is growing quite a lot every day with help from a clientele who are looking for something that is modern and fun. EOS lip balm has marketed itself as such, and they believe it is possible for them to grow past their stiffest competition. This article explains how everyone who is using the EOS lip balm has become part of the fastest-growing brand in the world. The simple lip balm that was created by EOS is the true embodiment of the evolution of smooth.

#1: The Balm Smells Beautiful

EOS lip balm has created something that is far beyond what other companies are offering. The unique flavors that come from the brand will bring in a number of people who are quite interested something that will feel and smell unique. The balm is easy to use because it has a beautiful lip balm, and it is a tiny package that may be shoved in the pocket of any user.  Useful link on

#2: The Flavors Range Many Cultures

Flavors that were created for the EOS name will appeal to people across a number of different cultures, and there are many who will zone in on one flavor that is truly appealing to them. There are quite a few people who will find it easy to choose a flavor, and they will notice how simple it is to choose their favorite flavor while shopping online.  Check this on

#3: The Packaging Is Special

The ball package that was created for EOS lip balm is greater than any other product made in the industry. It is easy to store, and it is easy to use on any pair of lips. Hop over now to

The EOS lip balm reaches out to all young people who want softer lips. They may slather it on at any time for their own health.

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I Love WEN By Chaz!

I have super fine hair, and I love WEN’s fine hair products. They really make my hair feel healthy and thicker. I’m also in love with the beautiful scents.

I love the WEN six thirteen ultimate hair collection. My hair feels and looks so beautiful all day long. The volumizing spray makes my hair stand up at its roots and gives me confidence that my hair looks amazing. It truly is amazing how my hair looks so thick all day long. I have bounce and shine all day and can go out at night without re doing my hair.

The scents are awesome. There is bamboo green tea, fig, lavender, pomegranate, spring orange blossom, sweet almond mint, tea tree, apple, cherry spring blossom and watermelon, and many many more. I would very much like to try them all and I plan on doing just that. The collections are beautiful and priced right. There are different formulas also. I like the rice formulas because they make my hair feel thick with the rice protein in them. Sense I have been using WEN products I have gotten so many compliments on me hair. My husband comes up to me all the time and sniffs my hair. He tells me how good my hair smells. I love it and I LOVE WEN!

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Clay Siegall: A Legend whose Passion for Finding Solutions to Cancer Has Hugely Impacted on the Lives of Many

Clay Siegall is a legend in his right for his unwavering commitment to finding solutions to the cancer menace. The founder of Seattle Genetics has spent close to 20 years of his life researching and developing therapies for the treatment and mitigation of cancer. INSPIRERY recently had a chance to interview the legend about his past career and future plans.


How the Idea of Starting Seattle Genetics Was Born


Clay told INSPIRERY that understanding how technology and medicine would be married to obtain solutions to diseases had been his childhood dream. When he was a student, a relative of his was diagnosed with cancer. The relative had to undergo a series of chemotherapies whose side effect was a severe anemia that became an even bigger threat than cancer. Clay saw the process as brutal and vowed to find alternative cancer treatment procedures. From that experience, the dream of starting Seattle Genetics was born. It was, however, to take several years to materialize.


Money and Profitability


Making money is always a motivation for anyone starting a venture and Clay is no exemption. He, however, explained that money was not his main motivation in establishing Seattle Genetics: finding solutions for cancer was. He acknowledged that the company earns him handsome revenue through, among other avenues, selling proprietary drugs and production partnerships. That notwithstanding, it took Seattle Genetics a whole decade before realizing its first significant profits. At one point during its first years, the company was faced with a stiff capital challenge that nearly brought it to its knees. Clay was, however, able to steer it past the crisis.



About Clay Siegall


Clay Siegall is a Zoologist by training, with a degree in the field from The University of Maryland. His foundation as a researcher was developed at George Washington University from where he did his doctoral research and graduated with a Ph.D. in Genetics.


Clay initiated Seattle Genetics in 1998, and he has since then been serving as CEO and lead researcher. In his position, he has led the company in developing several FDA-approved drugs and therapies. Brentuximab vedotin is among the therapies developed by Seattle Genetics




Honey Birdette Brings Sexy Back!

Want to feel like a stripper in your own home? Feel sexy with the lingerie brand Honey Birdette. Their website currently targets three worldwide regions including their home market of Australia, European market, and their newly released US and Canada site.

Victoria Secret meets discreet sex store with Honey Birdette. They offer sleek and discreet toys for both him and her as well as premium lingerie. Their premium bra and panty sets start at only $105, which will qualify for free shipping!
Honey Birdette was founded in 2006 in Brisbane, Australia by Eloise Monaghan and is backed by BBRC, a private investment company. This rapidly expanding lingerie company has 55 retail stores in their home market and is on schedule to open 40 retail stores in the UK by the end of 2018.

Sex sells and the abundant 374% increase in online sales from US buyers which drove the decision to launch an e-commerce site and start plans for retail openings in the US proves it. The new US site provides free delivery for orders over $100, fast delivery, easy returns and new products to enhance the American customer experience.

Honey Birdette is a rapidly growing competitor to look out for in the lingerie business. Their styles, pricing, range of products, and ambitious plans to grow will propel them to the top. So whether you’re a man wanting to buy your woman something sexy or a woman planning a romantic surprise for your man, keep Honey Birdette in mind as your premier lingerie provider.