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Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory: A Great Digital Platform For New Innovators

As the digital revolution continues to explode with new developments and generate new approaches to business, many young developers continue to come up with ideas that will change the course of the world. But for many of them, they may not know where to start and trying to obtain funding for research or tools to market their ideas may be very difficult. That’s where Mike Baur has decided to help out, by giving them a platform to launch their business from called the Swiss Startup Factory. This organization, based in Switzerland, is a provider of resources and mentorship to new entrepreneurs and innovators preparing them for the demands of the business world.

The founder of the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur brings years of experience in finance and business to this entrepreneur accelerator company, and has helped finance various Swiss company startups through this. He has an MBA from both the University of Bern and the University of Rochester, and has climbed the ladders from entry level to executive at a major Swiss Private Bank. Baur partnered together with Max Meister to build the Swiss Startup Factory, which is today the largest independent private investor funded accelerator in Switzerland.

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CTI Invest: New people, new partner, new offering

Successful launch of the Swiss Start Up Factory

Recently, CTI Invest came aboard with SSUF to help fund some big events coming in 2016 and take a role in organizing the Swiss Venture Day workshops. This event is primarily targeted at entrepreneurs in the IT and Life Science sectors and has a forum on coaching and practices for new and upcoming businessmen. SSUF basically runs a 3-month program in which startup ideas are put to the test, and applicants are given marketing, legal, and technical aid to get their idea launched while at the same time giving them the freedom to brand themselves. The application process does thorough vetting to determine which startup ideas are most likely to be self-driven and successful.

There have been several new startups that have already made it big thanks to SSUF, including Diabird and Hello Vegan and SSUF continues to add a lot more potential startups to its portfolio. Baur believes that success can be achieved in a short time if people full of ideas are just fostered in the right environment, and his work is having a profound impact on Switzerland’s business-minded young people.

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JustFab’s “On Point” Summer Looks

If you’re shopping for the hottest (and coolest) summer styles around, you honestly can’t beat the looks that are coming from right now. JustFab is a popular online boutique that sells all of the best fashions for today’s modern, confident and self-assured lady. The summertime is all about flaunting what you have. It’s also all about feeling comfortable and cool. People who are searching for summer styles that are a perfect blend of chic, flirtatious and strong are going to really appreciate the offerings that are available at JustFab at the moment.

JustFab’s summer offerings run the gamut. If you’re searching for sexy dresses that look good for both day and night wear, you’ll be able to find some amazing dress choices at JustFab. Some examples of the many types of summer dresses that are available from JustFab at the moment are kaftan dresses, dresses with spaghetti straps, T-shirt dresses, shirt dresses, wrap dresses and maxi dresses. It doesn’t matter what your exact style is. JustFab has some amazing summer looks that will definitely get you interested. JustFab is the type of fashion shop that always goes above and beyond to please all kinds of tastes.

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JustFab Summer Shop

Footwear is also a key part of any great summer outfit. People tend to spend a lot more time outside in the summertime. That makes perfect sense. People want to walk and enjoy the warmer temperatures that are the summer’s signature. That’s why it’s especially important for people to pay attention to their footwear for the season. If you want to buy summer footwear that’s simultaneously comfortable and stylish, this online boutique won’t ever fail you. The store’s summer shoe choices include everything from gladiator sandals and pumps to sneakers and espadrilles. If you’re looking for summer footwear that will make you feel like a million bucks, you really can’t go wrong with JustFab.

Lightweight tops are also a staple of the summer. Fortunately, JustFab’s selection of tops, T-shirts and blouses just couldn’t be more extensive and diverse. Some examples of the online store’s cool, fresh and enticing top categories include tank tops, linen shirts, knit tops and off-shoulder tunics. If you want to explore an amazing and large selection of summery tops, JustFab can help you do so.

People can also shop for attractive accessories at JustFab. People who want to impress others with fantastic summer handbags and jewelry can have a great time browsing the store’s many products. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets that look modern, contemporary and streamlined are easy to find at JustFab.

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Hair Care Product Wen By Chaz Makes a Difference

One of the top hair care products on the sephora beauty products market is Wen by Chaz. There was recently a woman who tested the product to see just how good and effective this product actually is. During a span of one week the woman tested the product and used it everyday. Each day during the week she noticed a considerable difference. When she was testing and using the product she reported that her hair was improving in terms of strength and appearance. It was getting stronger as well as getting a shinier look to it. Her hair was also easier to style as well which allowed her to maximize the look of her hair. After the finished testing her hair she believes that it is an ideal product for anyone who has thin hair that is more prone to getting damage.

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WEN by Chaz contains a lot of natural ingredients which make it highly distinguishable as well as superior to other hair care products. These natural ingredients originate from plant and bark extracts which contain a lot of essential nutrients for your hair. The essential nutrients mixed together in one formula gives users a product that will nourish the hair and provide them with a number of positive effects. As a result anyone looking to get the most out of their hair care will benefit by using Wen by Chaz due to its all natural ingredients.

There are a number of positive effects of this Total Beauty available product. Wen by Chaz helps make your hair get shinier which will give it a nicer overall appearance. The product also prevents your hair from getting damaged by strengthening on a regular basis.

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Doe Deere Is Guiding the Makeup Industry into an Exciting New Direction

When people think of makeup it’s usually all about creating an image. Makeup is a way of presenting oneself in a variety of different ways. One can go from subtle to wildly energetic in the time it takes to remove and apply makeup. One might expect that the people creating makeup would have a similar dynamic range of looks and personalities. But in general the business people involved with makeup tend to be the same types of businessmen one would find in any industry. There’s a few notable exceptions though. And these exceptions also tend to highlight the important differences of their company and product. And there’s few people who highlight this fact better than Doe Deere.

Doe Deere is best known for being the CEO of Lime Crime, and creator of a makeup line by the same name. But she’s well known in the industry itself for being an innovator. Unlike many figures within the higher levels of the cosmetic industry, Doe Deere reached her current position out of love for the products. That’s also how she first got her start in the business. Her original focus in school was somewhat related. And the same goes for her later work afterward. She began with an academic focus on fashion which transitioned into real world experience on stage. So it almost goes without saying that she’s always had a heavy focus on appearance and image. But one aspect of practical experience on stage is getting to see the limitations of one’s material.

Her fashion background gave her very strict requirements for how she wanted to present herself. And while the clothing held up nicely, she continually found herself at odds with the makeup choices. It often combined two flaws which she simply couldn’t be happy with. The makeup options tended to be too subdued, and also far too fragile for long term use on stage. She needed higher quality options for her makeup and it simply wasn’t available on the market. She had little choice but to begin creating her own brand.

And after time she became so good at it that people began to insist that she sell it to them as well. The demand became great enough that she realized that she had a chance to really help the world by selling a product that had brought her a lot of joy. This was the genesis of the Lime Crime brand. And that enthusiasm for her product hasn’t diminished as time has gone by. Instead Doe Deere is unique in the makeup world for continually engaging users with tips and tricks. It’s clear that she’s not just someone who’s selling makeup.

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The Fashion Lab of “JustFab”

Well, I am going to just say when I visited the JustFab website for the very first time I was really stoked! I never really paid much attention to this particular fashion retailer, but now that I have done some research, I am very pleasantly surprised.

First off, if you have never been to the site, you need to go and register. The site is: and it is well worth the time you spend browsing all of their awesome stuff.

When you go in JustFab, you will need to take a fashion quiz. This is a simple quiz that you take to help determine your style in clothes, shoes, bags, etc. This is very important because after you do this and register, this process helps determine and “sift out” articles picked according to your taste. I’ve never done that before and it was really fun!

While shopping around, you will also be granted a deal for only an hour for becoming a new member. Mine was that I got my first item for only $9.99!! Pretty freaking sweet I thought of them!

There’s a tab that says New Summer Shop, please if you love shopping and staying on top of new trends like myself, do this.

I noticed there’s a lot of vibrant summer colors in most styles this year in JustFab. What I really appreciated is when you click on a certain style, there’s also shoes and handbags and articles that come up to help you incorporate and mix and match your look.

I am impressed with the ease of the whole shopping experience and definitely the layout of the site and the items are super cool! If you love staying on top of the summer styles you really need to give this company a chance. They know their customers and make it easy for you! I think I may need a second job to fulfill my “wish list” this summer!


New Sharp and QNET Partnership Formed to Promote Air Purifiers around Asia

Our company, QNET, has signed a strategic and lucrative deal with Sharp Technologies that will see us promote and distribute the new Plasma Cluster Air Purifier using our top-notch proprietary e-commerce platform. The new air purifiers will be co-branded as part of the deal between the two companies.

According to a press statement released by President Kishay Ray from Sharp Business Systems India Private Limited, Sharp chose to partner with QNET because we have shown excellent innovation in all our wellness and health products. This was the main reason why the company decided to partner with us. Ray further added that through the new partnership with QNET, Sharp is able to reach a well-established consumer network.

At QNET, we have successfully managed to tap into, and capture, a ready market for our products that include beauty, wellness and health. Our spokesperson in India said that the Sharp and QNET deal is a guaranteed win-win partnership. Together, we will be able to provide an excellent product that fits our healthy living philosophy.


Today, Qnet have become one of Asia’s biggest direct selling companies. We offer a number of meaningful products in several diverse markets. Our main aim is to enable people to enhance their lifestyles while at the same time allowing them to power their entrepreneurial ventures. Our grassroots business model allows ordinary people to start their own entrepreneurial ventures with minimal overhead.

We work with independent representatives who distribute our products in all markets that we serve. We recognize that people are our greatest asset. This is the main reason why we have successfully established a large and efficient distribution network. This network is fuelled by a collective goal of achieving financial independence.

QNET is owned by the QI Group and was started by our founder Vijay Eswaran who also founded QN Europe among other companies. Today, we have established franchise companies in both Turkey and India. We celebrate cultural and ethnic diversity with a huge team of employees stretched in over 30 countries.

Why Small Companies Must Fix Bad Search Results


There are different reasons why a small company would put their company online. Most experts have noted that an online presence can give small businesses a financial boost and exposure. But the internet has also given people a lot more control in the way they interact with the companies they come in contact with. This includes your company.

The problem is some customers are a little unfair when it comes to the kind of service they expect. An honest business does everything they can to make sure that every customer is happy, but sometimes this is not possible. A disgruntled customer can simply go online and say negative things about a business. These negative comments have a big impact in the way that potential customers look at a company and it’s in your best interest to fix bad reviews.

It is possible that a customer may not even visit the business because of this bad comment. This is not surprising, especially when one takes into account that about 68 percent of all customers are influenced by an online review. And, worse, 86 percent of customers are influenced by a bad review. What a company needs to understand is that people are–maybe subconsciously–looking for a bad review more than they are looking for a good review. Customers are more concerned about wasting money, which could be one of the reasons they search for a company without bad reviews, as it lowers the risk of getting bad service or a faulty product.

A small business cannot afford bad online comments, especially when this small business can do something to fight it and fix negative search results. All you need is good online reputation management consultants like the team behind The Search Fixers. The Search Fixers will search for any comment beyond the ones that you might already know about. There are a lot of locations online where people may voice their opinion about a particular business. The internet reputation repair team behind The Search Fixers will clear some of these detrimental comments and give a business a brand new start.

Small companies must act as quickly as possible when they want to fix bad search results. One example of just how important it is to ensure that all bad reviews are eradicated is what occurred to United Airlines. Apparently, the bag handlers broke Dave Carroll’s guitar. Carroll is a band member of a semi-popular musical band.

A large company, like United Airlines, suffered because of one bad review, so imagine what a small company can suffer due to a bad review. This is why it is important to deal with this issue as soon as possible with online reputation management.