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Passion, Heart, & Determination: Dr. Jennifer L Walden

Having a successful career in any field of work comes with it’s trials and tribulations. In life, things happen that we as a people can’t control on many occasions and the only thing to do is to persevere through it. Making a mark in this world and leaving it stamped with a seal of approval should be the end goal and Dr. Jennifer L Walden personifies this notion best.


Dr. Jennifer L Walden is one of the top beauty surgeons in the nation and Harper’s Bazaar Magazine named her as one of the best 24 surgeons in the currently practicing in the U.S. Dr. Walden is well rounded as a person and family driven. She has a strong family support team of siblings, her two children, and her mother, just to name a few. Growing up as one of five children in the Northwest Hills Neighborhood of Austin, she quickly learned the values of hard work. Her mother was a surgical nurse and her late father was a dentist. After graduating high school, Walden received her (BA) from the University of Texas at Austin and was accepted to medical school where she became the salutatorian of her class. Being such a creative person, Walden knew that plastic surgery was her true calling. After her residency duration at Manhattan Eye, Ear, & Throat Hospital; she opened up her own practice there and stayed for eight years. Though she loved the city, her hometown was calling and with kids on the way, Walden decided to move back to Austin and open her new practice.


In less than three years, Dr. Walden’s practice is thriving with business. She has a very long list of patients on her menu that are waiting for her elite, high quality services. Walden was named to the Board of Directors at the (ASAPS) American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Though being very busy in her daily life, Walden always find time for people, patients, and family. This brilliant and beautiful woman has appeared in television shows as well as countless magazines. Dr. Jennifer L Walden is truly an American success story and is the perfect role model for young females of all races.

Patent Claims

There has been in recent news reports of patent claim issues between criminal justice communications solutions giant Securus Technologies and GTL. The original claims filed by GTL suggested that Securus was no longer able to follow their patent certifications on a long selection of their products. Recent reports specify, however, that these claims were inaccurate and that GTL was providing incorrect information to the media. These accusations and how they have been addressed are important because they had the potential to tarnish Securus Technologies’s reputation both online and within the physical world.


Securus is a global giant in the information communications industry, mainly due to the fact that they provide a very specific service to a niche marketplace. Securus Technologies primarily focuses on the United States penal system; assisting incarcerated individuals in communication and security solutions in regards to keeping contact with friends and family members still living outside of prison. Not only does Securus do an excellent job at providing this specialized level of support, but they also treat their customer base as privileged clients, meaning that regardless of their current social status their customers are still treated as individual consumers who are valued. In the past Securus has provided humanitarian services to clients as well as reliable and quality products, such as free service to customers living in Louisiana who were suffering from high flood waters.


Securus is a corporation that greatly cares for its customer base, providing excellent products and service options to anyone who wants to take advantage of their products. Claims that their product patents have expired are baseless and irrelevant, being debunked by not only Securus Technologies but by other outside sources that have conducted research on the issue at hand. Securus remains to be the defacto provider of penal communications solutions today.


Raj Fernando-Businessman and Philanthropist

Raj Fernando is a political fundraiser and donor, American businessman, and philanthropist. He is the youngest of his two siblings and moved from Denmark with his family to the United States when he was one years old. He attended college at Beloit where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in history and economics.

Raj Fernando began his career as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange while he was attending college. From 1991 to 2001 he worked his way up into different positions there and at the Chicago Board of Trade, and then in 2002, he started Chopper Trading.

Under his careful guidance, Chopper Trading grew to over 250 employees and traded on the CME, LSE, ICE, Nasdaq, Eurex, ICAP-Broketek, and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed.

He supported the work of the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission, or CFTC, and helped foster open, competitive, transparent, and financially sound markets.

Fernando was a featured panelist on the Commission’s discussion of disruptive trading practices in 2010 and in 2013 he spoke to an international audience of shareholders and media at the annual industry forum of the Rosenblatt Exchange Leader Conference. In 2015, Fernando sold Chopper Trading to another Chicago-based trading company known as the DRW Trading Group. Then in 2016, he launched and became CEO and Chairman of Scoutahead, an Internet startup company designed to help improve professional and corporate productivity and growth through advanced and secure communication systems.

Fernando is a strong supporter of many philanthropic efforts in Chicago and throughout the United States. He serves on the board of directors for PAWS Chicago, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago and is on the board of trustees of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Fernando is also a member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, on the board of rectors for the American Security Project, and serves on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee at the Brookings Institution. He was appointed to the International Security Advisory Board in 2011, which advised Hilary Clinton, who was Secretary of State at the time, but stepped down due to excessive volatility in the international markets at that time.

Expert Cosmetic Surgeon: Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a well known plastic surgeon who is well respected in the medical community for her work. She has a wide range of awards and serves as a high ranking member of various plastic surgery groups, such as the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Although she was born in Austin, Texas, her initial practice was in Manhattan, New York, at the highly regarded Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat, as well as Lenox Hill Hospital. But she is no longer working there. In 2011, she came home to Austin, where she now splits her time working at her self started practice at Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, Westlake Medical Center, and a satellite office at Hill Country Memorial Hospital in Marble Falls.


Jennifer Walden education is equal to the work she now performs. Her undergraduate degree was received with honors from the University of Texas. After this, she graduated as salutatorian from the University’s Medical Branch. Even her externship was completed in a well respected location, and was done at the Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami, Florida.


As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden is at the top of the field of cosmetic surgery, and maintains the highest possible levels of care and dedication to her patients. Her specialties lie in the face and bust, but she can also perform some skin and body shaping work. She is highly regarded for her skill and dedication to her patients, both of which are at the top of the field.

Admitting Mistakes Is Respectable

A lot of people want to run respectable businesses. A lot of people have dreams of having freedom and power. For one thing, having the ability to say what something is and have it be done your way is a good thing. Perhaps one of the dreams that people have is to never be wrong. Unfortunately for them, they are never going to achieve that dream. Everyone is going to be wrong about something. Everyone is going to make mistakes throughout their regular life. As a matter of fact, business owners are going to make mistakes as well. Therefore, one must take certain steps in order to survive and manage his own reputation.

One of the most important aspects about mistakes is admitting one’s own mistakes. A lot of people are afraid to admit mistakes. One of the reasons that they are afraid to admit mistakes is that they may fear that they may lose the respect that they have gained. Therefore, they either try to save face or deflect. However, the ironic thing is that admitting mistakes is actually a lot more respectable. reveals that businesses that admit to mistakes tend to recover a lot better than those that do not do anything about their mistakes.

For one thing, admitting to mistakes shows that one is actually level headed and in touch with reality. It also shows customers that the business sees what the customers see. Therefore, they can trust that the business is not stuck in some fantasy. It also avoids any question of the honesty, integrity and character of the business. It also shows a lot of strength for a business owner to own up to his mistakes. Therefore, it is important for the sake of one’s own reputation to admit to any mistakes that he knows of. This will not only help his business recover, but also help his relation with his customers.


Using Products from Lime Crime


Lots of people have been making the switch to the Lime Crime cosmetics brand because of all that they are able to get from it in terms of high pigmented color and affordability. If you would like to try a brand that is vegan and completely cruelty-free, Lime Crime is the option for you and can be exactly what you have been looking for many years now. This is why so many people are making the switch and are thrilled with the fact that they can find a great brand that they know they can trust.

One of the things that sets this brand apart from so many of the other cosmetic brands out there is that they have a variety of different color pallets that are unlike anything you have ever seen before. This includes high pigmented eyeshadows as well as lipsticks that are completely unlike anything you have tried in the past. This is why it is extremely easy for you to achieve a unique and gorgeous look simply by switching to the Lime Crime brand. You will also find that their prices are competitive when compared to other high-end brands out there and it is why so many people have chosen it for themselves as well as giving it as a gift to many people who are in the vegan movement.


For anyone who is interested in using Lime Crime for themselves, make sure that you visit the website to learn more about the different products that are available to you. You can also purchase any of the products you are interested in from the website, saving you time and a trip to the local makeup store. You can also visit Lime Crime on social media to learn more about the different products that are being introduced into the line and find out about different things that the brand has to offer. This is a brand unlike anything you have ever tried in the past and could be exactly what you need in terms of getting the look that you want without having to sacrifice or spend lots of money in the process. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, and buy the products for yourself on Doll’s Kill.

Norka Luque Music

Chances are that anyone reading this article will have, at least, heard about Norka Luque. She is a world-famous singer who originally came from Venezuela. She makes music that is uniquely hers and she has put out many different albums that have allowed her the opportunity to make a name for herself. This has led her to become one of the most well-known names from Venezuela and has given her the opportunity to continue her career in singing. She is excellent at what she does and has been given the chance to truly show off her talents as a singer.

Her music is unique because it does not sound like every other song that comes out of Latin America. It is music that is inspired by Latin-American culture but also by the Caribbean. Norka also spent a great deal of time in France and it is clear that she has through her songs. There are hints of French pop as well as American pop in all of her songs. She knows how to take many different types of music and blend it together to the point that it makes a beautiful sound. Her sultry voice and gorgeous looks add to the blend of perfection that she records and performs on a regular basis.

While Norka has been wildly successful, she would not have been able to do so without the help of her parents. She is close with her family and touts much of her success to them. They have always stood by her side and they knew that she was going to do big things with her life from the beginning. They have allowed her to truly spread her wings and find what worked for her. They have followed her with every dream that she has followed.

As a singer, she got somewhat of an nontraditional start. She was discovered by a band in France and was able to launch her career from there. She did not seek out a career in singing but she was so good that it was nearly impossible for her to push the idea aside. This gave her the chance to truly flourish and something that she would be able to do for a long time. The band that she met introduced her to producers and she was able to help herself along the way to become one of the most famous people from Venezuela.