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Adam Goldenberg Explains the Reason Behind JustFab’s Rebranding

Giant online fashion retailer, JustFab recently announced a change of name to TechStyle Fashion Group. The company’s co-founder Adam Goldenberg asserts that the change of name was long overdue. It is a reflection of the company’s rapid growth, intention to transform the fashion industry, and evolution. The new corporate identity adopted by JustFab captures the firm’s origins, which are rooted in technology. In addition, it heralds its transformation from a single ecommerce platform into a global brand with over 4 million subscribers.

TechStyle Fashion Group brings together four notable brands, which are ShoeDazzle, FabKids, Fabletics, and JustFab. The corporate rebranding exercise comes at a time when the retailer is seeking to solidify its market share on Merging all its subsidiaries under a single platform will help TechStyle Fashion Group to reimagine the fashion business through vertical integration and personalization. There will similarly be more control of the company’s aspects starting with manufacturing and distribution to software development and marketing.

Delivery of On-Trend Fashion

Adam Goldenberg points out that when the co-founded JustFab with Don Ressler, they wanted to change the way customers shop for clothes. Therefore, they started the membership subscription model that delivers fashionable clothing at a remarkable value. He concedes that the company’s success has mainly been driven by personalization and date utilization. The new corporate identity full encapsulates the principle of what the company has snowballed into. It is the epitome of the popular phrase, “Silicon Value Meets Fashion Avenue”.

The Road to Success

Barely three years after its formation, the company was already a force to reckon with in the online fashion retail market. In August 2014 for instance, it raised $85 million in venture funding from investments firms such as Shining Capital and Matrix Partners. Subsequent rounds on saw JustFab attract funding to a tune of over $300 million. What’s more, its market valuation jumped to more than $1billion. Despite the success, Goldenberg doesn’t see Ressler and himself as unicorns.

Goldenberg instead attributes the success to the company’s employees who have been wholly dedicated to making clients happy. The company still maintains its culture despite the massive transformation that it has experienced over the past few years. Despite the prevalence of unicorns in the corporate world, Goldenberg maintains that they are unfazed with all the existing attention. His focus is on building a great brand that mainly focuses on retail. This he says, is the only way the company can remain relevant as the more consumers opt for online shopping at

EOS, Pastel Orbs of Lip Balm in Delightful Flavors, Lead the Industry

For the past seven years, EOS lip balms have been rising to the top of the lip balm industry, and today they are second only to Burt’s Bees. EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, lip balms are fun and delightfully flavored lip balms that are completely hypoallergenic and all natural. They are filled with vitamin E, moisturizing shea butter, and jojoba oil, so they are smooth to the touch and packed with antioxidants.

EOS lip balm entered the lip care industry in 2000 when Chapstick and Blistex were the only brands, and customers only had two choices regular and mint. Mehra, co-founder and CEO of EOS, wanted to create lip balms that were light and had a delightful touch that brought joy to the user.

The packaging was designed to be pleasurable also, colorful, little round pastel orbs, which are totally unique and different from the dull, cylindrical tubes from the past. Celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian have adopted EOS, and you will see them pulling out the little globes of lip balm all over Hollywood. Mehra designed the lip balms to be enjoyable and easy to use for the unisex population. Not surprisingly, the young, female millennials adopted EOS as their own brand and makeup 90 percent of the sales.

Visibly appealing and pleasurable, EOS has skyrocketed to the top of the industry worldwide. There are 16 amazing flavors such as passion fruit, strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, honeysuckle honeydew, vanilla mint, pomegranate raspberry, sweet mint, coconut milk, and blackberry nectar, which are a sweet and sensual way to smooth your lips.

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The EOS Lip Balms are responsible for expanding the global lip care industry. By the year 2020, lip care is projected to be a $2 billion market with pretty, pastel, organic EOS lip balms in the lead. Check this on  One million orbs are now sold every a week as the way to keep lips soft and sensual.

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Sunny Days

The founder of EOS- Evolution of Smooth products is founder Craig Dubitsky. First, Evolution of Smooth started out with lotions and skin care products. Now they have a plethora of flavors. EOS was founded in 2009. The lip balms have made into the care of many stars. EOS is known all over the world for its unique and delectable variety of flavors. Places such as Germany, Canada and the United States. They are all organic and made to the best quality, more of this on Cherry is one one flavored loved by many. It comes in a dark purple container that is easy to carry. The flavor is rich in cherry. It adds a sleek texture and a healthy feel to your lips. More of this on Once you place it down for a moment, it will not get away from you. These containers have a flat side so it stays in place. It is easy to retrieve from your handbag. All flavors will heal the driest lips. It doesn’t matter what your skin texture is, EOS is made with all natural healing ingredients like jojoba oil and vitamins. It is paraben-free. Not to mention, very affordable.

Another flavor is the yellow Lemon Drop. tastes refreshingly like lemon, it is like many others-SPF 15 enhanced.  Related info here.  It’ll leave your mouth moist and delicious. Enjoy the sunshine with EOS. Your lips won’t burn, nor will they chap in the winter cold.



Jason Hope’s Future

A successful entrepreneur, and a writer who focuses on recent technology developments: Jason Hope has an important perspective on how the technology and the internet will develop. Hope believes there will be an “Internet of Things” meaning that connected technology will enable a variety of electronics to work together and make what some would call a “smart world”.

In this vision of the world, streetlights, appliances and just about anything electronic will likely become more and more integrated into this Internet of Things. These developments will be hugely important for a variety of businesses and Jason Hope is who a leading expert in the field. The market is already important, and will only grow in the future as development continues.

Through this “Internet of Things” Public transportation will allow commuters to have a better understanding of the system, broadcasting arrival times and speed. The general belief is that a more connected world with freer access to information will inherently be more efficient. To ignore the technology and the improvements to come is wasteful, and work to nobody’s advantage. There is a growing need to take advantage of these opportunities and invest in the implementation of these technological developments.

Jason Hope is a “futurist” entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, AZ who works to make this more connected world possible. Despite his background in finance, He earned an MBA from Arizona State University he is a philanthropist who focuses on supporting technological endeavors that will make the world a better place.

Insight to the Life and Philanthropy of Andrea McWilliams

Andrea McWilliams is a lobbyist and political fundraiser. She is a skilled strategist and combines grace with grit and persuasion. Her attention to details as she tackles every issue is a sought after trait. The major news outlets have reported on her role as a political strategist. Additionally, she is a political commentator and several publications in Texas have profiled her.

In the course of her career, McWilliams has received several awards. She is the recipient of the Profiles in Power Award, an award from Austin Business Journal. She got bestowed with the Woman of Distinction award by the Girls Scouts of Central Texas. She got honored as a member of Glossy 8 list by the Austin- American Statesman. As a result of her dedication to non-profit organizations, Andrea McWilliams received Style Setter from Austin Fashion Week.

She became chief of staff at the age of 21. Later, she ventured into the private sector and worked with Public Strategies Inc. Today, she is the co-founder of McWilliams, an organization that offers services to the government. A Combination of Andrea and Dean talents have skyrocketed the company to success. McWilliams has become a respected alliance in the state and local levels. She resides in Old Enfield and is a mother of three.

On top of her career, Andrea McWilliams participates in several charitable activities. Additionally, Andrea McWilliams serves as a board member is several non-profit organizations. She is on the board at; Peace Park Conservancy, Rise Across Texas Challenge, Heart Gift, The Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital among many others. She was the president of Inherit Austin, an institution responsible for the preservation of the city’s landmark and historic fabric. Andrea commits her time and resources to the fight against breast cancer. She has represented the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. At Mamma Jamma Ride, she held the role of honorary chair. The institution, since its inception, has raised millions of dollars towards the fight of breast cancer.


A Delightful Strawberry Lip Balm

I recently tried the strawberry sorbet flavor of EOS and found myself entranced by how tasty it is. Strawberry sorbet has risen the ranks to be the best flavored lip balm that I have ever tried.

I have been a gardener for the past ten years and love the flavor of fresh strawberries each June when they are abundant and at their best, but loathe the manufactured flavor of store bought strawberries. Most strawberry lip balms are even worse. The strawberry flavored offering from Chapstick is particularly disgusting; I has a wholly artificial flavor that offends and disgusts my palate.  See this on

Hard up for a lip balm I came across the strawberry sorbet offering by EOS. The flavor is subtle and tasty, without any hint of an artificial flavor at all. No wonder either after reviewing the ingredient list for the EOS lip balm. Their ingredient list is not only full of high quality all-natural and organic ingredients, but is made with a high quality oil base that is longer lasting than the petroleum jelly base Chapstick.

EOS lip balm has long differentiated themselves from the competition by issuing elite quality lip balm in these neat orbs that are colored to match the flavor that they have. The brand prides itself on providing better quality balms that last longer than the competition and provide for a luscious and smooth feel that makes their moniker, the Evolution of Smooth, no misnomer. They are a relatively young brand that emerged in the industry by creating lip balms that met the changing tastes of clients for better sourced and less artificial lip balms.  Check this on

Stop by your local retail store and give EOS’ strawberry sorbet lip balm a chance. Maybe you will be reminded of fresh June strawberries like I was and will find yourself able to avoid the low quality lip balm for sale on the market.




How Vanilla Mint by EOS Became Part of My Daily Routine

The Evolution of Smooth, or EOS, has emerged as the premier brand of lip balm for customers. They offer high quality lip balms loaded with shea butter and coconut oil that are a step above those offered by their competition. EOS lip balms also have vitamin C and E and provide added protection from the sun and elements as a result, all in their unique applicator orb color coded by flavor.

The wide range of different flavor lip balms offered by EOS lip balms is a real benefit to those who like to sample flavors, but can be a real challenge given the sheer variety that they offer, check this at   It is truly difficult to find the right lip balm, particularly for everyday use.

Luckily I found my everyday lip balm when I tried the vanilla mint flavor by EOS. Mint flavors always interest me but are often too powerful for me to enjoy using them multiple times a day. Mint lip balms often leave a stinging sensation on my lips that gets old quickly and I only occasionally use them.  Head over to this!

The vanilla mint offering by EOS is subdued in flavor and doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor. It works well for a daily, or even hourly, application and is gentle on the lips. The vanilla component adds some complexity to the flavor that makes it interesting to use so it doesn’t become boring. Further, the vanilla min flavor is not artificial tasting and doesn’t have a nauseating medicinal flavor.  For additional info about the products, see

Would highly recommend trying the vanilla mint lip balm from EOS. While you may prefer fruit flavored offerings for their strong flavor, the vanilla mint flavor doesn’t disappoint and makes for a great addition to any rotation. For me, vanilla mint is at the forefront of my usage, mixed in with their honeysuckle honeydew and strawberry sorbet flavors for some added variety.  Check this on

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Evolution Of Smooth Offers Many Flavors Of Lip Balm To Choose From

The lip balm brand known as Evolution of Smooth made its name in part by offering customers a wide range of flavors to choose from among their lip balms. Its five lines of lip balms offer the customer the ultimate selection of flavors to choose from when compared to any other brand on the market. The following is a sample of some of the EOS lip balm flavors available from Evolution of Smooth.

EOS lip balm‘s most popular line, the organic smooth spheres, has eight different flavors. They are passion fruit, sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, honeysuckle honeydew, blueberry acacia, summer fruit and pomegranate raspberry. The newest flavor added to this line is the vanilla bean. It was added in time for the holiday season. The warm and sweet flavor of the vanilla bean lip balm is perfect to give as a gift around Christmas time.  Check details on

The visibly smooth soft spheres features three different flavors. They include coconut milk, blackberry nectar and vanilla mint. The visibly smooth soft spheres line is the line of lip balm that is specially formulated with moisturizing and softening agents to soften lips and make them more supple.

The shimmer smooth spheres line comes in two different varieties. These are sheer pink and pearl. The sheer pink is pinkish in color, while the pearl is whitish in color. Both have a mild natural flavor. This line is designed to your lips shimmer or sparkle slightly.

The active protection spheres also come in two different flavors. These are lemon twist and fresh grapefruit. The lemon twist active protection sphere lip balm has an SPF sunscreen rating of 15. The fresh grapefruit active protection sphere lip balm has an SPF sunscreen rating of 30.

Evolution of Smooth also has three different flavored stick lip balms. The flavors include vanilla bean, sweet mint and pomegranate raspberry. These come in the lipstick like packaging that most lip balms come in.

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