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Unpaid Loans – Capital Improvement Authority Devco Fails to Make $1 Million Loan Payment on Hotel


Devco is a shorthand term for the New Brunswick Development corporation. In 2007, the organization opened up a new resort called the Heldrich in Atlantic City which features 235 rooms. Johnson & Johnson is the largest customer of the new resort and also has executives on the board of Devco. The resort hasn’t been able to pay back the loans because the resort has been struggling to attract visitors. These loans were issued by the Middlesex County improvement authority. Much of the resort’s inability to have any success can be attributed to the 2007 economic downturn. Municipal bonds issued by the improvement authority have also been issued for the purposes of funding a new campus of Stockton University. The Heldrich has been held in high regard by those whom created the project, as they feel that the project has managed to turn around something which was crappy and make it something marvelous.
Devco is a non-profit organization which sees it’s role as being a major developer. The non-profit has built new facilities for higher education, healthcare, transit, K-12 education, government, and cultural. Many of their projects are schools and hospitals, as well as institutions of higher education. The organization seeks to ensure that there is positive development activity in the New Brunswick area to restore run down areas. The non-profit has a board of 13 members whom have great backgrounds that allow their insight to be provided on a regular basis. The company is there to build real estate in markets which would not be impacted by normal development projects. Many of their projects have won awards and been recognized as being smart uses of space. Devco has had a positive impact in the community, and has created a great space for individuals to express themselves and enjoy productive lives. Read full report on Press of Atlantic City.


Increase your Search Rankings: Reputation Management Fixers

At Reputation Management Fixers, and some online reputation management companies, we have made it our core business to improve our client’s rankings in search results. You can make use of our services at any time. But if you want to try out some of the tactics that we use to get great results, we have included the things that you can do in this article to help you.

The first trick that you should perfect is creating links within your site. The best way to do this is linking to your keywords and headlines. This makes it easy for search engines to locate the content on your site. But that is not all. You need to increase page load speed since slow page load is a turn off for many viewers. You can solve this problem by optimizing image and video sizes. Also, you can use different multimedia such as GIF’s and videos to keep your content interesting. This strategy helps to attract a wider audience, which in turn acts as a high-quality signal to search engines.

Updating the existing content frequently is another strategy that can go a long way to boost the ranking of your site since search engines give priority to fresh content. So, remember to add new multimedia content or new articles regularly. Moreover, never forget to optimize the design of your site. Design optimization will make your site look great on all gadgets including laptops, tablets, and smartphones and increase readability, and that eventually will turn into increased traffic. If that is not enough, go ahead and get social shares. Add free downloadable material for a like or share or bright icons that feature prominently over your content. These features will attract viewers and prompt then to share your content.

It is interesting how the few suggested tactics can sound all of a sudden overwhelming. Whether you find the tips overwhelming, have tried them to no avail, or simply do not want to bother doing the work on your own, contact our company. Reputation Management Fixers specializes in building brands and keeping business reputations clean. Give us a call today. One of our friendly experts in our team is on standby to give you the best feedback and service possible by sending you a free quote and helpful advice on how to boost your rankings, build your brand, and maintain the reputation of your business clean.

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A Humanitarian Company in the Communications Technology Field

Securus Technologies, the reliable corporation that is to thank for pioneering communication solutions to penal institutions, now offers free calling opportunities to incarceration centers within the state of Louisiana. In case you are not familiar with Securus Technologies, they have developed mobile applications and communications options for incarcerated individuals. This means that if you are a loved one of an individual who might have made the wrong choices in life and wish to contact them without the hassle of worrying about going through security checks and speaking to them through a glass wall then you have the option of communicating through video chat over a mobile device.


One of the main reasons why Securus is offering such a magnificent deal to customers is for humanitarian reasons and peace of mind. Due to recent floods throughout the state, Louisiana has become a hub of fear and uncertainty, and so there is great demand for people to be allowed to directly communicate with those they care about who are currently unable to leave their location due to direct orders from the court system.


By providing a quality product in the form of a reliable and easy to use communication software package that customers can download and use on the go Securus has created a unique and interesting niche within the communications technology market. Their statement as a company that they will do whatever it takes to keep family members connected makes them not only a revolutionary company in their field but also a perfect example of how people should treat one another in a society that often times turns the other direction.


Online Reputation Management And Keeping Track Of Every Mention

The internet is a vast world with all kinds of users. This is why online reputation management can actually be quite challenging and tricky for business owners that try to manage it on their own. For one thing, businesses often attract all kinds of customers. They also have many different types of platforms that they use to express themselves. In this case, if someone has something to say about a company, there is a chance that the mention is going to go undetected by the business owner because it is posted on a source that he doesn’t know about. According to review site Online Reputation Reviews, this is why hiring a professional to track all mentions is very helpful.

Even the most professional, ethical, and honest business man is going to be faced with some mentions that are negative. For one thing, the customer is going to have a problem with a certain aspect of the company’s service. It could be some aspect of the company that the businessman hasn’t thought about. Either way, it is important to make sure that each issue is addressed as long as it is a legitimate concern. Not all complaints are going to be legitimate. Either way, it is important for the company owner to make sure that his online reputation management is in good standing.

One thing that is not advisable is getting thrown into the mud with the complainer. It will only make the business owner look bad if he gets into some kind of heated argument with the unsatisfied customer. This is especially bad if he threatens the customer. It shows that he is not professional and that he has a lack of self control. This could also intimidate other customers who have the fear of getting on the bad side of the business owner. Customers are not as likely to shop at places where they don’t feel safe.

Don Ressler Takes Active Wear to Global Level With Fabletics Online Success

Some business people happen to be brilliant at branding, and Don Ressler is one of them. He and partner Adam Goldenberg co-founded Fabletics active wear in 2013 with actress Kate Hudson, and the trio are now watching their online subscription retailer soar to new heights.

There are tons of internet retail stores, but the true challenge comes when these start-ups venture into the subscription service arena. Most tend to phase out one by one, but not Fabletics. The company has worked hard to carve their niche into the women’s athleisure clothing market, which sends VIP members discounted outfits once a month and charges their credit card accordingly. Members enjoy free shipping, easy returns and complete outfits starting at only $49.95.

When someone signs up as a member, their entire first outfit only costs $25 at VIPs can also shop Kate Hudson’s closet every month to see which Fabletics pieces have caught her eye.

At the moment, more than one million women have joined the Fabletics VIP membership community around the world. These buyers are addicted to the brand’s on-trend leggings, tanks, tees, yoga pants, swimsuits and new dresses.

Having Kate Hudson as the face of the brand is true genius by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Both businessmen realize that a celebrity who lives the Fabletics active lifestyle helps connect members to each other. Active women with real, busy lives are demanding comfortable, athleisure garments that can take them from morning into night. Fitness, fashion and function are just three words that define the Fabletics name.

Things are going so well, that Don Ressler recently announced the company’s major expansion plan. Fabletics will be opening up to 100 brick and mortar retail stores across the country within the next 5 years. The brand is covering all the retail bases, even though e-commerce has been their top performer.

Fabletics, FL2 and FabKids are three retail off-shoots that came about through Don Ressler and his JustFab umbrella company. All of these e-commerce ventures are designed around the retail subscription service concept.

JustFab Inc. is sitting pretty, because this year, JustFab is on track to rake in revenue of $650 million, up from $505 million last year.

According to some hinting by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, JustFab is ready to go the IPO route, or initial public offering. In addition, JustFab is also possibly undergoing a name change of sorts.

Stay tuned.