Review of EOS new flavorful, vegan lip balms

I have been an avid user of EOS Lip Balm for many years and was thrilled recently to find out the company has a new lip balm line that will let me embrace being vegan more wholly. Being a practicing vegan can be difficult at times, so I am always excited when one of my favorite brands introduces a new product that fits well with my lifestyle. I bought both of the vegan flavors EOS is offering, Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, and I love each of them. The flavors are fun and taste good when I lick my lips, and because the lip balms don’t have any wax, they feel light too. There is no feeling of having a heavy coating your lips, see this now. It seems like I’m not the only one that loves these lip balms, EOS Lip Balms has seen tremendously high demand!

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Pretty much everything EOS Lip Balm has done since they first hit the shelves in 2010 has proved popular. When EOS first appeared in stores, the most prominent lip balms on the market were available to customers in a plain white tube and came in three predictable flavors: Original, cherry and peppermint, refer also to The flavors were not fun and had a medicinal taste. EOS Lip Balm went a completely different direction. They offered intriguing flavors like Wildberry and Passion Fruit that came in brightly colored orbs. The new lip balms were cheap enough for teenagers and college students to buy and stylish enough for celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian to carry everywhere. EOS Lip Balm couldn’t ask for better marketing than Hollywood starlets and young pop stars continuously photographed with their lip balm!

EOS Lip Balm continues to create products that satisfy their customers and build demand. The company is quickly rising to the top of the oral care industry.

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A Brief History of Lip Balm and the Evolution of Smooth

Believe it or not, there’s a history to lip balm. For those who still remember, lip balm didn’t use to be…well…lip balm. While other products had flashy cases and wonderful flavors, lip balm was the one thing that remained unwanted in Christmas Stockings and Swap Meets. Lip Balm was yellow, white, or even grey. Marketers didn’t realize that women used lip balm the most…they simply weren’t who it was made for.


But then came EOS lip balm. EOS stands for “Evolution of Smooth,” a brand that the Kline firm marked as the second most popular lip balm in the United States. It sells 1 mission units a week and is a global brand, even if it didn’t use to be. Once it was a start-up firm. Sanjiv Mehra and partner Jonathan Teller realized that there was a need in lip balm that wasn’t being met. They met it, read more.

Based on, they introduced vibrant packaging, exotic flavors, and unmatched quality different from the previous mass-produced “chapstick.” As cofounder Teller says “It appeared to us that everybody in this category was being lazy. That was an opportunity.”

Now EOS lip balm comes not only in crystal flavors, but vegan crystal flavors. You can purchase EOS balms chock full of skin specialist recommended elements that provide healthier and more vibrant lips all at prices affordable for every woman, check it here at Used are only organic ingredients to provide a clear alternative to the cheap, bland chapstick of the past.

…And that is a brief history of lip balm.


What can be Learned from Nick Vertucci’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Nick Vertucci made a name for himself in the real estate sector after he founded Nick Vertucci Companies. However, most people are unaware about how he pursued his career to succeed in a highly-competitive business field. Nick believes that the past does not dictate the future occurrences of a person or an event. According to him, success relies on hard work, consistency, and determination.


Early Life


Nick was brought up by loving parents who he cites as inspiration. His life changed at the age of ten after losing his father. His mother was forced to work tirelessly to ensure that Nick and his siblings got access to basic needs. When Nick Vertucci turned 18 years old, he had to provide for himself. He moved out from his parents’ home and lived in a van.


Due to his ambition to succeed in life, Nick opened a retail store dealing with computer hardware. He loved the business because of the freedom he had as the owner. He decided to marry, and years later, he was blessed with three daughters. Nick’s entrepreneurship career took a different turn in 2002 after his business collapsed. He was forced to survive on debts for over 18 months since he had little income.


Real Estate Business


As he was devastated by the collapse of his business, Nick was fortunate enough to meet a friend who was passionate about the real estate business. The friend advised him about pursuing a career in the industry. Nick also got a request to attend a seminar that lasted for three days about succeeding in the real estate industry. He accepted the request by attending the seminar as a guest.


Nick got most of his inspiration to open a property development company from the seminar that his friend invited him to attend. As a way of fostering development in the community, he made a vow to pass his experience and knowledge to others through teaching. He was also ambitious about helping other people on how to cope up with debts. From the seminar, one of the most important lessons he learned was how to earn from residential and commercial developments simply and straightforwardly.


Nick Vertucci Companies, Inc


Nick spent more than one-decade gathering knowledge on the emerging trends in real estate and how to be profitable in the industry. Through his consistency in researching and studying, he finally came up with a system that would guide him in his future business endeavors.


The Nick Vertucci Companies was born out of Nick’s persistence. Today, the group focuses on offering people solutions to most problems they encounter in real estate investing. The company has a subsidiary known as NV Real Estate Academy that educates and provides people informative resources on active investing.

Academy of Art University Fashion Students Attend New York Fashion Week

The School of Fashion at Academy of Art University participated for the 21st time in the New York Fashion Week located at the Skylight Clarkson Square. Their BFA and MFA students debuted with women wear and mes wear pieces.
The Academy of Art University is located in central San Francisco.
Their designers come from diverse backgrounds. Their interesting range of ideas impressed the audience. All their hours of work means only 15 minutes on the runway. Their work is in front of peers, mentors, and professionals.

Some of the students went for a futuristic look using vinyl and PCV and fabrics fused together. One student was Haliun Zhou from Qing Dao, China. Eden Slezin combined vinatge denim using organic denim in his design. His design also used recycled rubber bike tubes for sustainability.

Dina Marie Lamb used her emotions about her aunt’s death as part of her design. She wanted to convey a feeling of change. She used soft and luxury materials that conveyed warmth.

Carlos Rodriquez from Mexico City used a combination of machine and hand embroidery in his designs. He interned at fashion startup where he designed knitwear. He used wool blends in his designs to promote comfort and warmth.

Saya Shen from Beijing China uses images of natures scenes and transferred her scenes onto the fabric of the material. She worked with Kornit Digital to achieve this effect of snow forms, natural images, and ocean waves.

Joanna Jadallah used her admiration of her ancestors who were forced to leave Palestine and leave all their belonging behind. Her fabric used wool,lambskin leather, and brocades. Many of these student were given awards for their work.

The Academy of Art University offers a BFA in Fashion. Student can choose from eight different fashion degrees. They are Fashion Marketing, Fashion Marketing Design, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Product Development, Fashion Styling, Fashion Visual Styling, and Textile Design (

The MFA in the School of Fashion focuses on hands on work in design, merchandising, knitwear, and textiles. Students focus on creating their own unique collection and style of design.

Try A Rainbow Of Flavors With EOS Lip Balm

If you are looking for a lip balm that’s refreshing, smooth and rejuvenating, then eos is the brand for you. The company Evolution of Smooth is more popularly known as eos, and is loved by customers around the globe, refer also with The company’s product has become beloved by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera.

It’s no wonder that eos is the lip balm of choice for so many people; with such a wide variety of flavors and lip balm styles, it’s easy to find an eos lip balm to suit you. Enjoy the delights of summer with their line of organic lip balms in fruity blends such as pomegranate raspberry, passion fruit, strawberry sorbet or summer fruit. If silky smoothness is at the top of your list, enjoy eos’ visibly soft line in vanilla mint, coconut mint and blackberry nectar. Order here!

You can be assured that you’re using a quality product when it comes to eos lip balms. All the ingredients used are pure, hypoallergenic and tested by dermatologists as mentioned in The company does not use additives such as phthalates or parabens, so when you use your lemon twist or pink grapefruit active lip balm, you know you are putting on the very best lip balm.

The company eos was founded in 2007 by partners Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra, based out of New York. Their lip balm has been successful because eos broke the mold when it comes to making a product for chapped lips. Teller and Mehra have created a delightful, stylish product to the world, with a flavor for everyone.

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A Look At Drew Madden’s Passion For EMR Projects

Drew Madden has over 10 years of experience in implementing, managing, optimizing, and advising EMR projects. He facilitates healthcare IT leaders to create successful Epic implementation groups. He has been able to achieve this success because of his ability to combine his experience in project management and consulting operations with a technical EMR background.

Madden began his career by working for Cerner Corporation. He spent four years in the firm executing inpatient clinical solutions. In 2005, Drew joined Healthia Consulting. The firm was purchased by Ingenix Consulting in 2007. In his four-year stint with the company, he focused on implementing different projects before taking up a business development position.

As the president of Nordic Consulting, Drew is in charge of client relationships, recruitment and business development. Drew maintains cordial relationships with Epic clients countrywide and globally. He notes that when he met Mark Bakken, he knew that it was the right time, place and culture that he was seeking for as a consultant. Bakken is the chief executive officer and founder of Nordic.

Drew Madden says that it is interesting to manage a consulting company in Epic’s backyard. He notes that only 30 percent of their employees live in Madison. The firm requires people to reside in Madison for them to work in Epic. They do an outstanding job of identifying the brightest individuals in the industry. However, once they start having children, some employees seek to relocate to places that are near their homes. Just like Drew, many of the people still want to live in the EHR area. They are pleased to be able to continue working for Epic. Ultimately, their objectives are in line with Epic’s. Drew and his team ensure that their clients get the utmost value out of their Epic system. They want to make sure that the customers are using it in a proficient way and ensure that they can achieve their objective.

Moreover, Drew says that they take considerable time to know the individuals that they interview for different jobs. To this end, they take a different approach. They do not do LinkedIn emails and other related stuff. According to Drew Madden, Nordic has a good mix of employees because two-thirds of the workforce used to work for Epic while the rest have an IT and clinical background.

EOS launches new two new lip balms and everyone is going crazy over them

Everyone is talking about the new EOS lip balm. Evolution of Smooth has launched a new updated version of the classic design. What makes this new orb so amazing? It is crystal clear, see through, and looks like a gem. At $5.49 a pop, they are worth the price, click here. Let’s run down the features of these little guys. Apart from the clear appearance, the shape of the orb itself are a departure from the original egg-like shape. They are more triangular. They are also wax-free, making them completely vegan. Who’s excited about that? The new Evolution of Smooth lip balms are also packed full of 5 moisturizing essential oils. They are coconut, avocado, castor, aloe, and sunflower. They also added shea butter to give lips a extra boost of moisturizing power. These orbs of goodness come in two amazing flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. They will be available at Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. Get yours now before they run out at! has been loyal consumers for about a decade. With their fun and colorful orb-like shape, it makes the process of applying lip balm enjoyable. It’s coined “The lip balm that makes you smile” and it certainly is. They have amazing flavors that will get your mouth watering for more. Honeysuckle honeydew, Blueberry Acai, and sweet mint are some of EOS’s most popular flavors that you can purchase at the store.

This booming company is worth $250 million. It continues to grow as the lip balm industry is forecasted to reach over 2 billion by 2020. This increase will be focused on all natural and organic products, exactly what EOS specializes in. They have millions of social media followers devouted to their female targeted brand, even celebrities are jumping on the train to promote this awesome product.


Tidbits of Knowledge Rocketship Education CEO Preston Smith has Handed Down to All of Us

Rocketship Education is a chain of educational institutions serving grades kindergarten through fifth spread across the United States, ranging from as far east as Washington DC to the rolling hills of California. This line of eighteen primary schools is known for integrating technology into its everyday activities, particularly in molding lesson plans around individual students. Rocketship Education’s status as an educational technology pioneer was created by meshing longtime educator Preston Smith with the technological genius in John Danner. Smith has remained with RSED, short form for Rocketship Education, since its inception in 2007.

Here are a sizable handful of things Preston Smith learned from his ten years in leading Rocketship Education to success, things that every educator should find applicable to their particular situations.

Kids with special needs, ranging from learning to physical developmental disorders and delays, typically spend most of their time at school segregated in special education classrooms, taken away from their “normal” peers. This reduces their morale, and also fails to equip them for the real world. As such, Rocketship Education mandates that students with special needs spend at least four-fifths of their time at school in general classrooms, helping teachers, fellow students, and disabled children all the same.

Preston Smith has learned that educational techniques and pedagogical models aren’t always applicable to all schools. As such, those models that don’t work across the board should be eliminated form contention. This is true for Rocketship Education’s failed “flex model,” in which three teachers and one school leader instructed large groups of kids. Although it didn’t work, Smith learned to be flexible in implementing – and taking away – new teaching methods and pedagogical ideas in practice.

Rocketship Education is located exclusively in low-income regions. Despite the fact that most low-income areas are home to failing schools that fail to offer their enrollees quality educations, Rocketship Education is helping change this unfortunate truth. Its students regularly earn higher test scores on standardized, statewide exams, even though its status as a public school, being located in the heart of poor areas, and hosting students that also come from impoverished families.


Nick Vertucci Reveals 4 Tips for Flipping Property like a Pro

Real estate has been and remains the most robust investment and can be the key to your financial freedom if approached correctly. Nick Vertucci notes that while most people are willing to succeed in real estate, they lack the know-how. And that what Nick Vertucci NV Real Estate Academy offers.


In the system crafted by Nick Vertucci, the technique of flipping homes comes up. Flipping entails buying a house or property with the goal of selling it at a profit. Also, it might involve buying a home, renovating and then selling for a profit. The following are Nick’s tactics to investing in single family homes and making a fortune out of it.


  1. Identify Motivated Homeowners Willing to Sell Below the Market Value


A smart investor understands like Nick Vertucci, how the minds of homeowners work. When a homeowner needs cash badly, he/she is willing to sell below the market value and will consider the purchase price only and disregard the market value.

Your responsibility as a real investor is to identify the needy investors who have no choice but to sell. For instance, follow closely property owners who’ve been fired, or have had job transfers. Also, direct your focus on homeowners who divorced recently, and those who can’t bear the weight of medical bills.


  1. Pose As a Friend Willing to Offer Help in Tough Times


For any homeowner to decide to sell their property, the most likely reason is a financial strain. As an investor, you need to make the seller understand that you’re there to offer a solution. Yes, by buying the property, you’ll be saving the property owner the embarrassment and massive losses that come with auctions.

Nick Vertucci can offer some financial help as they get things in order. Besides, you can agree to pay their mortgages or arrange for the leasing of the property. Any cash-strapped homeowner will perceive you as a friend, and they won’t turn down your offers.


  1. Be the first to Identify Motivated Sellers


For over seven decades, the door to door prospecting method has stood the test of time and is still effective to date. In this techniques, you identify motivated seller who must sell by approaching them in person.


Since most investors find it hard to walk from one home to another, there’s another practical approach. Watch out for any announced foreclosures put on public notices. Immediately after the homeowner receives the notice of a possible loss of their home, it motivates them to sell. Divorce, bankruptcy, and probate are more opportunities you might want to look out for.


Two simple ways to reach prospects include calling them through the contacts given under their name and sending a postcard detailing your interest in buying their property.


  1. Conduct Critical Analysis Before Making Any Purchases


You’re in business, and so you should strive to generate the maximum profit possible. If uncertain about the profitability of a real estate deal, quit and rethink the idea. If you happen to hold a property on a long-term basis, make sure that the monthly income exceeds the monthly mortgage by far. Alternatively, you can do some renovations to increase the value of the property and sell it at a profit.

How Wine Guides Build A Career With Traveling Vineyard

As has been said by many people wine, friends, and great conversations go together hand in hand. Some people get to enjoy all three of these together on a regular basis and make money from doing so. These people are the wine guides who have built companies selling the great tasting wines offered by Traveling Vineyard.

What a wine guide does is host wine tasting events in the homes of their friends. Over time they build up a network of friends and will host these events in the homes of people in this network. After the event the guests are able to buy any of the wines they got to taste. The businesses that wine guides built are designed to be simple to operate. They also don’t have to store any wine or other inventory in their homes or worry about delivering the wine orders as Traveling Vineyard takes care of that. As the business is entirely commission based wine guides can earn as much as they desire.

Pretty often a wine guide starts out their business as a side hustle in addition to their regular job and/or their homemaking duties. Many find that they can start to earn enough from being a wine guide that they’re able to drop the regular job and pursue hosting wine tastings as a full-time career. Some women treat being a wine guide as a way to earn extra money for vacations or a Christmas fund. Being a wine guide is a very flexible position and allows wine guides to get out of it what they decide to put into it.

Starting out as a wine guide does not require knowledge about wines, as many people think. You can get started by looking through the educational material that Traveling Vineyard supplies to all of their wine guides. You get enough information to get started fairly quickly and can add on to your knowledge as time goes on and your home-based business grows.

Traveling Vineyard as 21 different labels of wine they that sell. This includes red and white wines plus some that are sweet and fizzy. They also sell all of the accessories one needs to enjoy wine like decanters and bottle openers. The wine is affordably priced between $14 and $25 a bottle.

On social media, Traveling Vineyard has an active Facebook page. They have articles regularly posted about different types of wine and how to enjoy them and/or pair them with food. They also post articles about the health benefits of moderate wine consumption on their Facebook page. They seek to increase the knowledge that people have about wine in order to enhance their drinking experiences.

Traveling Vineyard Social Media: