Professional life of Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla began her journey btaking marketing and business studies at the college of Mount Union. She started her career occupying different positions at the Joseph Home Company from 1986 and 1994. From the period 1994 to 2009, she worked with America Eagle Outfitters. She became the president of America Eagle Outfitters. She guided the company from a single brand to four major brands. The company’s revenue increased to almost three billion dollars from 340 million dollars under her leadership. She acted as a retail consultant with AEO.

Susan McGalla worked with Wet Seal to reinvest its brands. She quit and started her own company known as P3 Executive Consulting in 2013. In the same year, she offered advice to Wall Street community. She was in charge of business strategy and creative development for Pittsburgh Steelers. She established an innovative campaign which boosted fan gear transactions.

Regardless of the fact that men run most sports activities, Susan McGalla did not feel intimidated. She confidently involved herself. Susan McGalla served as an Advisory Board member at Mount Union College. McGalla acted as University of Pittsburgh trustee. She worked as the director of Allegheny Conference on the development of the community. She occupies the position of a board member of HFF, Inc., which offers real estate services and the research institute of Magee-Women’s Hospital

Personal life of Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla was born on May 31, 1964, in Ohio, East Liverpool. She worked as a businesswoman in her full-time occupation. She overcame all the common barriers that women undergo before attaining high-level occupations. Susan McGalla attributes all the success that she has achieved to her ambition and upbringing. She accomplished all the things she desired through hard work. She found comfort when working with men and women of different ages.

Southridge Capital LLC

Southridge Investment Group was founded back in 1996 by Stephen M. Hicks. It is a private equity investment firm for banks and holds other types of secure brokerage services. Southridge is based in Connecticut and offers multiple services from advisors to structural finance.

To go further in depth, they offer anywhere from:

  • Financial Analysis
  • Restructuring Analysis
  • Legal Settlements
  • Bankruptcy Advice
  • Blank Sheet Optimizations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Secure Solutions
  • Credit Enhancing
  • Financial Resolvment

In addition to helping other firms flourish, they have also directly invested over $1 billion dollars into 250 growing companies worldwide! To them help out, they generate a well detailed plan on how to conquer many newly developing companies worst fears and most probable issues along the way. These plans are strategically developed by Stephen Hicks and his team of experts and strictly followed to ensure the best possible outcome.

The CEO of Southtridge- Stephen M. Hicks has over 30 years of experience in the business and is responsible for all the success his company has cultivated over the years. During his past, he studied and graduated from King’s College in New York with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. After that, he then decided to further his education to get his Masters. After King’s College, Hicks attended Fordham University and finished with a Masters degree in Business Administration as well. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

In most recent news, all while maintaining his business at Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks announced a $5 million equity purchase agreement with Elite Data Services Inc. back in 2015. This company was also included into another $5 million equity purchase agreement with Andalay Solar! Since Southridge is a capital company thats dedicated to help invest into growing companies, Hicks is committed to more innovative ways he can help other businesses. Southridge has drastically grown and furthered its connections with countless of developing businesses. They hope to continue their expertise in investments and hope to be able to reach a thousand more companies in many other countries as well! You can visit their website

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ClassDojo Could Be The Answer For Making Education Better

When looking at the US education system and where it sits in the world, there’s a lot to be desired and experts have debated where on how to make it better. One challenge for educators is addressing the technology era because of all the distractions and attachments that many young students have to it. But some understand that the answer may be to use that same technology to transform the classroom and make students excited about learning. Such is the case with ClassDojo, an app that’s been around for a little over six years but has helped teachers accomplish much more in class than ever before.

ClassDojo has several purposes. The first is to bring about full student participation and even to encourage them to help their classmates when they can. The second is to use a social media-based interface to bring parents into the classroom and start conversations at home about homework and classroom assignments, and to give them more avenues in their busy schedule to discuss things with teachers. There’s nothing complex about how the app is structured and it’s free to download, and teachers don’t even have to wait for administrators to approve them utilizing it in their classes.

It was Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don who got the idea for ClassDojo. They knew more could be done to help teachers and students and they had the resources to develop an app, but they knew they were going to have to do things differently than most other app developers. First, most of the ideas for the app were crowdsourced from teachers themselves and Chaudhary and Don know they need to make sure their users’ needs come first in the company’s decision making. Second, ClassDojo stays away from selling user data and has worked to address privacy concerns with each new release. And every round of funding the app has received has all gone to making improvements because Chaudhary and Don want to market it through word-of-mouth. Their reasoning for that is that they know people trust peer reviews more than they do television or internet ads, and there’s been no rush to return investor funds totaling $30 million. Ultimately their plan for that will be rolling out some optional pay content in the app.

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David Giertz reveals why some financial advisers might be slow to talk about social security

In a recent interview With the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Adviser, Mr. David Giertz takes a moment to explain exactly why it is imperative for anyone who is close to their retirement age to start seriously considering talking to their financial adviser about social security. This is because more often than not social security represents up to 40% of their retirement income. Mr. Giertz also advised financial advisers to start talking to their clients about social security given that they had conducted a study surveying retirees and people with less than 10 years to retirement asking them whether their financial advisers are talking to them about social security.

The results indicated that most advisers are not talking about social security. The twist, however, is that 80% of those surveyed further said that they would change advisers if it so happens that their advisers are not talking to them about social security. He, however, recognized the fact that many of the financial advisers could be ignoring the social security topic due to its complexity revealing that the social security handbook has close to 3,000 rules that each and every financial adviser should have at their fingertips as a conscious and deliberate effort of becoming an authority in matters social security.

About David Giertz

Mr. David Luther Giertz commonly referred to as Dave has worked for different organizations in various capacities in the financial services sector. For the past 5 years or so, Mr. Giertz has been working with Nationwide Financial Distributors Incorporated as the President of the Organization. Mr. David Giertz boasts of more than 3 decades worth of hands on deck experience in the financial services industry having passed up to 4 exams including Municipal Securities Principal, General Securities Principal Examination, Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination and General Securities Representative Examination.

Mr. David Giertz is also registered by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. (FINRA) which is a self-regulatory organization for different financial services sector actors which requires them to register in every state that they operate in. Currently, Mr. Giertz maintains active registrations in several states across the country.

How White Shark Media Reviews With Its Clients

White Shark Media is a marketing company that helps increase the sales and online presence of their customers. The work with small and medium-sized companies exclusively. This company opened its doors in 2011 and was co-founded by a trio of three Danish businessmen who all had experience in marketing. They now have clients throughout both North America and Latin America. They are a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner which requires passing demanding eligibility requirements.

Many of White Shark Media’s clients have written about their experiences with the company and the vast majority are very positive. For example, the owner of an education services company in Ohio said that the communication between him and his representative at White Shark Media was fantastic. He says that he had to explain his industry since it’s such a niche market but the team at White Shark Media quickly grasped what made this market tick. Over the past year he said that he’s seen very positive results for his business including now spending less on marketing than he had been before.

Max W. owns a Minnesota software company. He said any business owner that uses Google AdWords should work with White Shark Media. He had been using Google AdWords for 13 years but now the results have been maximized, he said. Ronald G. of a snorkel tour business in Hawaii said that White Shark Media was the second online marketing company he had worked with. He said that White Shark Media did a far better job than the former one had. His strategist, Marcela, explained to him how and why he should completely rework his website for better results. He thought she was very proactive in her approach and it has led to his company getting a lot more booking for tours.

Trabuco- Middle Age Siege Weapon

Created from the idea of a sling, the Trabuco was designed in the Middle Ages as a siege weapon. Also called a Trebuchet, the Trabuco was the weapon of choice for taking siege of a stronghold during the Middle Ages.

Believed to be invented in China around 400 B.C.E., has an accuracy of around 800 feet and can hurl projectiles weighing up to 140 kilograms. The Trabuco was inspired by the sling, but modified to be used with a stronger base by the Chinese. The newer weapon, the Trabuco, was much larger than the traditional slingshot which had originally been the inspiration for the siege weaponry.

The engineering of the Trabuco has been considered a masterpiece of war weapons. The device is based upon turning gravitational pull into kinetic energy. The Trabuco has a spring mechanism, so when the spring is released, the energy is released. This gave it the power to use heavy projectiles to knock down walls, or to shoot over them at the enemy. According to part of the popularity of the Trabuco, besides is effective destructive quality, was the fact that it was an easy machine to put together.

It is also rumored that bodies, killed by disease, were used as projectiles in hopes of spreading deadly and infectious sicknesses to the enemy. The Trabuco could be used for both outside destruction of walls, inside destruction with projectiles, and a primitive form of bio-hazard warfare on

The weapon evolved into a hybrid Trabuco. Arab merchants altered the design of the Trabuco to have a weight at end of the arm. This gave more strength to the counterweight and effect was added range to the projectiles. Through more changes and experimentation, the Trabuco, by the 13th century, was able to hurl stones that weighed over a ton, causing even more destruction to their enemy.

The Trabuco was a magnificent weapon for the Middle Ages. However, it’s popularity and use declined when the Chinese invented gunpowder. With the advent of gunpowder came new technology for using cannons. The Trabuco went out of use, but its legacy as a siege weapon remains.

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Felipe Montoro Jens: Being Consulted for Infrastructure Concerns

Felipe Montoro Jens is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur who is being consulted by the Brazilian government for his knowledge about city planning and infrastructure. He is one of the remaining experts in the country which provides his insights about several issues concerning the infrastructure of Brazil. He would always give his opinion on certain issues, like how much should the government spend on a particular project or how long does it take for a project to be finished. His skills and expertise in the field of engineer and architecture make him a viable choice as a consultant to provide better infrastructure in the country.

He was recently invited by the Brazilian Government to a series of discussion regarding the projects that will be given to private corporations. Brazil has developed a system in which several projects will be awarded to the private sector, and they are the ones who would build it and operate it for public use. Felipe Montoro Jens was also asked about his opinion about the introduction of water concessions in the country, and he had to explain what the effects of having water concessions would be for the people of Brazil. He further explained that the country must have a reliable income before considering the construction of water concessions because having a fund reserve for it would not be a burden for the people.

Felipe Montoro Jens is also asked about his insights about the projects set by the government which will be constructed by mid-2018. He stated that the country needs more airports and seaports, and the project slated by the Brazilian Government for the current year will bring big revenues for the country because of the possible influx of tourism and trade. Felipe Montoro Jens continues to serve the country as a consultant, and he stated that he is enjoying helping his motherland for the benefit of his people. Felipe Montoro Jens is a prime example of sharing the knowledge with a country and helping them develop.

Fabletics is the Athleisure Crowd’s Finest Gear

Listening to customers is more important than ever. The power of the crowd to review products directly impacts purchases. Social media turned consumer behavior into a strong market influencer. It also has the power to rapidly shift markets. Fabletics is one of the many successful companies paying attention to these new market conditions. They know their fortunes are tied to marketing strategies that place importance on customer opinions.


Brands incorporating review-centric campaigns harness what other companies see as areas to temper. Benefits often multiply because of a few key factors. One of the most important measures is how the modern consumer begins to trust. They shape their opinions on reviews that they and their friends read. These opinions matter more as social media continues to permeate modern life.


What is proving even more profound is how directly influential reviews are to purchases. This makes information more important than distribution channels in many regards. Quickly bringing a product from concept to market clearly has its advantages.


The consumer-focused strategy allows Fabletics to thrive. The brand exists in a market tailor made for its products. It also benefits from the lack of foresight of other brands to listen to their loyal customer concerns. In this way, Fabletics has positioned itself to lead the athleisure market into a bold new future.


Kate Hudson helped lead Fabletics into the thriving company it is today. She was with the company at the beginning when it was just a start up. Her insight added depth to athleisure style. While she did not have a traditional business background, she understood social media influence. As a fitness buff, she was the perfect spokesperson for an athleisure brand. Fabletics sales quickly grew.


Just as Kate Hudson is more than an actress, Fabletics is more than an apparel company. At its core, it is meant to empower women. It is marketed toward all women to become their best. The company can reach a diverse demographic because of its data oriented strategy. Products quickly come to market to respond to social media and the needs of its crowd customers. This is how Fabletics inspires women to live their best lives each day.


Please take the Lifestyle Quiz for the Fabletics gear best matched to each unique personality.

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General Information on Barbara Stoke and GSH

This will address information about a company by the name of Green Structure Homes Delivered, and the founder Barbara Stokes. This is a type of Experienced Company that has in-house services to give whole turn-key solutions. This company is a type of manufacturing facility that is placed in Alabama. The company delivers, offers, designs, and builds on-site construction of cellular and. module versions of residential and commercial structures located all over North America.

GSH gives out engineering and project management with their organization. This is with more than thirty years in the fields of engineering of independence and leadership of project management. Thirty years had been used in the whole process of inspection, installation, planning, developing and establishment of structures that are both suburban and trade related. Before taking the job at GSH in Alabama she worked at an airplane company Boeing and the Pisces Corporation as well. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Now some general information about the CEO Barbara Stokes. Stokes and her team had proved leadership in the industry of Disaster Relief Construction. This is to the Alabama, LLC of Green Structure Homes Delivered. Barbara Stokes went to college in 2001 at Mercer University. She went there to study Physics and Biomedical Engineering. Now, Stokes shows great experience in government contracting. She shows a proud attitude in leading GSH to help the mission of the United States Government and FEMA as well. Stokes shows to be an active volunteer in the community of Huntsville. This is on top of her leadership at GSH in Alabama. She is married to Scott Stokes who is the COO of a company. Together they have three children. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Recently Barbara and her husband had some exiting news. They announced new jobs in eight new states. These were located in Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Minnesota, Louisiana, Virginia, and Louisiana. All these states will aid FEMA’s contract award worth $28.5 M. GSH in in a process of creating modular homes to show support of incidents after Hurricane Harvey, this is in all of the facilities of manufacturing.


Oncotarget Discovers A Novel Way To Treat Thyroid Cancer

What is worse than being a cancer patient is finding out that the cancer has developed a new type of resistance to conventional drugs and has practically become impossible to cure. This is certainly bad news for patients with papillary thyroid carcinoma who use vemurafenib to treat their illness. On the other hand, Harvard researchers have found that palbociclib, which is used to treat another type of cancer can overcome this drug resistance. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

A typical indication of thyroid cancer is a mutation in BRAF. Patients with this kind of mutation have usually been treated with vemurafenib. However, recently, these patients who show positive signs develop this kind of drug resistance, which makes the cancer spread even more.

Similar research by the same team in the past has shown that the loss of the P16 gene combined with vemurafenib-resistant thyroid cancer cells may cause the cancer to grow even when treated with vemurafenib, which represents a setback for PTC patients.

P16 is responsible for cells dividing through the prevention of the development of a protein named CDK4/6. The team considered the possibility of preventing drug resistance by replicating the effect of P16. They chose palbociclib, an FDA approved drug that prevents the formation of CDK4/6.

As soon as the research team started treating PTC patients who developed vemurafenib resistance by combining both palbociclib and vemurafenib, they discovered that these two can produce better results by speeding cell death than when vemurafenib was used alone to treat these patients.

Moreover, researchers also discovered another novel way of treating vemurafenib resistance through a special genetic factor that exists in the cells. Listen to an audio podcast of Oncotarget on Itunes.

Additionally, they said that the combination of vemurafenib and palbociclib is an excellent strategy to target cancer cells in PTC positive patients via a particular resistance.

The results obtained during the Oncotarget research process support the idea that combining both of these drugs in clinical trials will advance the progress that is made in treating PTC patients.

The progress that is made by medical teams so far through similar studies and research on PTC is promising and could produce positive results in the future.

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