EOS Is Changing The World Of Lip Balm Flavors With EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Are you tired of the same old lip balm? Are you tired of your lips feeling sticky after applying a product that should replenish moisture to your lips. If you want something that will be good for your lips, will add moisture to them, protect them or even smell good, you want to check out EOS Vegan Crystal lip balm, refer also here at usmagazine.com.

Before the crystal line came out, EOS was already a leading competitor in the world of lip balms and chapsticks. Prior to the crystal line, EOS had already mastered the mixtures of the right flavors and right ingredients.

Shea butter is one of the best ingredients to use for replenishing moisture. The ingredients also include avocado, coconut and many more ingredients that are good for your lips.

EOS is not just strictly into the lip balm manufacturing as they also have a long line of other products. The product line includes lotions, as well as shaving cream. They also create a number of limited editions in lip balms, lotions and shaving creams.

If you are shopping for a loved one for Christmas, birthday or even an easter basket, EOS is the perfect gift to use. You could create a lavish basket filled with all the different products that EOS makes. This gift is something that all beauty lovers and health conscious people would love. People who love the things that are made naturally will always appreciate EOS products, see here.

If your unsure of the different flavors to choose from, most people love lavender, coconut, vanilla and strawberry. These flavors of lip balm will be sure to leave them desiring more as well as desiring the other flavors sold by EOS. If they are conscious about animal by products, you will want to choose the items that are free from beeswax.

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EOS’ New Lip Balm is A Game Changer

Have you heard about Eos’ new lip balm; Crystal? It’s a must have for every makeup kit, professional or ameture. An all vegan mixture of hydrating oils and butters is the perfect complement to your look. For only $5, Crystal is a steal. You can find it at CVS, Walmart, Target, along with many other retailers.

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Crystal has nourishing coconut and shea butters, to take dry and cracked lips and turn them soft and luscious. Along with hydrating castor, avocado, and sunflower oils, to add extra kissable shine to your daily look. This recipe is sure to turn dry lips back into soft, inviting lips. Also the all vegan ingredients guarantee a healthy add to your makeup assemble.

Not only did they recreate their recipe for the health on their consumers, they also added new packaging, so you can sneak in a healthy alternative as a christmas present. See influenster.com for more review updates. Or so one can still feel vegan options are fashion forward. Whatever the stance, Crystal is sure to stand up.

As the name Crystal suggests; Eos’s new lip balm is clear as a crystal ball, purchase here. A new fashion trend is starting, and Eos is helping it catch speed, for the affordable price of five dollars. Eos is making sure this is a fashion trend everyone and their mom can afford to jump on. They’re also creating a healthy standard for the fashion trend too. Any and all competitors looking to add to the trend must now add healthy options or their product won’t even be a choice. Eos is really taking a stand for their consumers by making sure this fashion trend moves in a healthy direction for everyone, without losing any of the glam.

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A Closer look at Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management is an investment management firm that is based out of Dallas Texas. The firm specializes in the management of the following:

*Hedge funds.

*High Yield type bonds.

*Distressed investing.

*Structured settlements.

Highland Capital Management now manages Closed end funds for a number of well known organizations. Closed end funds normally make payouts to the client from investments as well as dividends. Investing in funds of this nature can be quite rewarding to a larger type business organization. Read this article at PR Newswire.

*James Dondero: President of Highland Capital:

James Dondero is currently President of Highland Capital Management. Mr. Dondero is in charge of making many of the key decisions that affect the organization on a daily basis. James Dondero has over three decades of experience within the financial and credit markets. Dondero has exceptional leadership skill and the ability to make sound financial decisions. These qualities have contributed to the success of not only Dondero’s career but the success of Highland Management.

James Dondero worked for JP Morgan early in his career. Working for JP Morgan gave Mr. Dondero the foundation he needed for his future success within the industry. In addition, Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a Business Management degree. James Dondero has certainly been a valuable asset to the organization.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/highland-is-said-to-buy-lazard-argentine-fund-eye-stock-boost

The company was founded over two decades ago and has grown significantly over the years. The key to the company’s success is that they provide a variety of low cost investment and financial strategies to their clients. The financial professionals at Highland Capital Management work with each client to find an investment plan that fits their long term investment needs. The company seeks to build strong and lasting relationships with clients.

Highland Capital Management now does a great deal of work with Public Investment Plans. In addition, retirement investment planning helps clients plan for an worry free retirement as well as comfortable life within their senior years. Read this article at Dallas News.

Connection Between Coffee Intake and Prolonged Life

Annals Internal Medicine published reports indicating that coffee consumption could minimize heart diseases and stroke. The illnesses are known to be a severe life threat, and the printed new studies show their connection to coffee. Several studies have revealed coffee contributions to individual health, both positives, and negatives.

A study that sampled 185,000 Americans confirmed the benefits of coffee on Japanese Americans, Whites, African Americans, and Latinos. Whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, drinking coffee recorded reduced risks of diabetes, kidney diseases, stroke, heart diseases and cancer. According to the lead author of the research Veronica Setiawan, coffee has health benefits to everyone. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Drinking two to three cups a day reduces chances of death by 18%. The study compares the results to those who do not consume coffee for 16 years. Setiawan reports that drinking coffee and living a longer life have a connection. However, taking coffee will not guarantee prolonged life.

A similar connection was reported in a study conducted across 10 European countries where over 520,000 people were surveyed. The results indicated that those who drank coffee daily recorded reduced risks of death. Though the study stated this connection, researchers were not in a position to confirm the reasons why coffee has these benefits.

About Organo

Organo is an international linked marketing company that is committed to assisting people to live a better life. Through their best products, individuals enjoy freedom, life balance, and well-being. The company has reached millions of people through its collaboration with The Napoleon Hill Foundation. Many people have transformed into successful entrepreneurs and accomplished financial victory, thanks to The Think and Grow Rich book. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

Organic specializes in beverages, personal products, and nutraceuticals. The products are available only through Organo Gold Independent Distributors in more than 50 countries. The global network firm has a customer program. They aid distributors to offer electronic delivery options, separate sales products and product samples to customers across the globe.

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Pumpkin spice latest inspiration for EOS Lip Balm

Pumpkin spice is a flavor and fragrance staple for the fall and holiday seasons. It evokes feelings of warmth, family and love. This fall, EOS Lip Balms has introduced a new flavor, Natural Pumpkin Spice, that is thrilling the brand’s loyal customers. According to usmagazine.com, EOS is capitalizing on the flavor’s popularity during the colder fall months by marketing the product in a limited edition duo pack. The other flavor available in the duo pack is Organic Vanilla Bean. The limited edition duo, anchored by the immensely popular Natural Pumpkin Spice is proving to be coveted among shoppers this holiday season. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer gift.

The launch of the limited edition duo comes just after the incredible launch last summer of the vegan Crystal line. Two flavors were introduced, Hibiscus Pink and Vanilla Orchid. The new lip balms lack natural beeswax, the products are vegan and are filling a hole in the marketplace. With so many people embracing plant-based lifestyles, a vegan lip balm was bound to come to store shelves, and it’s no surprise that innovative EOS Lip Balms created them. The company has been bringing new and fun products to drugstore shelves since it first hit Walgreens during 2010. Soon after, the product was found in drugstores nationwide and began to outpace competitors. While other brands weren’t changing their flavors or packaging, EOS Lip Balms came in intriguing flavor combinations and had bold, bright colored orbs for containers. Now, EOS Lip Balms sells out their newest products within days and sees demand continue to increase, view here. New products like Natural Pumpkin Spice lip balm continue to encourage customers to buy the product and carry it around as an essential accessory. Healthy and cool, it’s a must have lip product for all age groups.

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You Can Get The Benefits Of EOS Products For Your Sensitive Skin

Why Customers Are Choosing EOS

Do you suffer from extremely chaff skin? Are you using a product that doesn’t live up to their advertisement? There is now a revolutionary organic brand popular in Canada for immediate coverage. You can depend on their moisture and get the benefits of superior protection from the EOS lip balm brand. Get the rich content of jojoba oil and shea body butter to protect your skin from weather elements and acne prone skin. Women who were demanding an all-natural skin care product prefer the EOS lip balm over leading cosmetics like Chapstick.

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Popular EOS Lip Balm Brands

Evolution of Smooth has recently upgraded their website and feature many promotional offers for first-time customers, see also blogwebpedia.com. Their ingredients contain the benefits of shea body butter and jojoba oil with clinically proven results. You can choose from other all-natural skin care products other than lip balm products. However, their lip balm has been one of their most popular purchases. You can choose from many flavors that deliver the highest essential vitamins and amino acids. You can get a selection of variety pack products to have a spare when you need it. You’re invited to join the exclusive EOS lip balm family today.

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Sponsors Women Annual Luncheon

NexBank SSB is considered to be one of the most successful regional banks that are found in the United States. The organization has been in the competitive finance world for several decades, and it has won the hearts of many investors because of the quality of services it offers the consumers. Apart from making sure that the customers have the best services, regardless of their financial status, the firm has been working hard to assist the communities living in the country by offering donations and other great services. At the moment, the main company offices are found in Dallas, and it has managed to open several in many other parts of the country.

Just recently, the Dallas based bank announced to the country that it was very excited to be sponsoring the prestigious Dallas Women Foundation during their 32nd annual luncheon that is very popular in the Dallas communities. According to the company management, the company will be doing this noble act by offering the women organization a gift of one hundred thousand dollars. The bank has announced that the money given to the powerful foundation will mostly be used to advance the women economic security. The amount will also be used to empower the women who want to venture into leadership.

The annual ceremony is very influential among the women living in Dallas, and this year, it took place on October 20th. The event was hosted at the popular Hilton Anatole Hotel that is based in Dallas, and it attracted a large number of women who believe that they can do well in leadership and also in the corporate world. During the special event, the women were fortunate to have some respected individuals as speakers. Some of the speakers at the event included Hope Jahren, one of the most respected scientists and a great selling author. Hope has won several awards because of the accomplishments in the corporate world. All the activities taking place in the event were streamlined to more than twenty schools in the country. More than ten thousand students based in North Texas were part of the address. The event was attended by some of the notable leaders in the community.

Talkspace: They Are The Real Deal

Talkspace is taking therapy and the technology world by storm. They are doing that by going above and beyond the call of duty. They are doing that by truly caring about their customers and doing all they can for them. They take it as a big sign of trust when someone reaches out to them for help with their mental health crisis. They are honored that someone would take the time to ask them for help, and the last thing they wish to do is let them down. Talkspace is never going to let anyone down because this matters to them and it makes a huge difference in the lives of those that are suffering with mental illness.

A lot of people with mental health issues struggle in silence. In fact, many of their family members don’t even know about it because they have been hiding it for so long. They don’t need to hide it anymore or keep it under wraps. As a matter of fact, there is truly nothing to be ashamed of in this regard. It is the opposite. They are brave for speaking up, saying something, and doing something about it. Talkspace has video, text, and phone calls for its clients. They like to make them feel at home when talking to their therapists.

Even though they might not be seeing them in person, they are still there for them over the methods that were mentioned. At the end of the day, it does not matter how they are there, it is just the fact they are there in the first place. It goes a long way in their recovery back from mental health. They give them all of the tools they need to live a productive and healthy life, as they move forward from this point on, each and every day.

Crystals from EOS Receive Amazing Reviews From Fans

It’s always a big deal when EOS announces a new product of flavor. The beauty company is famously known for being extremely selective in what products it rolls out. The company is big on doing a plethora of market research before releasing any product. There is often speculation and rumors of new flavors to come, but the big reveal is always the best moment!

EOS made a splash to its cult-like following of fans when it announced its new line: EOS Crystal Lip Balm. There are so many first for the Crystal collection. First, these will be free of beeswax, making them vegan free. Next, for the first time ever, the EOS Crystal will be completely transparent. The balm itself is completely clear. Finally, EOS is even outshining its own incredibly high standards by adding luxurious natural oils into the mix. Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Shea Butter can all be found in the new EOS Crystal Balms.

See fraeulein-ungeschminkt.de to browse more lip balm flavors.

EOS hit the scene several years ago. The company did not do much active marketing and instead chose to utilize an influencer marketing campaign. From Kim Kardashian to Christina Aguilera, it seemed that overnight every fashionista was toting the hot pink lip balm. While the concept of having to physically unscrew a lid was a bit questionable at first, it is now the standard that other brands are striving to achieve. It is actually fun to use an EOS lip balm, click here.

In addition to EOS Crystals launching, EOS also recently announced that its holiday flavors are back in stock. Flavors like Pumpkin Spice and Organic Vanilla Bean are the perfect gift for the EOS fan in your life. The best part about EOS Holiday Lip Balms is that, unlike most everything else we delight in this time of year, there are zero calories!

Hurry and grab one now! Buy here at https://www.amazon.de/EOS-Sweet-Mint-Organic-Balm/dp/B01FAL5Z26!


Clay Seigall

Since 1988, Seattle Genetics has held court high atop the hill at Bothell’s Cascade Business Park, overseeing the study, creation, and packaging of human antibodies transformed into pharmaceuticals to fight cancer. Clay Seigall – president/co-founder/chairman/CEO of Seattle Genetics is the reason the company is on the fast track to becoming a monumental force on it’s own, refusing to sell out to a larger corporation. Seigall has proven that he will never be content with simply re-manufacturing already existing cancer-fighting drugs; he is focused on personally overseeing all of the details related to the marketing of more updated drugs worldwide. Siegall has now opened a Switzerland location for Seattle Genetics so that the company will be able to oversee it’s own international marketing ventures.

In February, Clay Siegall put into place a plan to invest $2 billion in the acquisition of international rights to commercialize a newly-developed cancer-fighting drug developed by Immunomedics, a New Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company. This move, though ultimately unsuccessful, proved to the world Seattle Genetics’ dedication to the advancement of making oncology drugs available on the global markets.

In the second half of 2016, Seattle Genetics recorded sales of approximately $418 million, an increase of nearly 50% since 2014. Stock prices have more than tripled in the past 5 years. Future projections indicate further increases in both stock prices and company revenue are fully expected for Seattle Genetics under Siegall’s guidance.

Clay Seigall holds a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. He held prestigious positions with the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health from 1988-1991, and with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute from 1991-1997. Currently he sits on the Alder Biopharmaceuticals Board of Directors. Alder Biopharmaceuticals is a private biotechnology company. He holds an impressive 15 patents and is the esteemed author of over 70 publications.

Seigall’s inspiration for Seattle Genetics was a result of his father’s death from cancer when Clay was 24 years old. Having watched his father struggle with the disease for 7 years, he became acutely aware of the lack of truly effective cancer-fighting medications and methods that were available, and he was determined to improve these tools to combat cancer the world over. He dedicated his education and his life’s work to developing more comprehensive methods of early detection of various cancers as well as the study and development of powerful cancer-fighting medications and treatments. His vision is to make these tools available worldwide to battle cancer everywhere.