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As An Officer, I Am Happy To Share Securus With Citizens

I am a police officer in the community where I grew up, and I run into people every day who know me. They may find my job objectionable on some level, but they also know I will do my best to help them. I have been helping as much as possible, and I often hand out information on Securus where I can. This article explains why I think Securus is so important for families of incarcerated criminals.

#1: I Learned About Securus Early

I learned about Securus at the police academy. I was not aware that you could not call a jail by yourself. We always made person visits to the jail for friends, but the phone calls are much more protected. Securus will route calls for people in my community, and I teach citizens how it works every day.

#2: You Need A Securus Account

It is quite fortunate that signing up for a Securus account is not difficult. I have helped multiple people sign up for accounts, and they have placed calls to the jail using the account information they were given.

#3: Video Calling Helped Disabled And Distant Relatives

I was quite impressed with video calling at Securus because it helps disabled and distant family. I have met several people who cannot come to the jail for a variety of reasons, but they may use the app on their phone to place a video call to the jail.

My role as a police officer brings me close to Securus every day. I believe in their service, and I am happy to share it with anyone who wants to learn.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Philip Diehl Showing The George Soros Predictions Could Be Starting

If you have been paying attention to the current state of the financial world, then you already know there are some extremely interesting changes occurring. Not only are individuals everywhere seeing some strange things happen and a significant amount of market volatility occur as well, but one of the most interesting points is that the predictions of George Soros all seem to be coming true in one form or another.

George Soros has been calling for one of the worst financial disasters to happen soon. He believes we are on the cusp of an economic landscape that not only mimics the time just prior to the great recession, but he also believes things could echo the entire recession as well. In short, Soros believes we will start to see some major problems, and if you have been paying attention to the news, then you will see many of those predictions are starting to come true.

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Why Buy Gold

US Money Reserve – YouTube

Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve have been one of the top resources with respect to gold in the market today. And, as was outlined recently, the US Money Reserve has been making significant ground in the market for gold because so many people are looking to minimize their volatility. The fact of the matter is there are times when markets rise and times when markets fall. You cannot control the price of any stock because they can either go bankrupt or at least drop through the floor. That being said, when you consider an investment like gold in Us Money Reserve then you will realize the value of gold continues to rise without ever truly depreciating.

Philip Diehl and the US Money Reserve are doing their best to provide the highest quality service around when it comes to providing gold to investors. If you consider the amount of people who are starting to heed the warnings of George Soros and listen to what the markets are actually saying, then you will be able to see gold could be one of the best investments out there today. Whether you want to protect your investments or hedge against a bad economy, gold will allow you to minimize losses while still seeing gains as well.

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A Coworking Space Just Might Be Ideal For You


So what is this new phenomena called coworking space? It’s the new way to go to work that combines stay-at-home jobs with commuting jobs, in a manner of speaking. Most people who rent out coworking spaces are usually self-employed or small business startup people, although there are traditional businesses who sometimes rent out coworking spaces if it’s necessary for an employee’s field work. The main reasons why people use coworking spaces are that they usually like to get into a routine of going somewhere to work, building up a clientele network or recruiting workers, or if their job includes talking over the phone a lot they may need a space for that.

So are coworking spaces really worth it? It all depends really on what your job is, the kind of environment you come across in a coworking space facility, and the costs you might incur both from renting and commuting to your coworking space. You are never obligated to be at your coworking space and can take the day off any time you wish. Usually you can also find snack bars or coffee shops around the coworking facility, and some might have exercise and yoga rooms, or lounge areas and billiards for after hours.

In fact it’s only blocks away from Times Square and Wall Street which makes it easy to access if using the metro or other public transportation. Workville is equipped with just about every luxury you could ask for in a coworking facility, whether you want a furnished closed office space or an open work lounge. Workville has WiFi, mail service, cleaning staff, printers and copiers, and you can access the building at any hour of the day. They also have conference rooms that can be reserved for meetings, open house events, but you can also reserve spaces for private parties. If you want to see more of what Workville has to offer you, you can call them up today to schedule a tour, or you can go online and fill out a tour request form at

Getting the Most Out of White Shark Media

When you begin to utilize a company known as White Shark Media, your business marketing issues will finally be a thing of the past. One of the main reasons a lot of people give up on marketing, AdWords and SEO is because they simply do not know a thing about handling these issues themselves.

If you have been struggling yourself, White Shark Media is a company that you can turn to for the best help possible available on the worldwide Web.

The one step you need to take is to contact White Shark Media to see what their services include. For the most part, White Shark Media will work on both AdWords and optimization for search engines, so these are the two main things they are going to be able to do for you at your own convenience. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

Once you decide to hire White Shark Media Complaints team, they will begin working immediately to get the job done and for you to feel fully confident in the work being done. Lots of company owners are choosing to hire White Shark Media because of their skills and knowledge in this particular field that they can offer to their clients.

The way that White Shark Media handles its customers is professional in every manner. Even if they receive complaints, White Shark Media will do anything in their power to right any wrongs and make sure that the issue does not happen again.

They put a lot of their work into great customer service, so this is obviously a benefit to those who might be looking into using the company for its services.

This is the time for you to contact White Shark Media and see what they can do for you. Make sure that you contact the folks at White Shark Media and begin to work with them on any type of marketing that needs to get done.

There is nothing like having a successful site that works for you and not the other way around. White Shark Media can make your site stand out from all of the rest and is just what you need to feel good about anyone and everyone who might be visiting your site after you make use of the professional skills of White Shark Media.

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Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Partying Without Stress

Parties are fun to go to. However, they can be very stressful to set up. For one thing, there is a lot that goes into party planning. Fortunately, there are experienced party planning experts like Lauren Conrad that can offer tips on planning parties without making it complicated and stressful. One of the most important tips she offers people is to avoid perfection. She finds parties that are too put together to be fussy, which defeats the point of a party. When running a party, it is more important to be able to relax with the people that are enjoying themselves as opposed to stressing over the small details.

Another way to take the stress out of party planning is to find a professional party planner. One professional party planning company that is experienced and trustworthy is 23 Layers. Twenty Three Layers offers plenty of services for event planning in New York. They have experienced planners that are creative, and know how to put together a party or event that will satisfy their clients. The most important thing they do in order to help with the party planning is communicate with their clients in order to understand what they want.

They offer to take on the stress of providing the food and refreshments for the events or the parties that are being hosted. This is what makes 23 Layers stand out from among the other event planners. They have a wide variety of services to offer their clients in order to make their events as memorable as possible. These wide variety of services make it easier for the client to customize his own events and have it work out well.

How Did JustFab Make My Shopping Trips Faster?

JustFab is this really interesting and integrated website that has all the information you need about fashion in one place, and they have made it easy for you to access that information without any problem at all. They have all the styles and colors you could ever want, and they have made it easy for people like us to get the clothes that we need. There are a lot of clothes that I need for the season, and I have a much better chance of picking them all up when I shop with JustFab.

They look to have everything, and they seem to have everything in every color. There are a lot of things that I can wear during the summer and look amazing, and it feels a lot better to do this than it does to scour around at other websites for hours on end. I just do not have the time or the patience to do that, and I will not do that anymore when I shop at JustFab.

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Cute Kids Clothes & Shoes Online, Personalized from FabKids!

You will also be pretty impressed because JustFab has the lowest prices and the best service. I was able to do a return in seconds, and I got a better size for myself. I was able to get a pair of shoes that would work with most of my summer outfits. The selection is amazing, and I have been raving to everyone about it. It just made the whole process of shopping so much better, and I finally feel like I have a summer wardrobe I can be happy with.

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Beneful – Quality Food for All Dogs

Choosing dog food for your precious pup can be a stressful decision. What brand of food should you buy on Walmart? Should you buy wet or dry food? Is your dog sensitive to certain ingredients? Do they need puppy food or adult formula? Fortunately for you, Beneful by Purinastore provides quality food for dogs of all shapes, sizes and life stages.

Beneful‘s highest rated food is Beneful Originals with real salmon. Specifically formulated for adult dogs, the combination of salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots provides your dog with the nutrition they need for healthy energy levels and a beautiful coat.

Does your dog struggle with maintaining a healthy weight? Beneful Healthy Weight incorporates a similar recipe to Beneful Originals, but with 10% less calories! A quick search of reviews of this product yields several examples of dogs who have long suffered from obesity and various food allergies returning to good health after switching their diet to Beneful Healthy Weight.
For the dog owners with pickier eaters, give Beneful Chopped Blends with turkey and brown rice a try. This wet dog food [] releases a savory aroma that dogs can’t shy away from. Even better, you can actually see the fresh ingredients in the bowl! Beneful Chopped Blends comes in a variety of different flavors, so you can provide your pup with new tastes every day.
Next time you are in the market for new food for your favorite pooch, go for Beneful. With Beneful’s wide variety of quality food options, you are sure to keep your dog’s mouth drooling and tail wagging for years to come.

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